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Ginsburg Institute for Justice Needed for Our Depleted Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/03/ginsburg-institute-justice-needed-our-depleted-democracy

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In our oh so very shallow “reality TV” world we embrace, we may not see that true beauty is RBG writ and drawn large.

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The reality (and I don’t mean reality TV) is unfortunately that while the “beauty RBG writ large” won many judicial battles, her refusal to follow Obama’s recommendation that she retire from SCOTUS when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 80 and while the US Senate was still under control of the Democratic Party LOST THE WAR.

Also recall that when he retired from SCOTUS in 2010 John Paul Stevens (appointed by Gerald Ford) was universally regarded as the most progressive SCOTUS justice at the time, more so than Clinton’s appointees and Obama’s appointee (Carter never had an opportunity to make a SCOTUS appointment).

So, name the institute for Stevens, Thurgood Marshall, Louis Brandeis…there are many good choices, but NOT RBG.

I do not know what happened in the back rooms. Possibly in 2013 she did not expect Obama to replace her with a “just” Supreme Court Justice who would carry her support for equal rights for women and other civil rights.

As for “LOSING THE WAR” it was lost in 2016, so why not place the blame where it belongs as almost no one expected HRC and the DNC, that she had largely bought control of, to so badly bugger up what appeared to be a certain win.


As always Ralph Nader has bright ideas which we sorely need. Wish you could be an adviser to Joe Biden. You have been a champion for we the people for more decades than I can recall. Thank you, Ralph.


Dear raydelcamino:
sigh------so RBG did one things YOU didn’t like—she didn’t retire when you wanted her too. Wow, you make me sad.

BOO and HISS! x a googolplex;. : (

Although those at the level RBG was at make far fewer decisions in the course of the year than mid-level and lower level workers those high level decisions are mostly decisions of consequence and it takes only one bad decision to ruin a legacy. That risk came with the territory.

Had RBG’s “one thing that I didn’t like” been of little consequence I would not have bothered to post. Unfortunately her hubris will result in many of her accomplishments being undone.

still at the top of his game. Thank you Ralph Nader for always thinking of the country and its needs first! such a wise idea. What a president you would have made. one who actually read and understood our constitution! bless you and stay well. but then of course you will, listening to the scientists and all those fake news people.

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