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Gitmo Judge Allowed Destruction of Evidence in 9/11 Case: Report



"First they tell us they will not show us the evidence, but they will show our lawyers. Now, they don't even show the lawyers," Mohammed is quoted in the filing as saying. "Why don't they just kill us?"

I've often wondered that myself. It's almost as if they are too ashamed and embarrassed lest a released Gitmo inmate reveal they were innocent.

But we know what the Gitmo regime did. We already have a lot of diaries and accounts about its horrors.

If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were guilty of ANYTHING, they would have put him on trial by now and broadcast it as vindication of the greatness of the US justice system for all the world to see, and at a stroke goes towards justification for all the other nonsense the US is committing all over the world.

But they didn't do that. Instead they continuously went out of their way to deny all requests to reveal any evidence. and now they destroyed what they had. Is that because there isn't any evidence to convict him? could it be that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed isn't as guilty as they want us to believe?

TPTB are telling us "we don't need no stinking trial. We can put anyone we want here for as long as we want and for any reason we conjure up and you can't do anything about it. This is legal limbo and US doesn't exist".


What the government does to them, they will eventually do to us.


The regular Federal courts are also Kangaroo courts.

The reaction of the majority of USAns that fail to recognize that the behavior of the US government constitutes very strong evidence by itself these are inside jobs, in the aggregate enough to constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt.


What happened to Manning, the mess that is the Snowden affair, the despicable international conspiracy against Assange are all signs of US judicial corruption. How anyone in their right mind could argue that a defendant will get a fair trial in the US is quite beyond me. In fact, if anyone does manage to get a fair trial it is in spite of the American judicial system, not because of it!


"The accusation could be the impetus to reform the highly controversial
tribunals at the U.S. military prison in Cuba altogether, according to
Karen Greenberg, the director of Fordham University Law School's Center
on National Security".

To "reform" the tribunals?. Why not scrap them as most of the victims in the Guantanamo torture camp have not been charged with any offence and so clearly should not be there.


Why would anybody believe that a military officer could impartial???

Anybody who was impartial would not be in the military


So given this grotesque dismemberment of justice, we can at least assume Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be freed immediately, yes?

If financially compensating him for the rest of his life might risk setting a bankrupting precedent, perhaps Obama could drop him a postcard with an official stamped apology.


If there will not be justice for all, then there will eventually be justice for none! You, I and KSM deserve justice under law or America will surely have fatally jeopardized its moral compass. Know the truth and it will set you free. Admissions made under torture have proven to be notoriously unreliable. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. If KSM were to be found guilty under law for causing 9/11, I would gladly throw the switch, pull the lever or push the button that would end his life. Until then, I must presume his innocence because I believe in our system of justice. No one can really appreciate American justice until they have been charged with a crime, especially one for which they are innocent under law.


Not sure why you assume those at GITMO could, will or would want to do the same to 'us.' Frankly, I doubt they are at all as pathologically power driven as the US.

Or did you mean the government would do the same to we, the people. Sorry, the antecedent is unclear and I am not sure whether you intended one meaning or the other or possibly both as I have heard similar sentiments expressed of both.


Agreed. The 911 truther films clearly explain how it couldn't have happened the way they said. I knew it was a demolition when the buildings fell in their tracks.


We suffer under the elusion of a Democracy but we are not and haven't been ever. When a judge can do away with evidence and there are no repercussions we are screwed.


pacrimco wrote:

'..If KSM were to be found guilty under law for causing 9/11, I would gladly throw the switch, pull the lever or push the button that would end his life. Until then, I must presume his innocence because I believe in our system of justice....'

You REALLY believe that no innocent is ever found guilty? Surely you are aware of the many death-row inmates have been exonerated, some after legal execution. And the public defenders scandal in Louisiana often makes the news. The vast majority of criminal cases in the US never go to jury trial, in violation of the US constitution. Plea bargains are the norm, with unscrupulous prosecutors using unsavory tactics to chalk up wins.

But I must wonder why you would commit the homicide "gladly".


If KSM was found guilty and his appeals were exhausted I would gladly be his executioner as allowed under law as Justifiable homicide. As an aside, I am a retired police officer whose police officer brother was murdered by three ex cons with hand guns when he interrupted them committing a market robbery. He was a 29 year old father of three small children and our families suffered terribly as a result of his murder. My brother's murderers trials and death penalty hearings lasted 10 years and were ultimately overturned on the third appeal. Under the indeterminate sentencing laws of that time, all three served 13 years and were released on parole. I am also a licensed PI that has actively volunteered to work on defense cases for two different Innocence Projects. That's who I am and what I believe in, who are you?