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Giving "Snapshot of What's Possible," One Island Abandons Fossil Fuels


Giving "Snapshot of What's Possible," One Island Abandons Fossil Fuels

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Near the end of what may "very likely" be the hottest year on record, a bright spot in the battle to address climate change has emerged more than 4,000 miles from the U.S. West Coast.


Lets see. 109,000 gallons @ a conservative $4 a gallon = roughly $436,000. I wonder how many years it will take to pay for the system? Then also, dividing $436,000 by 600 people per year comes to $720. Or $60 a month. Am I missing anything? Because thats quite a good deal.


This is what it takes. One small step, then another, then another...


Got to get serious about trying things somewhere, soon. My favorite political cartoon, by Joel Pett describes a Climate Summit presentation with charts describing the possible benefits of addressing climate change, things like energy independence, preserving rainforests, sustainability, clean water and air, healthy children, etc.
In the audience, a man stands up and asks: "WHAT IF IT'S A BIG HOAX AND WE CREATE A BETTER WORLD FOR NOTHING?


Yes, what's possible and some positive climate news, for a change!


Thanks, CD, for posting a positive article/report. (Cool video as well.)

We all need to read/hear more of this, to reinforce the fundamental belief that we are capable of so much more . . . that we are better, far better, than the negatives by which it all too often feels we are surrounded.


And it wasn't that long ago that whitey thought these people were stupid savages. Maybe we got something a little mixed up...



Solar panel usually require 5 - 7 years to pay back. I'm wondering if a little input from wind might replace some of those batteries during cloudy storm days.


wrong place


The kind of whitey you're talking about thinks the same thing about poor whites, browns or blacks.


The next island needs to be Manhattan.


What you are missing is that this has nothing to do with money and everything to do with life.


PV panels work fine if all you need an itty bit of electricity for your home in a nice Pacific Island climate. I got forty of those on my roof (10kW with a 7.5kW inverter) and i offset about 95% of the electricity i use (gonna be about 102% this year what with global warming and all that). Also, same as Tau's the economic output of my home is almost 0.

Wanna run an economy tho, you need a lot more than solar panels and windmills.


That's true for individual electricity prices. If you use actual spot price it's gonna be for ever. Efficiency is not there yet.


Efficiency is a weird word. What is efficient?

Is it efficient to pay communist style state welfare to giant energy and agriculture corporations ?

Is it efficient to spend billions on eternal war to control resources and make enemies of the rest of the world's people?

Is it efficient to have more empty houses than homeless people?

Is it efficient to turn 85% of food value excreted by humans into rank river pollution flowing to the next town's drinking water intake?

Is it efficient to squeeze people off the land and raise beef or pork with antibiotics and breed super bugs? Is it efficient to send chickens to China for butchering and packaging and then send them back to the US for eating?

Is it an efficient policy to spend money for a destructive military force when that policy has bankrupted 100% of US style dictatorial military empires?

Solar and wind could be ten times as expensive and still be practical without corporatist robber barron style efficiency.


Unfortunately, what's POSSIBLE right now, and what's likely to be IMPLEMENTED on a wide scale, occupy two different WORLDS! Plus, just because a transition may be POSSIBLE, there's the strong possibility that it's simply TOO LATE for the salvation of our species!


I was talking about panel energy conversion efficiency.

To respond to your post, nobody cares about financial efficiency as long as they don't pay for it. If I had to pay the full price for my 10kW system I would not have gone for it. My breakeven point would have been close or beyond the 20 yr system lifespan and warranty coverage I have. In a deregulated market like where I live currently paying the provider price would have been more efficient for me. But thanks to the state and federal taxpayers I can make my contribution to saving the planet and make some cash in the process :slight_smile:


I am also talking about the efficiency for conversion of solar power to electrical energy.

It matters not what percent of solar energy is converted. Using financial figures for such comparisons in a centrally managed corporatist economy like the US is even more meaningless.

Communist style backroom subsidies go to the fossil fuel industry. The result is possible extinction of mammals and most other life forms on Earth. What is efficient about that?

Use of solar, wind and tides to avoid extinction is a rational choice that has nothing to do with completely false US style theories of efficiency. All Americans have 420 unique mostly carcinogenic chemical flowing permanently through their bodies. This is the result of what is referred to as an efficient free market. The US system is anti life and many USers actually believe they are pro life. Efficiency has no meaning throughout the Americas and especially in the US.