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Ginsburg’s Legal Victories for Women Led to Landmark Anti-Discrimination Rulings for the LGBTQ Community, Too

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/26/ginsburgs-legal-victories-women-led-landmark-anti-discrimination-rulings-lgbtq

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I love Justice Ginsburg but she contributed to this terrible dilemma of being replaced by a far right wing religious fanatic when she was asked by Obama to retire so she could be replaced by someone that would carry on her legacy and she refused.

She was in her 80’s when Obama approached her with this idea and suffering from cancer, the selfless thing to do was to allow Obama to replace her with another young female with the same philosophy she had.

Her stubborn attitude to hold on till her last breathe brought Trump into the picture instead of Hillary and her health was getting worse.

Her legacy could have been protected if she had not been so obstinate and seen the risk she was taking by trying to stretch out her term until Hillary or Trump was elected.

I still think she was one of the greatest Justices of our time. Rest In Peace.

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Ginsburg failing to retire when requested resulted in most of her activity during her final years on the SCOTUS consisting of writing eloquent minority opinions which the media serially noted were some of the best minority opinions in the history of the SCOTUS.

Unfortunately, minority opinions plus three bucks buys a cup at best. Unfortunately Ginsburg’s extended tenure resulted in disaster, not in a best case scenario.

Sad that Ginsburg’s hubris diluted the value of her earlier accomplishments.

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The late Justice Ginsburg furthered principles of equal justice under the law and unparalleled wisdom, along with having a superior intellect and education. May her principles influence the high court for the ages.