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'Give Me Freedom or Give Me Death': 13 Years Without Trial at Guantanamo, My Hunger Strike Is All I Have Left

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/10/give-me-freedom-or-give-me-death-13-years-without-trial-guantanamo-my-hunger-strike

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The first casualty of war is truth. The truth is Asadullah Haroon probably never posed any threat to any American. Empires fail humanity every time.


I have never felt comfortable with what has gone on at Guantanamo and I never had much confidence that the people held there were actually terrorists or a direct threat to the United States. I have always felt that the United States and the world would be much safer if Guantanamo was filled with american politicians and military leaders who have perpetuated war crimes in the world and ongoing deceit to the people of the U.S. and the world.


I apologize to you Asadullah. The American government does not represent the American people. Instead the American government is an evil by product of large corporate interests who also control the media. The media has unfortunately been very successful in misinforming the public and creating a biased narrative that makes all Muslims evil and all American corporations the alleged backbone of “democracy”. The media reinforces this by ignoring the atrocities committed at Guantanamo and labelling the freedom fighters and patriots there as “terrorists”. Of course the U.S. is the world’s largest terrorist organization wreaking havoc on citizens around the globe including it’s own citizens here in the U.S. Though most Americans distrust our evil government, the corporate elite are still able to find dutiful servants to wage war on the 99% in exchange for cash. Most Americans wrestle with ideas of how to establish a functioning democracy at home, but the grip on power is almost absolute.
If 'We the People" are able to restore social justice and equity by getting rid of our corrupt politicians this November, everyone would be released from Guantanamo, the base would be handed back over to the Cuban government and all of you would be safely returned to your homeland with our sincere apologies. Therefore I hope that you will end your hunger strike so that you can at least give the American people this November another chance to try to restore democracy to our government. We know that we will end up with either Trump or Biden this November, both of whom are pro-war and racist, but we may be able to get rid of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress and force some sanity into the Oval Office. Millions support you even though we have never met. Millions of Americans are acutely aware of the cruel and unusual punishment you’re suffering from at the hands of our dysfunctional government. Millions of Americans, especially the poor and the young are angry, frustrated and determined to replace this nasty collection of Congressman we are currently stuck with. Millions of Americans understand that a corporate media has been in bed with our corporate government to bring death and destruction to any and all who oppose their narrow agenda. Don’t give up hope. We will continue our struggle to bring justice to all of you.


I would like to see a demand from two sources that all persons held without trial by the U. S. be provided a fair trial or released:

1). Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish clerical leaders;

2). Biden


Guantanamo is just the tip of the ice berg. There are countless ‘Black Sites’,operated by the CIA and the US government, hosted by other countries around the world. Details on Wikipedia. Note: You might get sick to your stomach …


I get sick to my stomach often. Certainly oosa is the biggest perp against freedom in the world. Reading world news demonstrates that evils persist in every corner of the world from the Congo to the Philippines and many places in-between. Australia has a horrible history of inhumanity against Aboriginal peoples and is running off-shore detention camps for refugees that run in un-human manner. Examples are endless.
Who is the black feminist activist who said something like, "You the biggest looter of all taught us how to loot and destroy " ?/?/


Woman’s March activist Tamika Mallory…? I think…

Yes that is the woman that I am thinking of and was quite impressed by the passion she displayed while speaking.

I need to continue my comment above.

Is it that because the oosa gets away with “black OPS” that any nation is permitted to compete in evilness ? Is it that the Industry of Mass Killing Armaments along with their lobbyist and their politicians are incharge ? Both of the above. Until the world culture is able to defeat those who promote constant conflict we are all enslaved, spied upon and dehumanized. Continual Wars along with extreme competition for all of earth’s resources will continue to destroy the planet and our lives.
The sum of the elites equals


Yes, all of the above in your post. And add to that the greed and never enough mentality of the NYSE…

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Ya basta. If its far past time to kick out the US from Guantanamo and to try every person involved with perpetuating this abomination, with crimes against humanity.


In 2003 Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya declared that “enemy combatants” would be detained with no due process afforded them. To date “enemy combatant” has not been defined and many people like Haroon continue to suffer false imprisonment at the hands of the rogue US gubmit.

Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP recently announced the “domestic terrorists” are the new “enemy combatants”. “Domestic terrorism” has not yet been defined except by many progressives who consider most GOP actions subsequent to Newt’s 1995 contract on America to be domestic terrorism.


And undoubtedly, to combat “domestic terrorists,” the same policy that landed so many innocent people in Gitmo will apply: Cash rewards for turning someone in. So turn in your neighbor or anyone for some quick blood money – they’re presumed guilty until proven…whatever, whenever.

This country is a lawless sham of democracy and human rights – paranoia is the guiding principle here.


To: Asadullah Haroon, I can only say how terribly sorry I am. Please know that there are many people (even many Americans) who are appalled by your treatment. America is suffering right now. We have very bad leadership. Our leaders ignore the truth and break the very laws they are sworn to enforce. You are just “another victim.” Please call on your faith for help and guidance. If you ever need a friend…or another Grandmother, I am here.


Asadulla should be home with his family and there are many like him across the world.



It’d be easier to see that demand coming from all Catholic, Protestant and Jewish Followers than from that 2nd source.

if the revolution is ever successful, the guillotine will be too humane for all the scum that caused so much suffering to others. I think Cuba would willingly forego returning Guantanamo for a while longer so we could sentence them all to live the rest of their miserable lives there.


Well said! However, I take exception to this: “If ‘We the People’ are able to restore social justice and equity by getting rid of our corrupt politicians this November, everyone would be released from Guantanamo,”

We are never going to simply vote our way out of this stinking cesspool of oligarchy. Biden and the establishment Dems are every bit as pro-war as the Republicans, and if we hope to gradually make the Democrats the progressive party we want them to be, that could take countless election cycles to accomplish. That is preious time that we sinply do not have. This empire is poised to crash and burn very soon if we do not turn things around ASAP. It is going to take an outright revolution to do that. I am not an advocate of revolution, but that is in fact what it is going to take. The powers-that-be have such a stranglehold on our culture, our economy, our politics, and our media, they will never simply cede their power by willingly letting progressives take charge. The would sooner die first, or more likely, kill us without blinking an eye.


For sure!

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Hi WiseOwI:

Oh the irony, a man, Mr. Haroon has been in Guantanamo since 2007-----and there is no reason for him to be there! The United States miIitary and the do nothing Congress should not aIIow this travesty to continue.
The US should get the heII out of the Middle East. And WHY Congress did you give up the right to declare war and hand it over to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, PoweII and many, many others?
And reaIIy UN , Mr. Yoo’s argument that America hasn’t done anything wrong because the prison is in Cuba—which by the way–give that and back to Cuba—but if you can 't give it back then maybe a those who profited from this war should get to Iive there instead!
Trump and Barr RE: your actions with actuaI criminals with actuaI evidence against them and juries deciding against them------- and yet Trump and Barr free them from prisons--------and Iet us not forget that Biden supported Bush in this endless endeavor---- but UN members WHY do you continue to Iet this Guantanomo travesty continue?
Maybe Biden can teII us What he thinks should happen to those in Guantanamo— WHAT would BIDEN DO?