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Giuliani Claims 'I Never Said There Was No Collusion' Between Trump Campaign and Russia (Yes, He Did)



(and I see you have no receipts to show me)


Any receipts yet, Bob? Bob?


Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob???


Bob. Bob. Bob. Bob. Boob.

Did your receipts get lost

in the mail?


Lazy and stupid is a hard way to go through life.

Assuming you mean “details” by “receipts”, you should read any one of the documented indictments that are available.

The meetings were real. The express intent of those meetings is known. Trump’s financial interests in Russia are established, though not in full, including a signed letter of intent to build Trump Tower Russia (you may retail he said MANY times no financial deals in Russia).

I’m no fan of rekindling the cold war with Russia.

But if you can’t recognize and admit that Trump lied many times about his relationship with Putin and other Russians, and about what he and/or his campaign did with Russians during the campaign, you are an irredeemable stooge.


I must still be sad, but true, that after 2+ years of waiting for nothing - all you got was memories of chasing after nothing.


Last response.

The indictments, especially of the Russians, are SOMETHING, not nothing.

If Obama had done 10% of what Trump did during the election, every right-wing hack in the US of A would be calling for his head.

You know that because you’re one of the caterwauling masses who can’t stop rooting for team red.

So let’s sum up.

According to you, politicians can collude with foreign agents to pollute social media with thousands and thousands of false stories, or as you may prefer, fake news. According to you, it’s ok for politicians to get foreign agents to knowingly and intentionally lie in campaigns. According to you, it’s ok for those foreign agents to hack private servers to get the information.

That is exactly what happened in 2016.

Something, not nothing.

Be careful what you wish for. Next time, it may be your politician who is attacked with a completely fabricated but malicious disinformation campaign that WORKS on voters.

Or better still, it may be you and your own email and phone calls that are stolen and made public.

Enjoy your brave new world.

You know, at some point, when you make a point as wrong on facts and policy as your point is, a decent person might admit they’re wrong.

Oh wait, I forgot, you support the willful spreading of false information.


Bob, you are a nut case hoping for a magic unicorn to deliver you from your imagination


ZERO EVIDENCE. It should be very easy for you to substantiate your claims - BUT YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Hopefully you will get help from a mental health professional and they will let you come to an understanding that THERE ARE NO RUSSIANS UNDER YOUR BED and criminal mastermind colluder-in-chief Donald Trump is a figment of your imagination.

Obama did 100% of what Trump did - he kicked Hillary’s ass.


Are you chronologically 8 years old or just mentally?

The evidence is everywhere. Trump met with the Russians in his own building. He holds secret meetings with Putin and Russians where no notes are taken or recordings taken. He defended Putin the the Helsinki press conference, rejecting his own US intelligence agency’s assessment. He had a deal to build a Trump tower in Russia. In 2008, Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev bought Trump’s Palm Beach mansion in 2008 for $95M, $50M more than Trump paid for it. During the 2016 campaign, a team of Russians polluted social media with disinformation on Facebook and Twitter. See Mueller indictment for details. It goes on and on and on.

These are all provable facts to everyone who can perform a Google search and possesses two rational brain cells.

Go back to the dark web. Your ridiculous denial of facts and evidence is embarrassing.

As I said, an irredeemable stooge.

I’m done with you.

Write whatever non-sense you want.

Someone else will have to pay attention from now on.


Are always this delusional or do you just constantly miss your naps?

The fact that you are here talking about

as if “Russia” is some kind of communicable disease that is being treated by our fucking piece of shit propagandizing spy agency doctors and not a modern sovereign nation of 145 million people that actually buy and sell shit like every other fucking human on the planet is a sign of your complete and absolute cognitive impairment.

It’s going to be fucking tough for you to finally admit what kind of dumb ass you and your ilk have been. How many McCarthyites are looked kindly on today?

