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'Gillette Must Be Doing Something Right': Toxic Men Freak Out Over Ad Urging Men to Combat Toxic Masculinity

'Gillette Must Be Doing Something Right': Toxic Men Freak Out Over Ad Urging Men to Combat Toxic Masculinity

Julia Conley, staff writer

With men's rights activists attacking the shaving accessories company Gillette for its new ad campaign pledging to promote positive images of masculinity in its future advertisements and work to combat bullying and sexual harassment, a number of observers on Tuesday noted that the company must be doing something right.

"I was expecting something controversial. But this ad basically says, 'Don't be a jerk. Don't raise a jerk. Call out other men being for jerks.'" —Mikel Jollett


Don’t confuse conscience with calculation


I like the message, Maybe more women will start buying Gillette, because a razor, after all is just a razor. : )


Yay for corporate America leading the way on social issues…

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Piers Morgan is all man. James Woods too. Or certainly part man.

Which part? The dick.


Interesting aside - King C. Gillette was not only an enlightened capitalist who believed in a fair deal for his workers, but at the same time a utopian socialist who believed all industry should be taken over by a single publicly owned corporation. He coauthored a book with Upton Sinclair which advocated his theories. Gillette died in 1932, but perhaps his spirit lives on in this ad - even though Gillette much later merged with Proctor & Gamble. Google King C. Gillette for more information on this unique personality.


Wow, how I would have loved to have seen such images of what a “real man” is in the 1970’s as I was coming of age. The toxic stuff was everywhere and they called it “entertainment.” It sucked to have to turn to women and feminism for a positive definition of manhood. If we are stuck with having big corporations for the foreseeable future, let them do something positive with their visibility. I look forward to the next step when the New England Patriots (whose home turf is Gillette Stadium) start appearing in their ads.


“The subliminal message is clear,” in the ad, wrote Morgan at the Daily Mail. “Men, ALL men, are bad, shameful people who need to be directed in how to be better people.”

Funny, but I didn’t get that message from the ad. Maybe it reflects a guilty conscience on the part of Morgan.


Every single thing we’re exposed to in the media is manipulation. So I’ll take this good programming, as in forming and reinforcing neuronal pathways, as a welcome step. As a mother of three grown sons, I’m glad to see this message go out and hope it takes, at least in some homes or workplaces.

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Cool! Thank you!

No No NO! DON’T use “dick” to mean both “penis” and “asshole”! And don’t say someone is “fucking” someone else to mean both sex and aggression. This is toxic language. Sex is not hostility, and as a straight woman I LIKE dicks. But I don’t like jerks. I’ve long thought men need liberated at least as much as women do–we’ve mostly freed ourselves from the harm sexism used to do us, while they’ve barely begun. Most in the “men’s movement” seem to be males completely subject to the toxic conditioning, pissed off about a bad divorce. What they want is not freedom to be whole people, in touch with their emotions, with gentleness and aesthetics and subtlety–they want to go back to having power over women, being free to treat them as objects, to have well-paid jobs without much education.


I like the ad, but in my opinion, whole people would rarely engage in anything as time-consuming and kinky as shaving. Why do men want to feminize themselves by getting rid of their beards? Why do women want to infantilize themselves by getting rid of leg hair? And then you have to keep it up, daily or nearly so.

Yes. Lenny Bruce tried his best to liberate the F-word from its negative connotations, reasoning that it represents one of the ways we express love when words, chocolate and sharing housework just aren’t enough.

The message is never separate from the messenger

Piers Morgan is all dick, and a pompous self important,over paid,over bearing, condescending little twerp, and is not someone I would consider being held up as a role model for young males to emulate. James Woods just occasionally tweets trying to stay relevant in a world that dosent care about his shaving needs.


You mean, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all? Razors.

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I shave because I hate the feeling of hair on my face- or any body part lower than my ears. It has nothing to do with sexuality, femininity or infantilization. I think you should reassess your definition of whole people. In my definition, you aren’t there yet considering your usage of such terms as feminizing and infantilizing. That’s some rather derogatory vocabulary there. Remember: it was common for American Indian men to pluck out their hairs usually using clam shells as tweezers and I’ve known some who still do. I bet they would have loved electric body razors.

I’m sorry…I don’t understand how to interpret your comment. Help?

I’d like to rephrase that:
Yay for corporate America in making progress on social issues in the right direction…

While Gillette markets its products on a model of masculinity, what they actually do is promote an effeminate view of men. Men evolved beards and natural smells that Gillette and others try to eradicate. Perhaps it is better that way, a world of full-bearded, naturally-scented Trumpist Trash must be nightmarish.