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Gitmo at 14: Obama's Last Chance to Fulfill Promise and Close 'Moral Disaster Zone'



" Don't let President Obama blame others". Michael Ratner.

Typical Obama con.


Citizens of the US should be in the streets demanding that not only should "Gitmo" be closed but the whole US controlled "possession" be returned to the Cuban people. All prisoners should be freed and compensated for the atrocity they have somehow managed to endure. Then the real trials can begin and the US just might be able to begin to see the light of a new day. But by now if you haven't figured out that Obama is a fraud and merely a mouth piece for the oligarchs who own our "of the people, by the people, for the people government," you should again bury your head in the sand and vote for the best of the worst. What will you once again get? A country continually worse off than before. Where does that lead? Disaster for the people of Our Nation and the rest of the world.


Well, let's be creative here. If Mr. Øbama cannot close the Gitmo Gulag, then just release all of the torture victims and the uncharged from custody and return them to their homes.
* Then Gitmo could be used to lock up the torturers, war criminals, war profiteers, bought and paid for politicians and military officers and enlisted who perpetuate this warfare state for the profit and power of the 0.001%. A special wing could be set aside for the 0.001% who exacerbate warfare for their own profit and power. Perhaps the new wing with nothing but isolation cells would do.
* Since most of this corrupt government doesn't want to see Gitmo closed, they could get their wish, and see it up close and personal, from the inside.
* Then, perhaps We the People would finally be able to reestablish our Constitutional Republic, with perhaps a few more safeguards to see that wealth and power cannot ever again buy and control the Fourth Reich United States.


My sense is that, before he leaves office, President Obama will end the detention of people at Guantanamo.

That is nowhere near enough.

The US government must ensure that those released from Guantanamo don't end up in similar situations in the countries to which they are deported such as Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri.

The US government must compensate and pay reparations to those detained at Guantanamo, and their families.

The US government must compensate and pay reparations to all those who the US government, or their proxies, tortured even those accused of the worst crimes.


At this point, will it make any difference to Obama's legacy whether he closes the Guantanamo Gulag or not? At this late date, if he goes ahead and has the facility shut down, he will be highlighting the fact that he allowed the illegal (extra-legal) operation to continue through most of his administration. His electioneering promise to close the facility stands in stark contrast to the authority wielded by the sadomasochists ensconced in the American shadow government who have succeeded in keeping the operation going. For the sake of whatever legacy he may be concerned over, Obama might do well to let things stand as they are in hopes the issue will fade more quickly from the public memory.
These days, Obama and most other politicians on the National stage choose to go along with the meme that states their highest priority is to "protect" the Citizenry by keeping them safe from harm. This stands in opposition to the oath of office public officials take to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Allegiance to the Constitution was always the supreme duty of our public officials, as the Constitution is this document that secures and guarantees our liberty. By conditioning the Public into believing their personal safety is more important than the integrity of our Constitution, these politicians erode the power the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. By pretending the federal government, its military, agencies, and officials can violate our laws at offshore locations such as Gitmo and the other black prison sites the U.S. operates in foreign lands, federal officials erode the power of the Constitution further. At what point do we arrive at that place where our personal liberty that is guaranteed by the Constitution is no longer relevant?
Obama could have placed an emphasis upon holding American war criminals responsible for the crimes they committed. He chose not to. He could have emphasized the prosecution and imprisonment of white collar banking criminals who threaten the well-being of all but the wealthiest Americans. He chose not to. Obama could have used his energy to reform the current American electoral process to help reverse the tide of transformation that's converted our republic into a capitalist oligarchy presided over by the political elites. Did Obama choose to do that?
Obama's legacy rests solely in the "affordable care act" that hands greater profits over to insurance companies and penalizes those who fail to comply with the requirements to participate.


Obama has never had any experience commanding others, and he obviously has no advisors who have either. Thus no one in the President's orbit has the least idea how to command the Pentagon. Not even that Carter clown at the Sec Def seat. If Obama had any idea what it meant to command, he would be demanding resignations daily until Gitmo closed. Gitmo would close within a week.


Obama is just a quisling for the Pentagon he does not command; Obama is commanded!


Excellent comment, applicable across all western democracies.


Get in line -immigration reform,rules to help unions,raising the national minimum wage,campaign finance reform,breaking up the banks,public option in healthcare,going after the criminals on wall street-wake up America you've been played. And if you vote for Hillary you've been played again. Vote for the person who speaks plain language>enough is enough>Bernie Sanders.