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'Gift to the Billionaires and Corporate Interests': Neil Gorsuch Confirmed


'Gift to the Billionaires and Corporate Interests': Neil Gorsuch Confirmed

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A day after it triggered the so-called "nuclear option," the U.S. Senate on Friday voted to confirm President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.


And yet another example of how inept Democrats are with resistance. Where was this nuclear option when the Republicans wouldn't even consider a hearing for Garland?


Decades long descent into right wing hell thanks to corporate power servicing lawmakers of any stripe. But of course I'll be told by someone that I put to much emphasis on corporate power, as if I'm talking about some individual's LLC.


It has nothing to do with ineptness. The corporate core of the Democratic party is completely aligned with Republican moves to increase that corporate power. Ignore any of their public complaints to the contrary.

Did I say all Democrats? No.


Quite right.


Laws have been civilly administered for the "in" crowd, but often absent for outliers. Anyone who has gone through divorce knows the true value of a law, a lawyer and the judicial system.

There is no doubt where this supreme court is taking the country. Alito, Roberts, Gorsuch and the rest will do further damage to this crumbling system, in ways that Scalia will resurrect himself for.

And then we won't have to wait for the second coming to act.


Don't mourn, organize! May 1 General Strike and next up must be total, rolling, Gandhian non cooperation. We must be persistent as a ram against the wall of hate, bigotry, violence, ignorance.


The Democratic Party rank and file need to recognize this very soon.


The Democratic Party was limping on one leg going into the Gorsuch confirmation.

Three Democrats voting YES when the GOP had the votes to confirm Gorsuch (without ANY Democrats voting yes) highlights the inability of the Democrats to unite on the issue that is of greater consequence than all of the other issues the US Senate vote on in 2017, COMBINED !

The Democratic Party has now made itself irrelevant to the extent that it is no longer limping on one leg, It is using its arms to drag two limp legs behind it as it peers into the same dustbin of history where the Federalist and Whig parties repose.


A Day Which Will Live in Infamy.


Psych chick, you are right. This is more than just a "gift to trump" (standover tactics to get him in, and "Democrats" helping the disaster). He could easily last until 2057 unless he is as degenerate as the man he replaces, and NO GOOD will be allowed from now on. Jeffrey Clements, in his book "Corporations are not People" clearly explains the gradual, inexorable takeover of laws helping working people, the environment, legal rights, in all the States as well as nationally, starting in the 1970s with Lewis Powell entering SCOTUS and culminating in 2010 Citizens United decision selling "elected reps" to the highest bidder. Tehre is much more to be done to complete the corporate takeover, but this Gorsuch will help to put it in place.


Instead of getting the usual 6 to 8 daily email requests for donations from Democrats, to mark the most drastic failure of the Democratic Party in its history, I received more than a dozen email requests for funding Democrats between midnight and noon today.

Beyond pathetic !


He's an illegitimate appointment by an illegitimate president. They play dirty and get their way in spite of the fact they are only 29% of this county. Who's so incompetent at their jobs they would let a minority take over the government by neofascit, neonazi types?
Yes, us, with do nothing, feed at the same trough, democrats.This whole thing is an embarrassment and don't tell me Clinton should have won, she had the same plan to bomb Syria and her and the neoliberal dems gave us Trump.
This Gorsuch makes my skin crawl with his staged smarmy expressions and sickening policies. He is a real tragedy to come out of all of this.


Don't you just luv that chicken...t Michael Bennet, D-CO? Just as I called it!


Stopping the wheels of commerce may prove to be a rather large tool to use to foul up their 'system'. It won't be easy though as the court is heavily stacked in corporate favor. I'm too disabled to go out and fight but it's a fight worth fighting for. Otherwise this empire too will go down the memory holes of history.


Now we have an illegitimate supreme court along with an illegitimate president. With all the gerrymandering, and election fraud we've got an illegitimate Congress as well.


We might as well just say it as it is. Our entire government is illegitimate in every sense of the word.


We have the best Congress money can buy.


Politicians care about keeping their jobs and having the money to fund their re-election. For that they sell themselves to the highest bidder. While they're in charge, we are all victims of their oligarchy masters.

Direct Online Democracy



Both parties are controlled by the same oligarchs. Each party has a role to play to maintain the illusion of a Democracy. Both parties must act in the interests of the oligarchs who want someone in the court who will protect their interests. Dems could not do so w/o exposing the game so they did the next best thing, nothing.

They also did nothing of significance on climate change and put in an old Republican plan for health care and provided liberal welfare payments to Wall Street while increasing deportations and starting several new wars and regime changes.

Both parties must adhere to military imperialism and neoliberal economics. Republicans are just more extreme but the Dems are even further to the right than Nixon who may have been the last liberal president (lol) before the Dark Money pushed everyone far right