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Giving 'Hope to Workers Across the Nation,' Missouri Votes to Repeal GOP Attack on Unions


The disparagement, mantra the far from right uses over and over again is " unions are corrupt"! They may be partially correct and even if given the benefit of the doubt, let me ask the average citizen: if you had to make a choice, would you be financially better off working for a corrupt corporation or a corrupt union?


Wow, guys. Not everyone that doesn’t echo, echo, echo the progressive narrative here is some kind of “spy”. What does that even mean?

This site is all about the outrage. Do you really not want anyone to argue with?
How bored you’d all be if you couldn’t call someone a vulgar name for disagreeing with your childish arguments:).


You mean living off my taxes as your great Teamsters pension goes tits up.



Hey moronic ass hole, better do a little research before saying shit that is DEFINATELY NOT TRUE. Oh I’m sorry, you have to be able to READ to do research.


What part is in error?


First of all, “you’re” not paying for it YET. Second, most union pension funds are financially solvent. You picked ONE the Teamsters central states fund AND they are not getting help from the govt. Third, you are a fucking idiot troll. Fourth, be a fucking whiner and “flag” me you ass hole.


My, my, Patty, such vitriol!
Does someone still have an upset tummy because Hillary didn’t win?
It’ll all be OK, don’t worry.
Trump is Hitler.