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Given Rampant White-Collar Crime, FIFA Raid Raises Questions About DOJ Priorities


Given Rampant White-Collar Crime, FIFA Raid Raises Questions About DOJ Priorities

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While the early morning raid and arrest of several high-ranking officials with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) captivated the international news circuit Wednesday morning, many observers were left wondering: With so many corrupt bankers, politicians, and other one-percenters still free to walk the streets here in the United States, why has t


Gee, probably a total coincidence that Russia got the World Cup. Not a political move by the US DOJ at all.


I want to think that this is a practice run for the real raid being planned on Wall Street very soon…maybe Bernie Sanders could talk about it?


This is actually big news in my opinion. A bunch of corrupt officials (and incapable of keeping a handle on it) were snatched from their posh hotels in Zurich by the Swiss for immediate transfer to the U.S. gulag. I’ve got news for people who think the Swiss are in any way neutral or have ever been. They aren’t.


For some reason, this reminds me of a cartoon I saw a number of years ago.
Two guys in rags, hanging from a dungeon wall by their chained and shackled wrists. They are about ten feet in the air.
One of them is saying to the other, out of the corner of his mouth,
“Now, here’s my plan…”


I wonder if they were cutting in on the Bankster’s bottom line?

  • Did the DOJ have to get the Bankster’s permission for the raid?


In case anyone wants to revisit 2014 World Cup an entire series of articles covering the abuse of public trusts and the impacts - http://www.rioonwatch.org/?p=5816

To think that the dynamics would be different for other mega-events one need only look at the olympics with the same displacement of communities, and abuses across the board from ‘police pacification’ brutality to destruction of communities, years of favela organizing and struggles against crushing poverty … while developers make a neat bundle


Yes, I can see it in my mind’s big screen- Barack Obama, aka Eliot Ness- one of the Untouchables, bursting into the hotel rooms of cocaine dealing Wall Street executives…the boardrooms of 21st century robber barons like Jamie Dimon, full of righteous indignation, fury and holding a volume of the US penal code. Fear not my corporate cronies, I will shield you with the Office of the Presidency. Your crimes will be made legitimate. Your efforts to jerry rig the system will be rewarded. And when you retire, speaking engagements and tell it all books will follow. Immune shall you be from prosecution and persecution. For you are the chosen ones. The pensioners, retirees, young workers, trade unionist and other communists you screwed- they will reap the fruits of their labor- food stamps and welfare. Until that is they are kicked off welfare with term limits. Long live the 1%. I am your fearless protector.


I wonder if this might have something to do with it. From Moon Over Alabama.

This Friday the world football association FIFA is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, for its 65th regular World Congress. One of the votes on the agenda (pdf) is about the “Suspension or expulsion of a member”. There is also an “Update on Israel-Palestine”.
The Palestinian Football Association has called for a vote to suspend Israel from FIFA:

The Palestinian group objects to Israeli teams playing in the West Bank. They also say Israel restricts movements of Palestinian players between the West Bank and Gaza as well as for international matches.
“They keep bullying here and there, and I think they have no right to keep being the bully of the neighborhood,” Palestinian Football Association President Jibril Rajoub said of Israel. “If the Israelis are using the issue of security, I can say that their security concern is mine. I am ready to fix parameters for security concerns, but security should not be used … as a tool in order to keep this racist, apartheid policies.”

He declared the situation in the West Bank far worse than apartheid that existed in South Africa because right-wingers and extremists in Israel want to “delete Palestine.” In the 1960s, FIFA suspended South Africa for decades after it failed to comply with the association’s nondiscrimination policies. The nation was also expelled from FIFA a month after the Soweto Youth Uprising of 1976.

“I am not asking for the suspension of the Israeli association; I am asking to end the suffering of the Palestinian footballers,” Rajoub said. “I am asking to end the grievances, the humiliation we are facing.”


Yeah. I had the same question. As much as FIFA is corrupt and richly deserves prosecution I see this as a way to pretend they are doing their jobs as public cover for not going after those who really affect all of us in far larger and nastier ways.

And a side thought as I read that Swiss plain clothes cops got room numbers and made their way upstairs to quietly arrest the ones on their list. No SWAT? Where are the Swiss’ priorities??? Surely they could have hired a few of the Ferguson police troops to blow holes all over the luxury hotel with flash bangs and wipe out a few nearby guests in the process. What is with the competent-cop method anyway? Can’t the Swiss get a few tanks or armored cars to surround the hotel and pour in a few rounds just to keep current with their weapons? Sheesh, Quiet, efficient arrests? Just wrong.
(snarking here, just in case anyone thought otherwise)


BDS! BDS! BDS! US and its terrier, Israel!


I do not typically follow sports, but when I heard this on my way to work my initial reaction was…they can punish FIFA, but not the banksters??? OMG. This is crazy justice.


Did the author say extradition or rendition? Extradition would mean a cushy couple of years in a refurbished US Air Force Base, (better known as minimum security) or rendition could run the gambit from Guantanamo to Poland to perhaps Syria if Slick Oily has contracted the renditions to ISIS!
Just think the USDOJ, itself an ongoing criminal enterprise prosecuting or persecuting a bunch of international football hooligans, all for the sake of Israel! You just can’t make this shit up! :sunglasses:


Even if pro sports were not cutting in on banksters’ action, they obviously didn’t bribe the politicians to the extent that their criminal activities could be decriminalized the way the banksters did it during the past 30 years.


My hunch is that FIFA President, Sepp Blatter called for an investigation and welcomed law enforcement, sensing it was just a matter of time before law enforcement comes calling without an invitation. Supposedly, Mr. Blatter hasn’t (yet, anyway) been implicated in these crimes (or maybe he has made a plea deal) but he knows he can no longer look the other way as suitcases of cash are being thrown at the feet of FIFA officials. I’d also guess that these arrests might have thinned the field of candidates running against him in the Presidential election taking place in a few days. We all like job security.

However I don’t think the day will come anytime soon where the head of an investment bank who might find himself bothered by his banksters ongoing, systematic looting of America, wanting to throw open the bank’s golden doors and guide law enforcement through the byzantine criminal network. Wall Street would make it is their police that come. No job security there!


The FIFA mistake was accepting bribes from corrupt officials. Had they stole money from honest hard working Americans they would have gotten a fine and a slap on the hand…DOJ nexts target single cigarettes sellers for selling single cigarettes without a license


“With so many corrupt bankers, politicians, and other one-percenters still free to walk the streets here in the United States, why has the U.S. Department of Justice set its sights on FIFA?”

Obama is desperately trying to shift public attention away from his criminal “Trade” agendas!

He is even pretending to be environmentally concerned, as well.


Don’t hold your breath but it is damn sure that the Friends of ALAC aren’t gonna say a word. Just like when the TPP was discovered the silence on the right was deafening.


Now how about the sleaze surrounding the Olympics or they untouchable.


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