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Give Trump More Nuclear Weapons and More Ways to Use Them? Not a Good Idea

Give Trump More Nuclear Weapons and More Ways to Use Them? Not a Good Idea

Tom Collina

Sixty percent of the American public already doesn't trust President Donald Trump with nuclear weapons. That number could be about to rise.

Would Hair Fuhrer actually consider using a nuclear sideshow to distract from Russia probe/tax bill scam/assault upon Earth and Humanity, thereby chancing total nuclear annihilation, just to massage his ego and stay tops in the twitter world news?— but of course he would.

How quickly we’ve forgotten that “Full Spectrum Dominance” has been the American military position for quite some time. This did not start with Donald.

This article is far too kind to Donald’s predecessors, Presidents 43 and 44. 43 took us out of the ABM treaty so we could try to develop a system to cope with whatever remained of the Russian deterrence system after a first strike. 44 started the “modernization” process which would for a trillion dollars or so give us smaller nukes with shorter time warning time for Russia and the intent of destroying their command and control system. That too is only of use in a first strike.

Take a look at today’s NYT article at

wherein The Donald is portrayed as properly presidential for his responsible actions in helping restart the arms race. It is merely a continuation of what Very Serious People in our government have been doing.

You might also take a look at Ellsberg’s new book “The Doomsday Machine” to see the consistency of American nuclear policy - even while The Donald IS more unstable than his predecessors.

As for claims of “good intentions”, in military affairs you gotta look at what the enemy can do, not what they claim they will.