Fucking None Of Them - Because They Were All Fucking Stupid Dumb Fucks Or Sell-outs For The MIC

PS : Not fucking one person has been.




contract signed in blood


for you, Bob.


Ok, breaking my own rule.

Let’s forget Russia for a moment.

Who is your favorite democratic candidate for president (among those declared)?

Do you like Andrew Yang?


I have never heard of Andrew Yang until the other day when people were criticizing his logo. What can you tell me about him?

It will be Bernie when he declares, but Gabbard says most of the right things, so she would be my pick.

If you haven’t noticed, i am mostly an anti-war kind of guy - that is the only reason I liked Obama the First.


Andrew is an entrepreneur who ran an innovation project (called Venture for America) for Obama that created several thousand jobs in economically depressed places like St. Louis and Detroit. His major issue is implementing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) program in the face of current and future mass layoffs due to AI and robots (may sound funny but very real to industries like trucking and call centers that employ millions). He has lots of other, very progressive ideas on the economy. He is well educated but very down-to-earth in interviews, sublimely logical and pragmatic. He’s a really positive option for people who don’t want more run-of-the-mill, career politicians.

Pete Butttieg is also a pretty impressive candidate. Extremely well spoken in interviews, ex-military, mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He’s solidly progressive on social and economic issues and I think the guy would murder Trump in a debate (and most other politicians). He’s worth serious consideration too.

Gabbard is a very interesting politician too. She’s young and attractive, ex-military, speaks well, against TPP, wants to reinstate Glass-Steagall, wants to raise min wage. I think Trump would have a very hard time attacking her the way he could Warren or Sanders. That said, I don’t know if I see enough meat on the bones with respect to her economic plan, which I think is by far the most important policy area.

I’m not a Bernie supporter. I like his policies and his conviction but I don’t think at his age he is electable, especially in the south. I could be wrong. But I tend to think familiar faces like Bernie and Warren, though I like and respect both, will be dragged through the muck. Obama won because he was new and untarnished by Washington and because he lacked a voting record. The other obvious elements of his profile and his incredible speech making also helped.

All things considered, I’m with Yang, Butttieg, and if he declares, DeBlasio. I would support Gabbard if she wins the nomination, or any Democrat for that matter, but I don’t think she has the best ideas. But no doubt, her overall package is strong.

I hope Biden stays out. And certainly, there should be no re-run for Clinton. The party and the country need to move forward with new ideas from a new generation of Democrats. That’s my sense.


I appreciate your input and letting me know your priority is the " economic plan".


I am not sure “job creation” is a metric I would want to use as a qualifier for office, otherwise the logical choices to run our country would be the Waltons and Bezos.

I did a quick review of one of VFAs annual reports and was surprised to read

Every year, we bring together leaders in tech, business, media, and more to celebrate and support our work. In 2014,speakers included NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York Times columnist David Brooks, and Dan Gilbert, the chairman and found-er of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans Inc.

Those are not three people I would want associated with my progressive values or economic plans.
And his UBI plan seems verrrrry far-fetched. And Yang is another Phillips Exeter Academy - Ivy leaguer - ex-corporate lawyer. I am compatible with his proclaimed FP views.

I was wondering why you think Sanders age would be a problem in the South? I know deep-down I would prefer a younger person, but I don’t want to do the age-discrimination thing. I know very little of his health - buuut even the best handlers couldn’t cover up Reagan and his decline. And watching Pelosi up there, looking like the cryptkeeper, saying she will change anything is UNBELIEVABLE. At least Sanders has been asking for the actual changes he has wanted for 40 years.

I am not sure another Rhodes Scholar/Harvard grad (Buttieg) is the change our country needs. But, I gotta say that electing a gay man would be at least as big of a ground breaker as electing a black man was. There are not many classes of people that are still on the much of the World’s “illegal and/or death penalty for being” list.

You are spot on regarding Obama. His lack of voting record on the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions was the number one reason he beat Clinton.

