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'Gitmo for Children': Trump Administration Reveals Plan to Imprison Families With Kids Indefinitely


'Gitmo for Children': Trump Administration Reveals Plan to Imprison Families With Kids Indefinitely

Julia Conley, staff writer

Attempting to change two decades of precedent, the Trump administration announced its intention Thursday to lift court-ordered limits on how long migrant children can be detained—a proposal multiple critics promptly denounced as "Gitmo for children."


I quit watching Democracy now right after the 2016 Election when they wouldn’t stop giving Bernie non-stop coverage on his Russia Stole our Democracy when they stole our election, campaign.

At that point they were reporting that the GEO group now owned the immigration facilities (as well as a large chunk of the US prisons that were public and went private) and when the GEO group took over the immigration facilities, the immigrants switched from getting processed in 3-6 weeks to it taking over a year and counting.

Did those people ever get out?

Hillary was a major tool for the GEO group - her biggest donors, but so are most of the politicians, as that group donates to both sides and that’s how they came to power. Obviously they also own Trump.

The kids aren’t going to get out while there are corporate profits involved. I suspect the children shown in 2016 that were already in for a year and a half, never got out.


If anyone enabled Trump to become POTUS, it was the corruption of the DNC and the acquiescence of Bernie to HRC. In my view, it would have made no difference if Russia was involved or not.

Democracy Now! I would argue, is one of the better news programs on T.V. but to me, one of their greatest faults is being somehow intimidated to remain gatekeepers about 9/11.


We have seen the face of evil. The Republicans are his willing collaborators. Move over Hitler, you’ve got competition.


I noticed this hasn’t gotten much play in the mainscam media:

Hersh: Children sodomized at Abu Ghraib, on tape

All of a sudden Liberals and Conservative give a shit about children in custody. Nice. I’m glad it has to do with human decency and not anti-Trumpism. Yeah, right.


Are you implying that there was something phishy about the fysics involved in the 9/11 Commision Report about how the towers (one not struck by a plane phully loaded with phuel) phell?


See below (https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/68157/hersh-children-sodomized-at-abu-ghraib-on.html). It’s not just Republicans.

We need to wake up from this partisan bullshit.


Oil Nazis


HI leftonadoorstep:
America just gets weirder and meaner. : (
And I bet right now Kavanaugh is saying to Trump: " Hey look at this ----we have a legal PRECEDENT —you know, it was done before with the imprisoning all the Japanese and their kids too in the 1940s!


Let freedom ring



I am not sure if they do this anymore but I remember that for the longest time they were carrying water for the White Helmets, who is having more and more mounted proof against them that they are not the ‘humanitarian fighters’ that they like to claim they are.


For profit prison camps!

That’s what we have now.
Ever wonder what the good Germans did when they knew about prison camps?

Now we have Dems and Reps profiting off prison camps. Obama and Hillary both are in on it as well as the POS in the White Supremacy House. Look it up. Hillary was supported by private prisons. A judge ruled against imprisoning families when OBAMA did it.
This is the system folks. Corp and State in a Italian style wedding called fascism.

Late stage of Capitalism = Fascism.

Democrats are not the solution to these Insane Clown Party of Republicans.

Democrats are the left hand, The Republicans are the right hand of the same monster that is killing us all and the planet.

Revolution is the Solution.

The Ruling Elite and their Bankers are doing everything in their power (like an addict or a cancer) to inflict as much damage on their host as possible. the 99.9% of us and the planet itself are the “host”. It is the natural progress of disorder and deconstruction.

We must meet in the street to stop the insanity and fight for our lives.

Good luck!


American gulag. You can have slow boil evolution or quick boil revolution. Either way, the demons put a top on the pot to stop the whistling. It gets real quiet. For a while, evolution, then the steam builds and kaboom, revolution and everybody in the room gets burned, Dick Gregory at Kent State, May 1970.


