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Girding For The Education Fight Ahead


Girding For The Education Fight Ahead

Jeff Bryant

If you want to get an idea of what kind of education policies to expect from a Donald Trump administration, Wall St. has a clue for you.

A report from BuzzFeed explains, online charter schools are “gearing up for a boom during the Trump administration, judging by where investors are placing their bets.”


Important point, President Carter, and First Lady Rosalynn's only child Amy was the last kid to attend public school in Washington D.C. while the Carter's were living in the White House during President Carter's time as U.S. President. Furthermore many things are not perfect; however, American public schools have educated school age kids from all backgrounds, special ed., etc. for decades, after decades very well. However, America will rue the day when the billionaire class, and the un-informed finally destroy public school in favor of corporatized charter schools, rue the day!


Correction. Amy Carter was the last kid of a sitting U.S. President to attend public school, in this case Amy Carter attended school at Washington D.C.'s Public School District. Her parents, U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and First Lady Rosalynn Carter.


The Undermining of Public Education is fundamental to the Undermining of our Free Society, which has been relentlessly under attack, from every direction, at least since 9/11 and probably, more accurately, since the CIA engineered Coup of 11/22/63.

The Billionaire/Military/Intelligence entities Method of attacking Public Education is to Underfund, Undermine, Point to the Damage, Blame the Victim and leave Destruction in their wake, in their hope to create a Generation without the tools to Think Critically, and therefore be skeptical of Machinations working Against them, under the bogus guise of Beneficence.

Common Core is one of the most Insidious tools used against us, and our children, as it Destroys the Love of Learning by undermining the atmosphere in our Public Schools, turning a scholar's Joy of Discovery into the Drudgery of the Work House.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson believes that all children are Born Scientists, as they automatically seek Understanding and Truth with Innate Curiosity, which is then beaten down by the confining Structures that they are forced to conform to under the guise of Being Educated.

There are 300 Million Citizens in the US, and among them is the Talent we once drew upon to put a Man on the Moon.

If we could be allowed Honesty in our Leadership, we would easily develop an Educational System that would Save Mankind, instead of this Sinking Ship that is being Mutated to Save, and Serve, Only the PTB.


Like Mr. Bryant, I wonder where the Democrats are on Ms. DeVos' appointment. I find that the five Senators who wrote the letter about Ms. DeVos failure to pay a fine are picking on a technicality when they should be basing their argument on her many statements denigrating public education, her support for using public funds for vouchers that can be used to attend sectarian schools, her bullying of legislators who oppose her political positions on vouchers, and the horrific results of the institution of her ideas in Detroit. By making their consideration of her appointment contingent on the payment of a campaign fine they are sidestepping these crucial flaws in her qualifications.


Great commentary HC! Our republic is under attack on so many fronts, including increasingly public education, it's hard to keep-up.
A free state, especially one trying to exist under false "democracy", so easy to subvert by big-money, requires several prerequisites IMO - education of the population free and universal, informing the population, widely, truthfully and fully, as well as the encouraged participation in elections of representatives, now a charade of tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum manipulations, partisan collusion, and subversion by big-money.
All this you know, but so many seem oblivious. The dumbing-down of society, official and press propagandizing, wage/debt slavery of the people, and no universal national holiday for Election Day to grow participation (the last thing the rulers want) do not grow a free state, they intentionally cripple it........ Peace, keep the faith!