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Giving Up the Game, DOJ Argues in Court Filing That Trump Lost 2020 Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/giving-game-doj-argues-court-filing-trump-lost-2020-election

Gosh I hope he needs to be dragged out of the White House.


Feet first with that “hair” dragging on the sidewalk behind.


Wait though – I know what let’s do, let’s all go counter-demonstrate in D.C. tomorrow. Word is powderboiz get super-bored when they only have each other around to beat up. I think if we show up out there to get stabbed, and really paint the town red, that would be so impressive!

Pendley has been a disaster for wildlife he needs to be dragged out of office along with the rest of them. The DOJ arguing this is a moot point simply because Trump will no longer be in office does not exclude the fact that this was an ILLEGAL APPOINTMENT in the first place. Crimes have been committed here!

I assume that is sarcasm. If so I agree. Why counter protest these violent morons and give them a target. Please just let them make fools of themselves and if they have to hurt someone to express their belief in ‘freedom’ let it be each other.

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I’m offended that someone who even looks like this creep is paid with my tax money, much less holds a high office. the Idea that such a scumbag is actually the top lawyer in the country should not surprise me, given the fact that that almost every single Judge, and prosecutor is equally corrupt.


And they have such a glorified opinion, even though it is easy for even the town drunk to explain.

“They’re not going to take the White House. We’re going to fight like hell,” Trump declared Monday night during a campaign rally in Georgia. “When you win in a landslide and they steal it and it’s rigged, it’s not acceptable.”

The rant of a man that is soooo delusional that Trump needs to be committed to an institution for the criminally insane! When Trump says: " We’re going to fight like hell" it seems to me he has no intention of leaving the White, Supremacy House on January 20th.

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This election theft was truly spectacular in scope.

Diabolical Democrats were not only able to coordinate the theft of millions of votes with millions of independent voters, voting machine manufacturers and software companies, but were also able to gain the cooperation of hundreds of Republican state officials and judges, some who are still professing loyalty to Trump. At the same time as they were forging these ballots, they made certain that Republicans in at least a dozen cases defeated Democrats just to make it look like the fake ballots were real. And all of this executed so flawlessly that there was not a shred of evidence left behind in any state that can be used to prove their fraud.

We can only hope that this brilliance now translates into a new kind of leadership that revolutionizes governance in the way that it has transformed election fraud.

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Wouldn’t it be fun if he carries this out all the way, and we get to watch on national TV as the Secret Service puts him in cuffs and drags him out to be arrested as soon as he hits the sidewalk?

Daydreams can be so much fun sometimes…

I’m sure a dog would run off with that hair before dragged too far.
Ah, a new dart board target. Nice to have fresh face to deface once in a while.

Amen. My sentiments as well. Let them shadow box all day long.

For sure. If it is just Proud Boys and Trumpanzees the only ones to get violent with are the National Guard which wouldn’t be a good look. If counter protesters get in the way it will turn into the usual he said/ she said about who started the violence.

Hilarious as it is obvious. Thanks.

Nightmares seem to be ever present too.

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I should probably add that one just has to see the hand of the strategic genius Nancy Pelosi in this, probably the only one who could have pulled this off so successfully. She definitely deserves her reelection to the Speaker position. Just today, on an MSDNC Facebook post I saw numerous comments lauding her prowess in consistently humiliating Republicans while only losing 12 House seats in the process. Kudos, great one.