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Give Me Your Tired and Not Too Poor and Definitely White, Preferably With Trust Funds From Their Daddies Back Home

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/14/give-me-your-tired-and-not-too-poor-and-definitely-white-preferably-trust-funds

Dear Mr Cuccinelli:
You need to read world history and ancient history too. Read about the Real Colossus at Rhodes—now Rhodes —there was an intelligent country. When they were being besieged, they gave their slaves freedom if they would fight. They were unbelievable fighters and even defeated the worlds largest siege tower. Even when the giant statue eventually came down ( it was earthquake area) the Colossus became a wonderful tourist attraction too. And since it was before cameras were invented , artists drew pix of tourists with the Colossus and its parts. No inventive idea was ever lost there.
So read ancient history as you seem to lack a good understanding of how things work in the world----oh and one last thing, I read that the Statue of Liberty was the best advertisement for a democratic republic, and it was an an immigrant came up with the phrase that , “America was a melting pot…” A land where people could begin anew and a COLOSSUS of an idea for ideas, energy and invention. I like that America, maybe we should be that nation! : )
great idea for bringing new ideas and old histories together for a new land


This is a perfect example of why CommonDreams is on the fake news hit list. No one said anything about race or trust funds. He just said immigrants can’t come here if they are going to be a “public charge”. That law has been on the books for over a hundred years and other nations have similar conditions. If you believe that the only immigrants that would be a public charge are people of color, who is the racist?

All of our shadows are the same.


and then there were the immigrants named drumph


From the article:

“Cuccinelli told CNN the poem only referred to ‘people coming from Europe.’”

Get it?


Originally, the poem was written to a contribution–one of many contributions–to be auctioned to raise funds for the pedestal, which was America’s responsibility to create. After the statue was erected, the poem was ignored until two or so decades later when a friend lobbied for its inclusion somewhere on/in the statue. The poem was placed on the second floor landing where it resided until approx 1940’s when the national park service, which now took over the monument, moved it to the outside. The poem had been rehabilitated, so to speak, and the immigration motif now became predominant. But as you say, the statue was originally all about liberty–not about immigration. Emma Lazarus was personally deeply concerned about eastern eurpoean jews and the victims of russian anti-semitism–these individuals were her primary focus. Liberty holds a tablet. On it the only words: July 4, 1776. This was the original emphasis and spirit behind the statue–designed to be delivered just before the American Revolution centennial. But as scholars clearly state, the statue has undergone at least five “meaning” transitions over time–like a chameleon, it has been used for different purposes, and it has been re-defined variously in order to suit different agendas and imperatives. But in the minds of its creators, it was designed to show Liberty shining a light upon the world, and was meant to describe a spirit of democracy that would inspire all nations.


Hey Guild, I don’t have time to click and listen. How about you just use your own words. Thanks.

A prime example of how important history is and a clear understanding of intent and purpose. Few do this and I grateful for your efforts in telling the truth.

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That’s absolutely true. The vast majority of immigrants in those days were coming from European nations. But the decision to re-engage the “no public charge” policy was made with no reference to race or ethnicity. The whole “everyone knows what he really meant” routine is BS. What matters, and all that matters, is what is written in the policy.

Is Cuccinelli aware that the model for the Statue of Liberty was a Muslim woman?

Wasted words albeit beautiful, Gloriana.

On second thought, maybe we lefties should rethink the death penalty, the federal death penalty…

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Robert…your BEST post EVER!!!


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Cynical words, in deed and indeed.

Wethepeople, including you, don’t have time NOT to click and listen.

Then tell me what’s in it if you listened.

Hi modeforjoe:
I wish you would listen to the song… it has some great lines like ,
sailing by the reef of greed." Besides the weird thing about American history is that its awfulness and awfulness—and then people RESIST. It’s too weird that some gilded age guys wanted General Smedley Butler to off FDR which he didn’t do, but it was so wonderful that Butler wrote that 'War is a Racket." It often seems that an awful-ness that no one can recover from, happens—and then someone like FDR gets social security and job corps started! He handled the banks very well too! Really, humans don’t need a giant bundle of hope----but in the right number and with the right people coming together----wonderful things can happen. That’s why poets and songs are so important. I think you could like this Leonard Cohen song. : )
Right now, America is in the down in the dumps of the Trump , but with more people seeing how decayed the system has become ----in spirit of the song, “Democracy is coming to the USA! The concept of democracy has come and gone several times in our history , but like Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure —or nothing.” Thanks to protestors, musicians and poets----'The times they are a changing.” I am feeling more optimistic about the survival of the planet today! : )

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Even when immigrants come here fully intending to make their dreams of a better future for themselves & their children, who can predict what will happen down the line??
Life throws curveballs at everyone!! What if “citizens who are on the public dole”, like CEOs, Big Business & the Pentagon, were shut down or sent back to where their ancestors came from??
I nominate that this eviction apply to a certain Solvenian family, & a draft dodging Germanic dynasty for starts!!