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Gift to Multi-National Corporations as Senate Pushes Fast Track Forward


Gift to Multi-National Corporations as Senate Pushes Fast Track Forward

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Thumbing its nose at the wide swath of constituencies and civil society groups that oppose corporate-friendly trade deals, the U.S. Senate voted Thursday to end debate on Fast Track trade legislation, handing a significant victory to President Barack Obama and moving the bill a step closer to passage.


You got that right, Holygeezer. Voting is the most absurd form of drug-induced stupor. It’s what keeps the populace under control. This bizarre belief so many faux-progressives have that we actually live in a functioning democracy is beyond delusional. And that’s the reason nothing will change. The sheeple will continue to go to the polls and pretend they have a say in their government. Our criminal elite will continue to get fat and the rest of us will continue to get fleeced. The sad part is, we walk willingly into the sheering booth every election cycle.


The corporations snatch some more juicy sovereignty from the nations…


Even if votes are not counted its important for all to vote anyway, it is the process that counts, voting engages young people with their government good or bad they will get more informed.


If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal. I don’t know who claims that but it becomes more prescient with each passing day. Delusional, perhaps, on the state and federal level because those elections are the hardest to turn into publicly funded campaigns. Locally and regionally, not so much. I’m firmly of the opinion that democracy can only be found in what are called, city states. Those would be further defined by geographical and environmental concepts like bioregions and regional economies. Those places set the rules and regulations and affinity groups move freely to them, understanding the workings and structure which organically form from the bottom up. Anything else, like the 50 State Campaign, engineered by The Deaniacs in 2002-2008, will fail. Look what the Corporatists Obama and Emanuel did to that progressive initiative. I have nothing in common with the Southern Dems, DLCers and Wall Street Liberals. Absolutely, nothing except that they are advertised as the Lesser of 2 Weasels. Well, I know a thing or two about raising chickens and gathering eggs; there is no such thing as a good weasel.


I’ve got three Corporate Fascists as my alleged “Representatives.” Cantwell, Murray and Rick Larsen. We can’t seem to get rid of any of them, primarily because the Republican sock puppets put up even crazier, more selfish, candidates than they seem to be.

  • If this “Fast Track” goes through and is in place for six years, then the next chosen sock puppet can do whatever he or she wants (or is ordered to by the puppeteers), make whatever sweetheart trade scams they want and We the People will have even less impact on the government than we do now. (And that seems virtually negligible.)
  • I’m afraid our goose is not only cooked, but charred as well.


The official Dictatorship Of The Corportariat is at hand. They will then burst the financial bubble and complete the NWO enslavement.

In 2007 it was 50% off, no money down, no interest for two years, two for one. Today I heard a suit advertisement 3 for one. Obullshi did nothing but ensure corporate hegemony. He printed trillions that went mostly to the oligarchy. Most of it went to hidden offshore accounts and a lot to buy government at all levels. The oligarchy has robbed the treasury and will now impoverish the 99%. Obullshi and his fascist media are setting the stage for all out crusade warfare. CNN particularly has become the war channel. Parading CIA and military shills 24/7 promoting war.


Frankly, I think it is now more like following the nice goat with the bell up the ramp and through the doors, of the abattoir.


Agreed. I just called both offices and relayed that they should begin working to shut down the Congress since it is obvious that the Senators think the corporations should be running the nation.


I’d like to see the right wing of the Republicans formalize a working coalition with the left wing of the Democrats. It seems impossible but Syriza in Greece teamed up with a rightwing party to form the present governing coalition. When Rand Paul takes the lead against the Patriot Act and Jeff Sessions against the TPP, there ought to be a space where they can link up with Sanders Democrats. Sure, the right wingers are still dead wrong on most domestic issues, but when it comes to this massive sell out of democracy and working people, just maybe they can collaborate on some issues in a more organized way. At least, it will scare the members of the existing uniparty led by the likes of Diane Feinstein and Mitch McConnell.


“My hope, by the way, is that he doesn’t actually agree with his publicly-stated “worst” positions,”

Hmmm, now where have I heard that before … So if he doesn’t, in fact, agree with some of his stated positions, how do you know which ones he does agree with?

Ah yes, more “hope” - lordy, lordy, when will we ever learn …

“Are what he espouses publically a damn sight better than anyone else’s who has a realistic chance? You know they are. (And no, in these here times in this here nation, no one running on a ticket other than D or R has a snowball’s chance, …”

Anyone on a ballot “has a chance” to, and, in fact, will win, if enough folks vote for 'em … the people who determine who has a chance are we …


I expect this to be a watershed event for this country that will likely illustrate how profoundly poisoned by money both parties have become. Ultimately, the changes that they are making could literally destroy the futures of many many families, due to the loss of jobs and incomes, increases in heating and cooling costs, loss of affordable housing, increases in the prices of healthcare, prescriptions and education, prevention of much needed regulation of endocrine disrupting and toxic chemicals, and loss of the ability for governments to provide free public education or water or anything else which is possible to construe as failing the GATS Article 1:3 two part test) . (they use GATS definitions, the banning of new public services began with GATS in 1995)

As far as I can tell, foreign services firms seem to already be gearing up for TISA one of the THREE pending trade agreements (the others are TPP, and TTIP).


You’re talking about the Democratic Freedom Caucus which, loosely defined, would include people like Governor Dean and Gov. Jerry Brown. Sen. Russ Feingold, too. On the Republican side that would be harder to discern, but it wouldn’t be Sen. Rand Paul, because he belongs to Hypocrite Caucus, I’m sure. But, both sides of The Uniparty control the subsets, so they aren’t a viable option. However, 99% of the time, all the aforementioned attend the Hypocrite Cocktail Parties in D.C. and plot strategy on how to lose influence and make money.


Well, if you know you are going to get schmucks either way, why vote D/R - strychnine v arsenic, one may be a less painful way to die, but you’re dead either way …

Why not eschew poison altogether?


Watershed or waterboard? So when are we going to say “enough is enough” …


Ive been writing and calling my elected representatives


Ah, CNN is the CIA news network outlet. If they had any more " corrallers " and " herders " on that MSM outlet, they’d have to call it the CNN Rodeo Network. Have you noticed that Bill Maher isn’t even interviewed there any more. He’s now to " left " for CNN, evidently. Now that’s funny!


We gotta elect non corp representatives …


(Watching live Senate floor debate)

Why do they keep saying these things would create jobs?

Quote from West Va. Senator this is outrageous!

“i could not take my staff who had expertise in that (trade) area, (into the attached reading room where nobody can take notes or a computer to look up the external GATS provisions etc!) also i could not even speak to him because he didnt have clearance”

Then HATCH claims not to know whats in it-

Now Hatch is trying to confuse TPA (the trigger/autopilot switch bill) and TPP/TTIP/TISA (the trade bills which are international and secret, although EU has released some of their pieces. Such as their mandates.)

BTW, all the data I have seen seems to show that the FTAs will increase profits and reduce jobs, One example TTIP and the Jobs Question - This article gives at least a half dozen studies on TTIP jobs - for example, TISA could lead to huge privatizations and large amounts of job loss, but much higher profits because foreign workers here as part of TISA would only need to be paid a minimum wage, not prevailing wage as H1B does.


Welcome to the New World Order!