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Give the Portland Heroes the Presidential Medal of Freedom


Give the Portland Heroes the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Betsy Karasik

As we honored and remembered over the Memorial Day weekend so many who have died for justice and freedom, I found myself inordinately haunted by the Portland, Ore., stabbing of three men who came to the defense of two young women being bullied and harassed, allegedly by a white supremacist hurling anti-Muslim slurs. Two of the men died in the attack. The third was hospitalized in serious condition.


I think it would be degrading for their families and for the country to have them stand with Trump for such a ceremony. To receive a scrap of clothe and a lump of metal at the hands of the country’s principal bigot would be no honor.


“Trump” and “moral obligation” in the same sentence ?

We would be hard pressed to find a more immoral person currently walking the planet than Trump.


Exactly. Ms Karasik need to be issued a “normalization” advisory. Note that the twitter was from a POTUS account, not the Donald Trump one directed at his followers.

The coverage of this violence has been is pretty subdued her in the Rust Belt. It is nothing like it would have been had the fascist thug been a Muslim instead…


Well said! I agree, that would be the ultimate insult!


Great job Democracy Now on reporting the on going issues and these killings in Portland. The Killer was a Trump supporter! These racist Trump supporters are organizing and holding rallies in the northeast----this should be reported so people understand what Trump is about. Let America see the hate of these republican and Trump supporters.


In court today Mr. Christian was screaming, " Free Speech! Free Speech! ". The man’s deranged, of course, but he’s also just a symptom of what the Alt-right is trying to do: they are attempting to take over the parks, the commons, public transit and property; and menace and harass, insult and intimidate " the other ". ( Remember Trump’s " get him ( them ) out of here ". ) Then, provoke an altercation by screaming three inches from your face, pure putrid vitriol. Move, and they’ll attack with a knife or gun, saying they fear for their lives. ( This will be his defense at trial-he feared for his safety. Sound familar? It should! ) Mr. Christian is deranged but he’s been well coached.
And, contrary to what you’ve heard from Portland Media, this is happening and appears somewhat choreographed. Now, who’d want to sell more weapons, and clothe menacing and murder, in free speech claims? NoReasonableAnswer? Got it?
The medal ain’t gonna happen though it’s a wonderful suggestion. If Trumpster did this, he’d lose 1/2 of his base; in the next polls he’d be at 17%.


The behavior of the deranged is influenced by the culture. In view of today’s sick Murkin culture, devious anti-social behavior of this magnitude is intolerable irrespective of how many shrinks sign court documents.

Although I can’t say how the heroes should be awarded or rewarded, locking the perp in a cage full of hungry lions would fall short of being adequate punishment for this monster disguised as a homosapien.


Yes I completely agree these men should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but let someone more respected than Trump (McCain perhaps) award it. I know it is the president’s place and perhaps his doing so would put out some of the flames of hatred he created.


Also, if Trump labeled him a radical, white,christian, terrorist he would probably lose a substantial portion of his base.


Not McCain either. How about Franken? Or better still, some homeless person. The presentation would be a lot more dignified and meaningful.


Please! This guy supported more things than Wilt Chamberlain’s jock strap. He hated Hillary, too. You’re also forgetting that he hated Antifata, considering them his enemies. The Bernie cheap shot is just another deflection and a false meme. And, to say his supporters are somehow race nuetral is quite amazing. Look at his appointments and his policy proposals, please. Who do think will be impacted the most by those. And, you conveniently leave out his false statements concerning David Duke, etc. His history of racism in his rental properties management style. It gets worse. And, the false equivalancy…" if it walks, like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like…well, you voted either for a racist or a duck. Which is it?
I think you need to take a check up, from the neck up, on this one. Free speech, with weapons, is what you’re already advertising for the get together in June, downtown. Armed security, my aching arse! Hint: Leave the heavy metal thunder at home, and just pitch your bitch, to whomever wants to listen to it. You’ve got that right. But the weaponized stuff is not helpful, here. Personally, this approach makes your political statements disingenuous and weaker, not stronger. What are you really afraid of?
Really, since everyone agrees Mr. Christian is very damaged goods, already. That’s a given, right?
As to the Crazy Mr. Christian: he came out of how many years of prison? Well, again, who benefits from that in Trumpland’s money grubbing politics? Do you think it’s a coincidence that he had such hatred for women, minorities and " the others ", in PDX? ( pussy grabbing, notwithstanding ) The historical evidence is you want separate, and unequal, to prevail. That’s the history of this region, unfortunately. Because that’s your, and Trump’s, comfort zone. And, your side is using intimidation and safety issues to try and get your way. While you say your losing your country, the facts say you’ve been winning so long, a tie feels like defeat. Too, too bad. Naivete won’t work, here.
And, please list all the Alt-left mass murders on public transportation systems in PDX, lately. List the deadly killings and the assaults by the Alt-left perpetrated on innocent youngsters and bystanders, on minorities. Go ahead, we’ll wait.
The problem is not that you’re Libertarians, or Trump supporters. The problem is you think flashing guns and aligning with the Oath Keepers and 3%ers is a winning formula. And a patriotic stance. It’s really vigilantism run amok. Nothing in an Alt-Right, white nationalist and separate and unequal mentality or politics, is patriotic. It’s just a lot of very, very sour grapes; or potentially much worse, as far as I can see. You’re poseurs, imo.