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Girding for GOP Healthcare Attack, Leading Dems Plan to Mount 'First Stand'


Girding for GOP Healthcare Attack, Leading Dems Plan to Mount 'First Stand'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Leading Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate on Wednesday urged their colleagues to help mobilize a national stand against Republican threats to "vital and necessary health programs."


A stand like Occupy, Black Lives Matter, DAPL and many others where Obama's police cracked heads and abused the one's making a stand.
Sorry this hit me wrong. Now the Democrats want us to rally and basically get in the streets for Health Care? They suddenly need us to push?
Don't get me wrong, we have to fight Trumps clowns and now sounds like a good time. Guess I resent eight years of protests and pleading that did little good.
So ya, we're going to fight all of them and their Neoliberal/Con policies from now on until they change. BTW wait till the Republican voter gets wind of the devastation coming. I imagine many of them will lose just like the rest of
the country. We are gonna fight alright.


Bernie it's time you start your own ready made Independent Party.


The Dems abandoned the 99% decades ago. O & Dems sold out every one who voted for him on every issue. It is not possible to define a progressive policy they made even though promising much. They sold out on single payer which would have secured enthusiastic support from individuals and small business solving health care like most industrialized nations. Obama set out a commission that recommended dismantling SS and Medicare and now Dems want the 99% to rise up? For them? What a pathetic joke. Every crisis we face is the result of 40 years of reduced taxes of, and subsidy for, the 1%, engineered through the conniving Good Cop/Bad Cop TwoParty Circus. We need to rise up alright, but that will be to remove the entire system and reconfigure a new constitution that includes community rights and rights of nature against a constitution and system constructed to enforce the rights of commerce to strip Earth bare and drive us to ecocide. Repugs and Demobl1cans... step down, step aside and get the hell out of the way.



OK Dems why don't you fight for Single-Payer Health Care and go on a national campaign to educate the public? On your other points you will get the support of the majority of people I am sure.


When you get your vaunted Constitutional convention the Right will make sure free speech, habeas corpus, 4th amendment protections, abortion, are removed. Be careful what you wish for. It may not turn out to be the blessing you think it would be.


The DemocRats played a rope-a-dope scheme for 8 years allowing the most disgusting crop of republicans ever to do just about every thing they wanted and now they are finally making noise like they give a shit. Obama, as soon as he got elected took single payer OFF THE TABLE. Screw you Obama and your deceitful party. Can't fool me - again.

Now, the DemocRats have kept that scheme going until its too late for them to do anything like: appointing a liberal (if you can find one in Washington) to the supreme court and leave 100 other federal court seats empty; intervene in outrageous violations of the First Amendment Rights against Patriotic heroes like Occupy, whistle blowers and the "water protectors" and devastated the country's progressive politicians by losing hundreds of Dem seats.

It is unbelievable that the impetus, beginning with the 2000 coup d'état, and the damage done by the democrats themselves, is not one that isn't by design.


Even before he met secretly with Billy Tauzin and "took single payer OFF THE TABLE" during his first week in the White House, Obama and the Democratic Party-controlled Congress championed bailing out the too big to fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008, and thanks to Obama and Congressional Democrats will control 50% by the time Obama moves out of the White House next month.

The bailouts put US taxpayers on the hook for more than $20 trillion, more than enough to fund single payer for every Murkin for a decade.


let it go. this nation is desperate for single payer/national healthcare now. And it's our collective responsibility to make it happen. We failed to mobilize properly during the ACA debacle. We simply have to decide what's worth literally fighting for, because continuing to rely on a lost political class for salvation clearly hasn't worked.


Do you really think Chuckie and Nanci can change? Is Bernie just using them and putting them on a spot or just working with people who will work for we the people on some of the things we need done, but we know Chuckie and Nanci are not true statesmen/women working for we the people.


Our health care plan went from bad to worse, from Bush to Obama, so I have to chuckle when I read that Democrats want to keep their health care "improvements." As if they care, or have any idea what benefits the common good on this issue.



Why do I have this sinking feeling that said "first stand" will be designed to benefit pharmaceutical corporations and corporate hospitals a hell of a lot more then it will benefit anyone in need of health care?


Just take a look at who voted overwhelmingly for the corporate handouts in the 21st Century Cure Act to see what to expect from this "first stand".


Well, I trust Bernie but the other two could go sink in a lake as far as I'm concerned. I, like most others in this country, aren't interested in defending medicare. We want to advance and expand it. No doubt Chucky Cheeze and Grandma Nancy were their to keep Bernie in line and to not let's this progressive thing get out of hand. There is money to be made by kissing the brass ring.


I'm sure that a big rally will save Medicare, because our representatives in Congress care what we think.

Just as they cared when we held big rallies against attacking Iraq, and turned out in huge numbers, filling stadiums, to hear Bernie Sanders speak at rallies all across this country, while Hillary Clinton couldn't fill a high school gym.

Pelosi and Schumer voted for the Iraq war, anyway, and are part of the Dem Party elite who rigged the nomination for Hillary. I wonder why they are now pretending to believe in the power of big crowds of people to affect the decisions that corrupt people like them make.


Of course. We would have had single payer if the Dems really cared. But, the expanded medicaid and preexisting health coverage has helped millions. Yes, it hurt others and is a failed attempt but I hate to see those that it has helped be put out of insurance.


So true. They make it difficult to fight for anything they touch. They just don't get it. The trust is gone.


Agreed. When Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson said "no" to a public option, and when Lieberman threatened to caucus with Republicans if one was in the healthcare bill, which would have killed it, it was absolutely and totally Obama's fault. And anybody who doesn't see that these good guys, plus a completely united opposition Republican Senate caucus, angry at Obama for not advocating a single payer plan, is just crazy. Good Senator Lieberman, who bragged about killing the public option, was obviously for Medicare-for-all or some variant. Plus, just like LBJ in 1964, Obama had a 295 seat House majority and 68 seat Senate majority to work with.

Yep, Obama was a complete and total neolib sellout. Just wanted a kick-back scheme for his insurance buddies.


I would love that.


Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He's hardly the most ideal politician, but let's not slander him by calling him a Democrat.