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Giving Trump Far Too Much in Shutdown Deal, Progressives Warn Democrats 'Throwing Immigrants Under the Bus'

Giving Trump Far Too Much in Shutdown Deal, Progressives Warn Democrats 'Throwing Immigrants Under the Bus'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Democratic negotiators dropped their demand for a limit on how many immigrants the Trump administration can detain and agreed to provide over $1.3 billion for fencing and other barriers at the U.S.-Mexico border, immigrant rights advocates warned on Tuesday that Democrats are conceding far too much to President Donald Trump and handing "Nativist Republicans more money to jail and deport immigrants."

The reason the united states is among the top ten fastest growing underdeveloped countries is legal immigration.

Legal immigration is what is out of control.

The wall is to keep numbskulls in.

Typical Repug advise: sign the deal (avoid even more bad PR), and then look for other ways to fiddle the books so he can have his damn Wall. That is a Bad Deal for the Dums!
They gain NOTHING for immigration and hand him part of his $$. Repugs gave up NOTHING. This needs to go back to the drawing board.


Trump should disassemble the Statue of Liberty and send it back to France. It would compliment the Eiffel Tower quite well; I mean like lets be upfront about the government’s present attitude.
Of course, his grandfather sailed by that edifice on his way here. That’s one immigrant that should have been sent back.

From the article: “Children, mothers, fathers, grandparents. Coming here in search for a better life, many seeking refuge from violence and threats to their lives back home,”… caused by US actions in their countries of origin…should be added to that sentence.
USans need to be reminded again and again that it is their country which is in large part responsible for the horrible conditions from which people are fleeing.


Democrats giving Trump too much. Instead of recognizing him for the sociopath he is…
Of course.


Yes, or change the start of the inscription to: DON’T SEND ANYMORE!

Today they say they settled on enough money to keep the government open. An extra 5 miles of border fence. Shh, don’t tell the caravans where the new fence is.


Spineless Democraps put our backs against The Wall

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Can someone explain to me why they think they have to give him a billion for any type of structure. What is there lame political calculus, in another words. Just trying to understand.
Also, to preempt him from saying he’s going to get the rest elsewhere. Why can’t they at least provide this is the exclusive sorsce of appropriations for barriers?

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Democrats had a chance to put one chit on the chart for bravery. While they failed to do so, was anyone considering the people that another shut down on Friday would have impacted? Just saying.

Everybody blames the Dems and anybody else but Ourselves. How convenient. Actually, it’s shameful to see this blame game getting worse. We are little kids afraid of the big bad boogie man monster who does what ever he wants because there are no Laws to stop him, Says AOC. But we all are ok as we patiently wait for Mueller to save us all. I took part in the Nam Era Revolution when people played a bigger part in society, and what we did worked. We used Violence ( oh my god! ), when now it’s a forgotten word. “ Oh, we can’t do that!” We will hold another sign carrying Rally then go home feeling like something was accomplished. Bravo! We are the reason why this country is so corrupt. We took our eye off the ball and did nothing to stop the disease from spreading. It’s now cool to debate every issue and try as hard as we can to solve each mystery as we continue to Fail. We are are mighty behind our keyboards on this message board. What will we do if they shut this down too?

I read this somewhere. Please don’t ask for a source.

Walls work; No Mexican has broken through the great wall of China since it was built.


It’s difficult to know where we are at. On the one hand we have people turn out in large numbers to support causes. It would be unfair to them to downplay their participation.We had quite a few town hall brewhas that left politicians scrambling for a credible way to uphold bad policy. We are winning where they let us win. Now it’s time to break some eggs.
One thing about Vietnam era protesting was that it kept getting bigger and stronger until it finally was big, and strong enough to count.


Supporting a deal that allows the Trump administration to create further division across the border, increase the number of families and individuals being held prisoner in detention centers, and deport more immigrants back to danger is not an acceptable compromise.

What did you expect from this Dem leadership? First, they care nothing about these people (or us for that matter) - it’s just political points to them (and they’re really bad at that, too). But, but … it’s BIPARTISAN! If the Neoliberal Dems had 97 seats in the Senate, they’d make sure each debate was limited to 3-3.


Whenever Trump is unhappy I am very, very happy. The more miserable he is and the less his bullying works, the happier I get.

I thought Neville Chamberlain was dead but apparently he has taken control of the Democratic Party.

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Given that our corporatocracy has caused a lot of the conditions that causes our southern neighbors to flee their countries, just what does a GOOD deal at the border look like? Do we even have enough of a country left that is even worth having borders? I do not like this “choice” of violent, tyrannical Communism on the left and violent, tyrannical Fascism on the right – where is the government of, by, and for the people? Gopherit

This comment was too great not to crib - a poster from WSWS commenting on the Dems “capitulation” to Trump on the wall:

"To clear up any misconceptions: Democrats are not stupid, they are not weak, and they are not cowardly. If those lib/progs would intently focus on what Democrats actually ‘do’, as opposed to what they ‘wish’ they would do (if they weren’t so cowardly and weak), they would understand and see what the Democrats truly ‘are’.

If you allow yourself to look at the relevant evidence you’ll see that the Democrats fervently desire, and zealously advocate an increasingly nightmarish reality an aggressively, criminally violent, interventionist foreign policy and a constantly growing authoritarian-surveillance state at home.

Today, and with as much detestable enthusiasm as the Republicans bring to the task, the Democrats seek to enrich and empower the ruling class still more as they simultaneously oppress, brutalize, impoverish and murder those who are not members of the ruling class.

The Democrats will oppress, brutalize, impoverish and murder those who are not the ruling class, BUT – since they are mercifully not crazy, not like those frothing, sputtering, Neanderthal Republicans – the Democrats will know exactly what they’re doing every step of the way. But in their hearts, the Democrats actually know these are horrible things to do, but, well, ya see, they just can’t help it. They’re weak.

That’s really the typical ‘liberal/progressive’ argument isn’t it? Gosh, the Democrats would really and truly LOVE to do the right thing, “but, well, ya see, they just can’t help it. They’re weak.” They’re cowards. They’re inept.

This brings up another point. If many liberals and progressives continue to support Democrats because they choose to see the Democrats not as evil, but rather as weak, inept, or cowardly, I have to question their continuing support of weakness, ineptness, and cowardice, as if these are justifiable or admirable attributes of our so-called representatives [emphasis mine]. Obviously, Democratic politicians are none of these things, they are evil opportunists like their Republican counterparts, but still, is claiming weakness or ineptness of character any better? Of course not."


Boy, that Pelosi charisma sure wore off fast, didn’t it?

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