As for de Blasio - I am not sure America wants a New York City Mayor as President. Or that we need another Ivy Leaguer (Columbia). But, I could see supporting him. He has never had to vote for/against a war either.

and, Hell, no, to Biden.

I’ll admit that Gabbard is a weak sauce, being so young. But she is roughly the same age as Yang and Buttigieg. I do not consider military “service” to be a positive. If you are a knowledgeable adult and join the military of the USA, you know exactly what you will be doing - and defending the USA is not it. I think Gabbard’s story is that she was kind-of brain-washed in her upbringing and has now seen the light, though.

What do you think of Tim Ryan?

and Thank You for letting me show my civil side.


Ryan seems fine. I’ve seen him on television a few times. I don’t see much political spark from him but he speaks well, seems solid, believes most of the right (left) things.

I agree that job creation is a largely useless metric. The unemployment rate insufficiently accounts for job quality as defined by remuneration and security. Lower and middle class jobs in the private sector today are mostly low quality and ephemeral.

Every neoliberal organization like VFA seeks the attention and support of the billionaire class. I suppose I am willing to overlook Yang’s associations if he is sincere in his impressively progressive policies (check out his website). In his online interviews, he is well spoken and seems sincere.

For the most part, with politicians, I care more about policy than personality. That said, getting elected POTUS is the great American popularity contest, and Trump has proved the disappointingly awesome power of money, brand, celebrity and marketing.

I like DeBlasio because he is implementing a lot of progressive policies in New York. You’re right that many will be prejudice against him because of New York. Considering that New York city has more people than 40 of the 50 states, being Mayor should be qualifying, not disqualifying. But to your point, tell that to folks in Montana or Alabama. As Metallica once sang, sad but true.

In 2020, I’ll support the Democrat nominee no matter who he or she is, even someone as stale as Biden, to remove Trump.

I really have no idea who will win. It doesn’t seem like there is a favorite.


Well, Bernie is in.

Jumping far far ahead - I don’t see any of the Democratic Party candidates running with or helping him - except Tulsi Gabbard. That would be a ticket that clears a lot of firsts and would suit me fine.

de Blasio substituting for either of those two would work for me.

I’ll admit that Yang is intriguing. I didn’t like Ro Khanna for the same reasons, but he seems to be turning out alright or at least saying and doing some of the right things. I just have a feeling that this is just some kind of marketing gimmick for him, though. and, umm, I think of the last guy elected President with zero governing experience . . . . .

I think Biden will be drafted if Harris’ campaign goes under. I despise Biden almost as much as the Clintons.

Whoever it is they better have more to say than “Trump” and “Russia” and hopefully it isn’t “We will invade Venezuela, Syria and Iran”.


I agree for the most part.

Realistically, Yang has a 1 in 500 shot. I like his platform and hope it gets attention. But he isn’t likely to win a single primary.

Bernie and Gabbord could be a good team. Personally I like Buttigieg because he speaks so well and sharply. Very impressive. Would make a strong partner for Bernie.

I agree Biden would be lame. I might like his policies more than you do but he is old news, literally and figuratively.

I do not wish success on: Booker, Gillibrand, Brown, McAuliffe, Castro, Klobuchar, or O’Rouke. All too centrist, too egotistical, or both (O’Rouke strikes me as a megalomaniac who doesn’t know when to stop talking).

Could live with: Sanders, Warren, DeBlasio, Ryan, Buttigieg, Gabbard, Harris (the most centrist), Yang (almost no chance).

Hope one of them wins.

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I just saw this. It’s kind of funny. Maybe your Buttigieg IS a smart cookie.


First time in her life she betted against the stupidity of the American voter, even if by accident.
Not that she would have been an improvement, in fact we would probably be at war with Russia now if she had won.
But still, i find it kind of funny.
While i know the DNC will all be going for the “adult in the room” schtick, i would love it if HRC changed tactics and tried to out-stupid Trump this election.