I knew that the idea of America the Beautiful was totally defunct, when Bush decided that contrary to law, he would approve torture. I understand the wish for revenge, but this use of medieval pain and suffering wasn’t used against those who were found guilty in a court of law, but against those who were suspected but never saw their day in court. Do you know that greater than 50% of those imprisoned in Gitmo for more that 10 years, were released because there was simply no evidence that they were guilty of any crime, Yet these were the same prisoners being tortured for the good of the US. Filthy perversity is all that transpired. I absolutely detest Americans of all stripes and beliefs, for their insouciance and lack of concern for the evil generated by their own “democratic” nation. The little old grandmother rocking in her chair on the front porch while she drinks her cup of tea, who has never voted for anyone but a Republican through her venerate years, because that’s who her grandpappy voted for and her great grandpappy, is a disgusting piece of human waste in my eyes, because she never once cared for, or was even interested enough to ask the question, as to whether or not such a vote would result in the death of millions, nor did she care if it did! All of Americans are responsible for the evil that is alive and well in the World today, because they are responsible, one way or another for it!


This policy makes absolutely no sense at all! The only possible reason that I can see for Trump and the republicans to do this is to hand out no bid government contracts to Trump’s cronies in order to build detention centers and to keep these mostly innocent and suffering people locked up indefinatly in order to rip off the taxpayers at $700 per day using these for profit privatized prison systems. What is Trump thinking here? If we lock up every person who tries to come to America as either a refugee or as an illegal or even a legal immigrant we will easily lock up millions of mostly innocent non violent people just for fleeing for their lives or for wanting a better life in America. If these people are going to be denied asylum or entry to the USA anyway, under brutal and cruel Trump and republican immigration policies, then why not just put these people on busses and just send them back to Mexico and never mind locking them up indefinatly for the minor nonviolent crime of illegal immigration and save the taxpayers the money?

Trump appears to want to treat misdemeanor illegal immigration as some kind of capital offense by giving these refugees and immigrants long sentences. This massively xenophobic and irrational policy is excessively wasteful of taxpayer dollars and is a bad situation with vast possibilities for human rights abuses. The only benefit to anyone as far as I can see is to help greedy people, most likely republican partisans, who will become very wealthy by getting government contracts at taxpayer expense in order to keep these mostly non violent and often innocent people, women,
children and families locked up for massive profits and government corruption when this is not necessary. Trump and these republicans appear to have an obsession with locking people up for some reason.

I am also concerned with the possibility for real child and woman abuse and perhaps some will want to use these children to create child pornography or for sexual abuse for profit or slave labor practices, as is happening right now in our prisons. Who knows what kind of abuses could occur with this scheme?! I see no benefit at all for the American people in doing this. It also might please the Republican base, as it appears that Trump and the republicans are cruelly wanting to stick it to these poor and vulnerable immigrants and refugees. These republicans are greedy sadists and bigoted white supremacists.

The other problem is that if these policies could end up deterring other immigrants from coming here, then these detention centers could eventually be used to indefinatly detain and imprison American citizens deemed to be undesirable, like gays, transgenders, and sex offenders. First they came for the immigrants, then the LGBT people, then the sex offenders, then the people of color, then the liberals and intellectuals like myself, and so on, just like the famous poem says. We must stop this tendency now and nip it in the bud.

Republicans are turning America, the supposed land of the free, into a prison industrial slave labor complex, with injustice for all except for the wealthy white male overlords in some kind of perverted Old South plantation style totalitarian oliogharchic dictatorship. Sure, make America great again for the Koch brothers, just what we need!


Do you have a reference for Mrs. Clinton getting most of her campagn money from for profit prisons as you say? I always thought that the idea of privatizing our prisons, schools, roads, Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, and privatizing all the utilities like water and privatizing all the public functions of our government was a Republican plan, not a democratic one. I can and will of course look this up online myself, but I still find what you have written about Clinton hard to believe.

