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'Give Us an Hour on MSNBC': Sanders Says He Would Love to Debate Medicare for All vs. For-Profit System With Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/05/give-us-hour-msnbc-sanders-says-he-would-love-debate-medicare-all-vs-profit-system


It would not surprise me to see the March 15th debate be postponed, as the last thing in the world the DNC and their Biden campaign want is to have poor hapless Joe have to exhibit a grasp of the issues (or reality) in a one on one “debate”
And as for a single issue debate on Healthcare? Please! You’d sooner get a job in a pie factory, testing them.


One big important difference between now and 4 years ago is the extent that the DNC is exposing themselves as being a private power mafia masquerading as a political party with members. I didn’t expect them to “out” themselves so blatantly and I’m often surprised at their actions. Rachel’s interview with Bernie hints that the mafia capos think they have beat him and now want to make sure they appear “above the fray” and she’s trying to help keep him and-- more important-- his supporters in the Party. Expect
MSNBC to “manage” their Bernie image as they attempt to create space for him to work with them to “herd” his followers into their corral.


Michigan governor endorses Biden.
Early voters permitted to spoil their original ballot and redo.

NYC stock markets fall this morning. The roller coaster bleeds the retirement dollars out of 401K accounts, state, municipal and teacher retirement systems. Puts the loot into traders, banks, and hidden wealth owners.


“Stuttering Stammering Joe” might have his head explode and his teeth might become deadly projectiles in the audience if pressed hard by Bernie on why it’s so important to have an extra 30% built in to our Healthcare system for the paper-pushing Insurance Industry.

Might be seen as “elder abuse.”


Very well put, Michael. I especially liked “private power mafia.” It reminds me of the piece on CD yesterday describing the Congressional Black Caucus considering itself the go-between for all Black voters. And let’s face it, voter management is the ugly stepsister of voter suppression.

On the matter of a debate, we typically expect that a challenger would invite the front-runner to a debate, and that–in American politics–that the front-winner, comfortably sitting in the catbird seat, declines. I’d rather expect that here since the DNC doesn’t want to risk a Biden gaffe–which in a one-hour mano-a-mano knockdown is sure to happen. If he endures at all. Bernie? Well, it wasn’t that long ago he made his 8-hour filibuster. Isn’t that on YouTube somewhere?


How did this happen? There is something about the vacuousness of Joe Biden that reminds me of the character Chance in Being There.

Are we all in shock now that Biden is a front runner? I will admit that I am.

It seems like yesterday my daughter and I were having a good yuck over Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey bus tour”. Exclaiming how ridiculous that was and not many under the age of 50 have heard of the word malarkey. We couldn’t wait to see him fade away and eventually drop out.

None of this is a laughing matter of course. And perhaps that should have been a clue as to what would play out. Too many people were laughing about trump.

Not funny anymore.

I’ve been talking to Biden supporters over the past few days and it has been beyond frustrating. Leaves me feeling utterly hopeless.

Those that I talk to basically have not felt pain or fear -----yet.

They are comfortable with their extensive “gold” health care plans. They have medicare + good supplemental coverage.

I’ve gotten to the point where I just call them out on their lack of empathy for others.

Basically they are saying, “I’ve got mine, to hell with everyone else”.
They are the believers of “everyone should be able to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”. One person actually said that yesterday.

I don’t know what it will take . . .


I offer to this to Bernie. A response in the next debate as to how he is going to pay for Medicare for all?

Bernie: “That’s funny, that question never comes up when we talk about the military budget; or the trillions we spend overseas on regime change wars that are of NO benefit to the American people. There’s plenty of money to pay for it. We just have to spend it on the American people instead of weapons manufacturers.”

Slam dunk!


Go Bernie and Nurses United! Another donation is forthcoming…hey, everyone, join me!

OK: Done! Please help if you can!


A debate would be excellent, then Bernie could fully vet his M4A and fix the disparities. Additionally, Americans could demonstrate they actually understand it and why a lot of people question some of their arguments.


Expanded. Improved Medicare For All–I am willing to bet–is one major reason the Corporate “Democrats” are fighting Bernie’s agenda. It seems just too obvious as so much of the pharmaceutical companies have donated to them. GO, Bernie! Go, go, go NNU! Supporters make donations if you can, write letters to editors in your state!


This is being stolen! Vast majority in exit polls want M4All! Why didn’t they ask who they voted for. We are supposed to believe that the same voters who want M4All just voted for Biden! Electronic voting is easily hacked.


Sorry, Bernie. Ain’t gonna happen. The fix is in and Joe is the chosen one by what George Carlin correctly called the “Big Club”. If you could debate him you’d be able to show what a sellout Biden has been and the truth of what Uncle Joe said last year - “Nothing fundamental will change if I am the next President.” This is just what the oligarchs and Wall Street gangsters want to hear and it is what they believe about Biden. He has their back just like Obama did.
So while the DNC celebrates what has been called “Joementum” after Super Tuesday I am more and more certain that Bernie will be shut out just like last time. His FDR-style democratic “socialism” doesn’t have a chance except to exist in certain individuals like the wonderful AOC and some others. However, even then, the DNC is trying to primary her with an “ethnic” woman who is more of a moderate. This multi-billion dollar dog and pony show every 4 years is a disgrace and it also helps to divert attention from what our dysfunctional Congress and the new horde of right-wing federal judges are doing to steal even more of our rights and our country away from us. AOC said it well about Trumpo the Traitor, in that he was not an anomaly but part of symptom of something that has gone very wrong with our country.


Meanwhile, as the establishment DINOs prop up Joe this little tidbit came out today somewhat under the MSM radar. Can you say CORRUPTION?

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner has sold his stake in a company investing in Opportunity Zone projects offering tax breaks he had pushed for in Washington, sparking criticism that he was benefiting from his White House role.

A filing at the Office of Government Ethics released Monday shows that Kushner received permission to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of his stake in Cadre, a digital platform for smaller investors in commercial properties. Kushner’s holding in the private Cadre was worth between $25 million and $50 million, according to a financial disclosure report he filed with federal ethics officials last year.


yes, have Bernie debate Joe, but not on MSNBC. I was listening to WCPT AM in Chicago, this morning; the usually bright and funny Stephanie Miller was once again doing her passive-aggressive attack on Bernie. she played segments of Rachel Maddow interviewing Bernie, and criticizing Bernie on his numbers in the recent primaries. Between sniping, Stephanie is telling us that we are all progressives, and need to band together. MSNBC is the loudspeaker for corporate Democrats.


any Bernie supporters here that would support biden in November or would you stay home/vote 3rd party if joe is the nominee? I am on the fence I don’t like biden but I hate trump more lol.

If Bernie doesn’t get this nomination, I will never vote for a democrat again.


so you would vote trump in November? or 3rd party or stay home?

3rd party if there is someone who represents what I am for.


OMG Wat are you smoking ? ha ha ha funniest yet this day.

PS (this is Mary-Grayeske-morocco wouldn’t let me sign in as myself)

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