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Giving 'Hope to Workers Across the Nation,' Missouri Votes to Repeal GOP Attack on Unions


Giving 'Hope to Workers Across the Nation,' Missouri Votes to Repeal GOP Attack on Unions

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In another sign that the American labor movement is newly energized and emboldened in the face of attacks by the right-wing Supreme Court, the Trump administration, and Republican-controlled state legislatures, Missouri workers on Tuesday mobilized in large numbers to crush a GOP-crafted "right to work" law that wo


Unions, still working to defeat the right to work in 2018.

Wow, what an overwhelming wave of support! After 800,000 door knocks and 1 million phone calls, union polls find that HALF of workers would join a union if they could.
I’m not sure that constitutes actual deep love for being forced to be in a union whether you want to or not.
Or, in other words, HALF of workers don’t want to be in a union.

… by a union they didn’t want to be a part of.


Hopefully, the far (and not so far) right’s continual disparagement of unions and other favorable issues for workers has, for the most part, run its course–or at least its effectiveness. Bernie awakened many to the their plight and helped illuminate how so many had been voting against their own interests. With new stars like Ocasio-Cortez, perhaps the awakening will continue. I don’t want the spoils of slave labor; I want a more just and equitable society that preserves reasonable incentives, but not at the usurious costs imposed by ridiculous and useless “wealth”.


I love the “people” that like to claim that the progressives can’t get anyone nominated or passed through Congress or State legislatures. This is one perfect example (as is the marijuana initiatives on ballots). Another name you NEVER hear the “media” commenting on is Pramila Jayapal Congress woman from Seattle Wa who is extremely liberal. It re-started with Sanders presidential run in 2016 and it is growing slowly, BUT growing.
At this moment in our history it is the ONLY thing that still keeps me going (I’m 71) and in my opinion our only hope from going totally fascist.


Approximately 55 progressives have won D primaries and 11 D’s in office have endorsed Cynthia Nixon.


…but would happily accept union wages as long as they didn’t have to pay agency fees for representation…

Sounds like some scabby behavior to me. Donor class propaganda is powerful and pervasive, but working class consciousness will prevail.


It’s kinda like democracy, shithead. You know that a minority elected Trumpollini, don’t you? If a majority votes for a union (which is still extremely difficult) ALL get the increase in wages and benefits. I have ALWAYS said that I would gladly pay even $100 monthly for dues to get the many benefits that unions provide workers. Ever hear of pensions, eight hour days, Saturdays & Sundays off or maybe not having to work 2 or 3 part time jobs to barely make ends meet?


I wouln’t waste your time on fight the power- I think this person is a troll or a Dump spy. Probably has the wiggles over Alix Jones also.


I hope ALL states vote to repeal this- the Janus supreme court ruling was about public unions which includes teachers of course. Rethugs hate public school teachers!


Hey, maybe he’s “Q”??:male_detective:


You do know that the ass hole Janus went to work for the outfit that “represented” his case THE DAY AFTER the SC decision.


I am sure they are so “dumbed down” that they want to be making peanuts, have no time off, want harrassment to be okay etc. Get a grip!


I heard that- this Janus is nothing but a two faced piece of garbage. I heard he was a very poor social worker in the state of Illinois. I saw him on C span- basically a retiree who hated unions because according to him all unions support abortion! What a sicko. Hope he is proud of himself.


He was also supported and paid by the Kochs I heard- what a whiner!


Yeah that’s a good one- I saw him on C span- seemed dumber than dirt.


I live in a union family- have been in unions- didn’t even complain about dues weighing all the benefits.


I’m 71 now retired when I was FIFTY FOUR with a decent Teamsters pension. All I can say is, “union yes!”.


Of all the egregious, euphemisms by the GOP, right to work takes the cake! Because what this attack on unions really means is: THE RIGHT OF THE GREEDY TO PAY YOU SLAVE WAGES!


if you are referring to Cory Booker and Kamala Harris - no, I do not see them that way.


You asked about D’s in office that endorsed Cynthia Nixon - not congressional representatives. There are none of those.