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Giant Steps – The Next Stage in the Fight for Medicare for All


Is that when you get you vote Green Party?
If the Green Party votes give us Trump yet again I am going underground. There won’t be anything left to pine over. The cloth sack will be stitched closed and buried in an unmarked grave.
And then there is Nader, Bush, and Gore. Another cluster fuck.
Voting has to be resolved.


“If the Green Party votes give us Trump yet again I-”

Green Party votes did not “give us Trump.”


No, but it might give us him “again.” But Clinton needed less “help” than Gore to lose the election fair and square on her own, and with gusto, not just because of the GOP lies. A lot of people were not willing to accord her “lesser evil” status, making it a case of the evil you DON’T know possibly being less evil than the evil you do know – or maybe just unwillingness to continue voting for evil.


OK, so “No,” Green votes didn’t cause the 2016 Republican win; but they “might” next time because “a lot of people were not willing to accord [Clinton] ‘lesser evil’ status.”

Particularly w/the right liberal-dominated Democratic Party retrenchment to admit single payer - which they didn’t want to, but were forced to - I don’t see a huge or determinative Green protest vote.

But regardless: IMO, better to focus on factors that surely did influence the outcome: a right liberal Democratic candidate whose style and content left out many; lower Democratic turnout by key groups; and right-trending Democrats in swing states that voted Sanders in the primaries but switched to Trump in the general: