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Gillibrand Defends Voting Record Following Report NY Senator Feeling Out Wall Street Support for 2020 Run


Gillibrand Defends Voting Record Following Report NY Senator Feeling Out Wall Street Support for 2020 Run

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the wake of reporting that the potential 2020 Democratic candidate has been "reaching to Wall Street executives" in order to gauge their support for her possible run, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) responded by saying that what's more important than the people she might be talking to is her strong voting record on behalf of progressive economic policies.


Of course Mr. Watson is correct, but a fairy tale that will never happen!


Record might be okay but she seems tone deaf and what are her votes for war and the war machine???!!!


Sorry, I call BS on this woman. Someone who truly wanted to protect the working class from Wall Street and the big banks, bragging about her votes against them, and spokesperson claiming she would run without corp. Pac money, wouldn’t give a dam what Wall Street thinks about her Presidential run. The issue Sirota brings up at the end means the other votes against WS were most likely “show votes”, votes cast opposite of their position, when a issue has enough votes to pass/fail, congress critters do this to make themselves appear more progressive than they are.
Stay home Kirsten, you’re not a progressive.


Huh? She’s a Hillary clone. She doesn’t have to call the executives and ask for bri–, er. . .ask their opinion; just look and see what happened with her predeceasor (intentionally misspelled).

And what makes KG think her chances would be any better than HC’s in 2008 or 2016? Her belief that now voters are really sick of the GOP? Her hunch that progressive Bernie supporters are finally going to cave in?


So when ya declaring? The list is up to 30-something. Or are you being cagey and waiting til all the Dim pissants eat each other :-)))


Unless she is required to explain her immediate opposition to Franken remaining in the Senate, she should not be considered.


Would any legislator be willing to sponsor a bill to allow a 29 year old to run?


Sorry, Ms. Killibrand, but you’ve cut your own throat. Do you really think we’d believe you are not beholden to “Wall Street” and corporations and special interests if they give you more than $0.01? You badly miscalculated; the Senate is going to swing left in the next election, as well as the electorate, AND the presidency, so we don’t need Citizens’ United money grubbers in government. It’s what we must get rid of if we are to have any chance at all of saving America. How the hell did you think you’d win with their money?


funny … cagey killerbrand - eh? neo-liberal branding à la corporate models… caged fowl / livestock corporate CAFO goodies. Yuppers… USA regarded by politicians astheir own sweet little CAFO operation - without any manure ponds for the pigs with wings.


So many of these so-called “progressives” rarely give the MIC a mention. No progressive orientation is viable absent an orientation towards demilitarization and peace.


During the debates these candidates can choose to say whatever they want as we’ve seen with Obama sounding progressive and then breaking most promises made to voters before getting into office… " My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks."

I totally agree with ReconFire on Wall Street minions casting show votes on progressive bills that will fail in order to fool voters into thinking they are progressive. When their vote really matters they show their true colors and side with Wall Street.

Sanders has to get their full voting record and call out cases when their votes really mattered… i.e. the vote totals were close so they couldn’t have any show votes.

It’s hard to guess who Wall Street is behind until the first few primaries are in. Just look at the results geographically by wealthy neighborhoods. It becomes very apparent when the New York, Virginia and Texas primaries are in. For example Manhattan went 4x for Clinton vs Sanders in 2016.


So is this the new Platfiorm for Dems, talking to Rich donors and saying We don’t need your money? Don’tcha love having the Wool pulled over your eyes? How stupid are we if we back any of them who are using this garbage for their campaigns?


These phony Dems do not represent WE THE PEOPLE. They represent their Corporate benefactors.



Yeah. That (Franken) is one of the first things I associate with Gillibrand, or should that be Kill-a-brand? She has shown herself to be a first-rate opportunist. She seems to be pulling a Hillary, like just after the 2016 convention when Hillary got the nomination and then went right away to address Wall Street donors. I flat out don’t trust her.


“AMEN!!” says the agnostic enthusiastically.  And be sure to include Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance and the Military with its Korporate Beneficiaries on the long list of “people” from whom NO trustworthy candidate should be accepting “campaign contribtions” (aka BRIBES).


This is just the beginning of one big circus. We can thank the democratic party for the election of President Trump.


Elizabeth warren endorsed Hillary and never endorsed Bernie.


In the end almost all politicans are phony-- how many are really there for the greater good. POLITRICKSTERS.


I had to look up CAFO. I lived in NC for a few years but not inland where all the corporate pig farms were located. They were ruinous for miles and miles around their location when hurricanes brought flooding. The contempt of politicians for the citizenry is sickening, trapping us all. So your metaphor is straight on.