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'Giant Middle Finger to Consumers' as Trump Looks at Mulvaney to Head CFPB


'Giant Middle Finger to Consumers' as Trump Looks at Mulvaney to Head CFPB

Julia Conley, staff writer

"This is no place for another Trump-appointed industry hack."


The tactic of appointing one to helm an agency who is philosophically opposed to that agency’s mission has a history dating back at least to Grandpa Caligula Reagan. He saddled the EPA with Ann Gorsuch Burford (mother of our newest SCOTUS justice) and Interior with James Watt, both of whom, as private citizens, had litigated against the very agencies they would later lead—most would think that a deal-breaker, rather than a qualification.


I feel sick.

I’m never taking out a loan ever again. I’ve never used credit anyway.
They will receive no business from me.


Another “Red Light District” appointee. Imagine that.


With the appointment of Mulvaney, let me ask, when will the American people say…ENOUGH?


Wait until the left finally takes over and appoints Medea Benjamin to be SecDef!


Get used to it, republicans have been after that since inception. Trump is a devil in disguise but it is Pence and republicans who are destroying are democracy faster and faster under Trump.


Mulvaney, just another heartless, soulless, ketchup is a vegetable, Reaganite clone.


Bend over Americans cuz’ here it comes…relax, now…and don’t expect a kiss afterwards.


Did you expect anything more than someone like Mulvaney - another trumpanista dedicated to screwing all but the wealthy, destroying America and the earth. Would Trump be elected today if an new election wold be held?


Considering who the Democrats would mostly likely nominate in opposition probably.


Is anyone surprised at this. I’m not. I predicted this and may other similar consequences of electing Trump as long as 2 years ago. My new just-appointed boss at MSHA is a coal tycoon presiding over a notorious mine safety record.

What did so many commenters here expect to happen when they helped elect Trump? .

This is just one more of literally thousands of reasons why stopping Trump’s election was imperative last year. But no, so many - many more than Trump’s small margins in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania - though the other viable presidential candidate was soooo much worse than Trump because of this no-context video clip played mindlessly again and again and again over and over again of her making a bad joke about the Great Man of the People Qaddafi!

The US left not only does not know anything about the functions of the US Government, but they were totally oblivious to a brainwashing campaign aimed at them by certain internet psychological operators, notably ones outside the US, who wanted to or were paid lavishly to get Trump elected. It worked brilliantly.


It’s still working pretty well. The Left does nothing better than eat itself. That’s why, as someone who has spent most of their life in red areas, I’ve learned to respect the Right to a certain degree. When my Congressman “sold out” on immigration and nearly lost a primary, conservative family members didn’t tune out and vote third party because of his apostasy. They understood governing meant putting someone in place that mostly leaned their direction.

It just gets back to the saying (paraphrasing), “the Right looks for a reason to vote, the Left looks for a reason not to.” Obviously, that’s not totally accurate, but it feels close sometimes.


I agree that whatever was Trumps plan to get elected: " it worked brilliantly".


Well, let’s hope this peculiar branch of the “left” has learned their lesson.

The Democratic Party seriously needs democratic reform and the adoption of a strong social-democratic program. But the the way to do this is not sit on one ass at a keyboard until election day then vote for the near fascist and/or Ayn Randite opponent (there is a special place in hell for that neurotic “Sane Progressive” kook-woman’s drunken rants on YouTube).

Instead, join the party, pay your dues (literally for political parties in most democracies, but unfortunately only figuratively in the US) and get involved in your local committee in reforming it. And start by focusing on local and state politics for crying out loud - like they are doing in Virginia.

But meanwhile, absent any other viable options, at least support the current candidate until we nominate better ones. Bernie Sanders understood this, but the mass-hysterical Frankenstein monster called the “Bernie Bros” he created didn’t understand this. In Pennsylvania, they voted for Trump in numbers at least 5 times larger than Trump’s margin of victory.


Yep. I joined my local Democratic progressive club for just this reason. We are working for the most progressive candidate we can, but are going to help elect whoever comes out of the primary.

Even if the person isn’t as progressive as me (or my club), we recognize we can’t give Paul Ryan another vote for his wreckage of a budget. And that’ll be the next step once the implications of the new tax plan come to fruition and everyone decides the budget matters again. Even a moderate Democrat would be far better than the corporate stooge we have representing the district, a sure-fire vote for every regressive measure coming out of the House.

I look at my own third party vote a few years back, when a local Democrat almost beat him, as one of the least productive and stupid votes of my life. Our asshole Rep would sell public lands to the highest bidder if he could, and advocated doing so. He doesn’t care what I or any progressive thinks, but a Democrat who needs my vote, would at least give progressives a hearing since he/she is going to need us to win.