Any democrat that goes along with any of these privatization schemes needs to be primaried out of office and we must get better candidates on the ballot, and vote these corrupt people out of office. Citizens United, which has allowed and promoted the corporate takeover of all our common wealth and government functions and bought off our elected officials with corporate campagn money so that they cannot serve the voters, is defiantly a Republican idea and not an idea that the Democratic Party supports, at least not openly. I realize though that there is corruption on both sides of the aisle, but it’s just that the Republican right wingers have spread so many massively slanderous and libelous lies and phony conspiracy theories about Mrs. Clinton that it is hard to separate fact from fiction.

I tend to see the evil Republican agenda as enemy #1 and then see the Democratic DINOs as enemy #2 that must be addressed by primarying out the corporate democrats and replacing them with more honest progressive candidates who will put the needs of the average American voters above their own corrupt self interest. This is alreadtpy happening to some extent even this year. Unfortunately the third parties are not powerful enough to replace the Democratic Party or to wage the necessary political war against the evil republicans, and these third parties only serve to take talent and votes away from the Democratic Party. I say unite the left and everyone should join the Democratic Party. Therefore, I believe that we must take the Democratic Party over from within and truly make it into the Green, Socialist Worker’s Democratic Party the way it ought to be. I want to do this if I have to lie detector test every candidate five times a year or more and vote the DINOs out in every primary that I can with help from other people of like mind.

We also must find out the truth and let the truth guide us as to policy and to the fitness of our candidates. There is so much mendacity going on that it is very hard to wade through the massive mountains of cow manure lies in order to find the nuggets of golden truth that we need to succeed. Perhaps I am too corny or naive, but I can’t see any better path forward and time is not on our side here because of climate change and the mature right wing plot that is getting ever closer to its goal of turning America into a perverted version of Putin’s Russia, a right wing, oligarchic, phony Christian nationalist, totalitarian slave state dictatorship run by the one percenters and for the one percenters.

Anyway, good post and food for thought.


You are right to a large extent. It is the deliberate, willful ignorance, laziness, smugness, selfishness and arrogance of many American citizens that has caused so much of the evil in America and the world. Far too many Americans are in general much too anti-intellectual, and they are far too entitled, bigoted and predjudiced as well and too many refuse to face up to facts that they don’t want to deal with or even to believe that they are real, like the climate change deniers. Part of it is the work of a very evil right wing faction involving the $350 billion Koch brothers that has been working hard behind the scenes for the last fifty years to create the very mess that we are in right now. This evil right wing plot to overthrow our Constitution and create permanent wealthy white male minority rule is coming to fruition right now. Read Democracy in Chains. It was a real eye opener for me.

The left has been far too complacent for far too long. One good thing is that the wind has finally changed and that at least some more people are waking up and beginning to see the truth. We left wing progressives are just starting to get our act together and to finally realize what we are up against and we have our work cut out for us and have a lot of catching up to do. The right wing media machine and right wing takeover of many if not most of our Christian churches and the deliberate dumbing down and defunding of our public schools has done a great deal of damage. The progressives need to buy Clear Channel radio and put out the truth to counteract the right wing lies. It is truth, brotherly love, compassion, unselfishness, and care for the earth and one another as one nation that must be used as weapons to fight the right wing lies, bigotry, predjudice, ignorance, greed, selfishness, cruelty and injustice that is destroying our country from within like a rampant metastatic cancer. Every good American needs to wake up and get up and fight before it is too late. Our country and our planet cannot afford to wait any longer.


The government pays these “providers” $400/day for each migrant they detain. That’s way more than $12K/year EACH. Any questions?


God forbid!


I agree that it is not just republicans who are responsible for the mess that America is in, but I still believe that we can take over the Democratic Party and make it work for good and the average American worker if we try hard enough and more people would only get involved. Even in an armed revolution or protest it is the numbers of people that get involved that count. Using the democratic process is the only practical way anyway .because the only other option is armed revolution and that is too bloody and even if we could win, very often then the military would take over after all is said and done, just as has happened in many third world countries like Egypt, and Syria, and many other South American countries. It’s the fact that ninety million Americans didn’t even vote in the general elections in 2016 and the fact that far too few people vote in the primaries where we have opportunities to get better candidates on the ballot