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Giving 'Upper Hand to Corporate Polluters,' EPA Drops Surprise Inspections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/19/giving-upper-hand-corporate-polluters-epa-drops-surprise-inspections

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This is kind of like telling a crew of high-end art thieves that the museum’s night watchman takes an hour break between 2 and 3 AM.


Well on our way to becoming a shithole country.


" EPA Drops Surprise Inspections"

No surprise.

No surprise - economics/politics demonstrates its inherent criminality. Effects follow causes. People create and implement this fiction of legitimate authority… all without democracy. It’s the American way.

People could create something different and better.


I am beginning to think that sociopaths are running some of these government agencies. How many FLINTS, and how many Americans need to die on the job before anyone in any government agency has to be responsible for taking care of the coming nightmare of the climate crisis?
Mr EPA, you and all your cronies—you are allowing poisoned food to become a normalcy in America.
I am wondering—you know at a certain point----- when the children and loved ones of Americans decide to treat departments that have so easily made America into a SH*THOLE country---- don’t you government workers worry about your own food----sigh–maybe food taster will become a new short term occupation in this new and horrifying America. How insane is it that both the food and water, and now even the medicines can kill you! : (


Since the administration has gotten away with all of their malfeasance so far, I expect this attitude and non-action to trickle down to the state level EPA agencies as well, at least the states under gop control.


I guess we’ll be seeing a few Rivers on fire again, before too long. Not to mention the rise in cancer rates


A couple times a month at the same spot, there is a big sign put out that says “Speed Check Ahead” in our town. I guess the only people who get a speeding ticket are those who don’t know how to read.

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Trump brags about cutting regulations and no mainstream ‘journalist’ bothers to investigate what he’s rolling back, much less hold him accountable for environmental degradation.


All these fools require utter and absolute destruction before they kill all of us and our planet. What was it Einstein said "If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Trump orders his epa to stop regulating the pesticides that are responsible for the bees weakness and ultimate hive collapse. So these fools are attempting to MURDER all of us. I for one am not rolling over for this shit. Are you?


We ARE a shithole country, as long as we allow it to be run the way it is. It was their fault, now it is ours. We own it, it’s our responsibility. The leadership disregards responsibility.
If we allow trump to continue on his racist, homophobic, arrogant path, we will need more than Bandades.
As far as inspections go I recall them when I was a delivery driver for a small meat service 45 years ago. We always knew about the SURPRISE inspections two days ahead of time.
I’m guessing that’s how money and other friendships work.


In the memo referenced in this article, I found this statement:

“EPA regions should provide states with advance notice or inspections. especially because inspection plans tend to be dynamic and it might have been some time since the planned inspection was discussed. This type of coordination requires EPA regions and states to reach agreements regarding confidentiality and whether or when facilities are to be provided notice of inspections.”

This appears to relate to communication between the EPA Regional offices and the states, not regulated entities (for the most part). Occasionally, advance notice is given to a regulated entity. It depends on the type of inspection and the situation.

The only mention of “no surprises” I noticed is:

Cooperative, periodic, and early joint planning and regular communication between the EPA and states is essential to promote enhanced, shared accountability between federal and state enforcement authorities. A "no surprises’’ principle is the foundation of joint work planning and will minimize the misunderstandings that can be caused by the lack of regular, bilateral communication. With increased EPA cooperation and transparency, the EPA expects the states to respond in kind.

Although I don’t see a clear explanation of “a no surprises principle”, it appears that is based on communication between EPA regions and the states.

There may be other changes in the enforcement policy and I’d like to get clarification about much of the memo, but the only mention I could find of advance notice or no surprises were the two I noted above.

I’m not defending EPA or state agencies, I’ve always thought EPA and the states need to be more strict, not less, but regarding the topic of this article, does anyone else see where they actually say they are dropping surprise inspections?

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Earth first. All else second. i’ll repeat a previous post -
Humans and all the other superior species, are 100% dependent on the Earth and her systems for our existence
We cannot live for more than five or ten minutes without oxygen.
We will die quickly without pure water
And going without food for a short period of time will also destroy us.
In fact EVERYTHING that we need and dont need is made from the natural resources of the planet .
Show some GD gratitude often , for our benefactor and host ,Earth.


Interesting - I would call that ‘cronyism’ rather than ‘friendship’ - but ever since some fuckerberg sat on his branch and sawed it off the trunk and roots of human communication because ajackass saw a game called ‘play god’ - well, mammon doth protest sincere distinction when gluttony doth espy a shortage of grease.

How dumb can it get. That made me laugh. Thanx.

No one is allowed to tell the truth anymore- not journalists, not scientists… I expect they will force CD, Counterpoint, the Intercept et all to close down in a year or so for some crazed reason.

I was just banned from FB for three days for posting this:

“Trump and his sycophantic minions in the White House and Congress are only there because people voted them in. People wanted the garbage he is and was selling. Why? I know why. The American people, as a whole not individually of course, are the most greedy, racist, morally corrupt people in the world… you vote for people just like you. We did. Thanks to gerrymandering you can all see the results…congrats pigs. You got your hog in chief… hope you are enjoying wallowing in the filth and mud with your swine…”

Yet people threaten people of color’s lives on FB all the time. I report them consistently and they never are even removed let alone banned…
I know most of you are not on FB but if you are and want to repost my banned comment as your own please do…
I think our freedom of speech is going to end up being ended in a few short years… by whatever means necessary…


What the Republican Party is doing to America is beyond disgusting.

You’re right. FOS is already curtailed. Call me paranoid but june 13th instagram and vodafone were down. July 3rd fb/whatsapp/instagram were down. 11th july twitter was down. Could this be a precursor to controlling social media etc. I have the links if interested.

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Yes if you can post them I would be very interested to read them. Thanks wingsofadove

But all websites go down for maintenance periodically. Regular well-run websites are down for a total of about 5-10 hours per year. Major websites that attempt 24/7/365 uptime without downtime for any scheduled maintenance still average downtime of a couple hours per year due to human errors and cyber attacks.