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Giving a Pass to Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Giving a Pass to Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Arnold R. Isaacs

Imagine that a nominee for secretary of state had shared platforms with white nationalist Richard B. Spencer and been given a major award by his National Policy Institute, which describes itself as "an independent organization dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States and around the world." With that on his record, is it likely the nominee would have been confirmed, or nominated in the first place, to head the State Department?

The war on terror, which is in practice a campaign of genocide against Muslims, is the main engine of Islamophobia in the USA.

The idea that USA has the right to send in drones or drop aerial bombs to exterminate Muslims in their own nations, that any Muslim male aged 14 or older is a ‘militant’ (whatever THAT means), and that POTUS has the right to serve as judge, jury & executioner for any Muslim who walks the earth is as racist and as bigoted as one can get.

The eloquent, Nobel-prize winner & Constitutional Law Scholar Barack Obama quadrupled the drone strikes against Muslims, & dropped an average of 72 bombs per day on Muslims during his final year as POTUS.

Liberals continue to lionize this handsome mass-murderer.

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Bush should have been honest and declared that the USA was declaring a Global, endless war of terror against anyone who did not subscribe to whatever the US ordered for that country or people.
*People have been slaughtered in the millions, going back to the end of WW-II by the US and its allies henchmen. Since the turn of the century, these things have increased in both violence and increased racism and bigotry.
*Apparently, We the People have bought into this in increasing numbers. Goebbel’s “Big Lie” program is utilized, with millions of dollars spent on the “Think Tanks” to come up with ever more efficient ways of selling this dreck and converting the people.
*At whatever level of Hell Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and others are grilling on, they are laughing with glee at the success of their methods, long after their apparent defeat. I’m sure they are eagerly waiting to receive Twitler and his gang at the gratings, to congratulate them on their “mission accomplished,” a job well done in their estimation.
*However, there is a chance that We the People may awaken in time to send them on their way “Mission Unaccomplished,” while we try to rebuild our nation as a Constitutional Republic, which worked pretty well for a couple of centuries, until the Bankers and CEOs bought the government, to be used as their own tool, to make billions into trillions for the 0.01%.
*WAKE UP, We the People and take our country back! It will be difficult at this stage of the game, but well worth the sacrifice, as it was in the 1940s.