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Glacier-Less National Park? Climate Change Melting Iconic Formations


Glacier-Less National Park? Climate Change Melting Iconic Formations

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Climate change is melting the glaciers in iconic Glacier National Park, according to scientists, who warn that the majestic natural formations could disappear entirely within our lifetime.

The park, which celebrated its 107th anniversary on Thursday, boasted 150 glaciers in the late 19th century; today, only 26 meet the 25-acre threshold to be considered glaciers.


Visited there in early June, 2015. Was sorely diappointed. Lake McDonald was warm enough to swim in for hours. Temperatures already exceeded 100 degrees and a forest fire raged just west of the park. Saw no glaciers.


I have a cabin on Lake McDonald and have been going to Glacier Park since 1968. I am astonished at the change I have seen even since having graduated from university in 1990. Mega fires have marred the landscape and the high alpine glaciers (those that are left) are a shadow of what they were just thirty years ago. Even winter wind storms are blowing down more and more trees (big ones). We're just loading too much heat into the Earth Climate System. Very sad (Sorry... sounded like "The Donald" there). We as the Human race are truly changing the face of our planet on a massive scale. The air doesn't even smell the same now when I visit the cabin. It used to be so fragrant. Do you suppose it has to do with the fact that we are at 410 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere? Or perhaps it's tied with "the great dying" that is occurring?


It was 1986 for me. The park ranger told us they were retreating at an accelerated historic pace. She didn't or couldn't answer, " why ". Probably didn't know. Very nice, thoughtful person, though.
I went back in 2002 and left the same day. Dismayed, I went into Canada, where the parks were in better condition than ours, but the glaciers were in no better shape.
" Oh, don't it always seem to go, you don't know what ya' got, 'til it's gone ". JM


And the DAPL in South Dakota sprung a leak today - getting close to Ogallala Aquifer folks !


April 4, and they're just now reporting it. :angry:


With the Trump ban on the words "climate change" or "global warming," I wonder what the park rangers would tell you now?


"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" JM Yes indeed!


I was at Glacier National Park as a child of 8 in 1963 and you could stop the car get out and cut a frozen block of snow that would last better in the icebox than factory ice. It was a stunning place with glaciers cut by the highway crews every year just so cars could get through. Truly disheartening and depressing.


Best comment yet on GNP. I was in the Colorado Rockies as a whippersnapper in 1957. OMFG! Did you ever do time in Ouray and Teluride, Co.? ( 1974 )
" Now, I don't know but I been told in the heat of the sun a man died of cold ..." The Rockies


More and more tourists go there now just to see how much the glaciers have disappeared. Climate change tourism. Went there in the late 60's (a long summer camping all over the northwest). Took my kids there in the early 90's ...seemed like a different place.

Same thing in Olympic Nat. Park! The ground was squishy wet and trees were overlaid with that gossamer fairy moss hanging from every limb. Took my kids there to show them the "forest straight out of a fairy tale" and the ground was barely moist if that and the air moss was dry and slight. Still a majestic old growth treasure but noticeably not like it was.

Go visit the once grand Stanislaus Nat. Forest go up on the famous highway overlook and see a clear cut from horizon to horizon.