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Given What the U.S. Has Done to the World, It Should Be Letting All Refugees In


Given What the U.S. Has Done to the World, It Should Be Letting All Refugees In

Michael Ratner

People across the United States and around the world have been rightly outraged by U.S. federal agencies’ detention of migrants and separation of their families at the U.S.-Mexico border. Shortly after, the Supreme Court’s ruled to uphold the Trump administration’s racist travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries, reviving another fierce reaction to the administration’s policy toward immigrants, travelers and asylum seekers.


Gen. Smedley Butler’s speech, War is a Racket, always rattles around in my brain when I read such articles. Why Yemen? Has this been explained to the American people on whose “behalf” the slaughter of the Yemeni people is executed? How about the atrocities in _______? Eisenhower was right to warn against the military industrial complex but fell short of identifying the profit to be made by the murder of peoples inconveniently living atop of the resources to which the US labeled as “national interests” (on behalf of the corporations). And people wonder why I won’t recite the pledge of allegiance like some automaton–that is because I am awake and therefore ashamed.


So clear and well-said. This is what journalism looks like.


And just who is the United States? We all have blood on our hands! That is you, me and and over 300 million other American citizens that are indifferent to the terrible suffering of the Yemeni people brought about by the US government.


If the U.S. is so bad, why would anyone want to come here?


From the article:

“But too rarely has the question been asked: What situation would compel so many people to leave their homes and take the perilous journey north in the first place?”

That no part of the corporate media will pose this question—just as asking what could move someone to strap on a suicide vest makes one an “apologist for terrorism”—is a sure sign of their complicity.


Can we deport two “deplorables” for every refugee we take in? All right, three.


I recently watched an interview with Gary Younge who heralds from Barbados and reports for the Guardian. What he said when people ask him why he is in the UK his answer was, “I am here because you were there.”


We should let them stay on the golf courses, lands, mansions and other properties that belong to the oligarchs that did this to the world.


It has been reported that the level of violence in many areas of Central America is far worse than the South Side of Chicago. By the way, it is refuge not migrant.there is a huge difference. I will state the U.S.of A. owes reparations to all the who suffer because of the U.S.Corporate Wars as well.


My Protest Placard says:



If we bomb them , they will come. BUT, if we help rebuild their nations, they won’t leave. SADLY, governments bomb, governments leave, governments don’t care : ( Somehow WE the People seems cut off from Them the government. : (


It’s not us being bombed, so we don’t care. The majority of American people are so ignorant of all the atrocities going on in the world that it is sickening. And our Capitalist system makes sure to bombard them daily with advertising so they dutifully walk in lock step to the mall every weekend and buy more of the stuff that they just “can’t live without.”

“Bombing? What bombing? Ah…how are the Falcons doing?”


Isn’t it amazing how much our country, supposedly a “Christian Nation,” has followed the Prince of Peace by making $$$TRILLIONS$$$ on the products for war and death?


Finally this letter! Finally!
Obama was talking lots of shit about warring on Yemen before his term ended, so looks like Presidents carry on the agenda. Did she mention Honduras?? Disgusting legacies of corrupt capitalism. It is NOT okay.


I often ask myself what did Jesus ever do to “deserve” Christianity? I am answered mainly with the null set but do admit to knowing some to whom the Sermon on the Mount is a guiding beacon. What would Jesus, who instructed people to pray in their closets, think about the televangelists? Surely, if the tables of the money changers were overturned, the studios of the charlatans would be destroyed.


“Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked, and we who fail to prevent them, must share the guilt for the dead.” Omar N. Bradley

My soul aches from the scorching black marks placed there by all the horrific, brutal, mindless carnage inflicted on the world in my name. We have even bombed, or aided in the bombing, of hospitals working to put humans we have blown up back together in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Serbia, and Somalia. The incessant meddling south of our borders the right are so eager to protect that result in the ruin of the lives of folk more like us than different. The senseless brutality visited on our own here at home…sometimes it is just too overwhelming to take in. I know my name is on the check, but I don’t know how to close the account.


Just a reminder that the current situation in Yemen began at least as early as 2011…that was on Obama’s watch. Ron Paul thinks the State Department had a hand in from early on. Frump inherited the situation. So you might want to consider blaming some governmental department heads and their minions; but, if you want low-level fodder to annihilate, consider deporting some DNC superdelegates or some Hillary bots. Or, if you want to get really serious, try recalling just who was Secretary of State back around 2009 through January, 2013.

Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen? – Nov 20, 2017 – Ron Paul – The Ron Paul Institute


I will state that, if the rest of the world ever comes to its senses (once the dollar implodes), it will bring certain present and past members of the U.S. Government to The Hague to answer for their war crimes.


“If the U.S. is so bad, why would anyone want to come here?”

It’s a choice of living below the poverty line in a community ravaged by gun violence and a ruthless prison industrial complex or living in another dirt poor community where thousands of indiscriminate bombs rain down upon you daily and where ruthless foreign invaders will come sometime in the near future to rape and murder anyone who looks like you.
I guess I would grudgingly choose the former.