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Glasgow Agreement, A Plan of Our Own

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/16/glasgow-agreement-plan-our-own

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As soon as globalism kicked into high gear I knew we were doomed. Shipping raw materials to cheap labor so that they may be shipped back as finished goods favors the bottom line, but not the triple bottom line. Greed is not good on a finite planet.

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I don’t see Greta’s name on that list ?

The only sustainable model is de-growth.

You can’t grow, grow, grow, the worlds economy on a finite planet.

Make thinks to last and share Everything.

Move from a Possessions and Power economy where everyone is taught to own their own copy of everything to a Use and Access model .
Cooperation and access to the stuff of Life.

All the resources of the world belong to all the worlds people .


The local Scottish groups of the World Socialist Movement will be present in Glasgow at the 2021 Cop 26 and we will be promoting a sustainable steady-state economy where capital accumulation ends, where the drive for profits ends, where the expansion of markets ends - where the capitalist system itself ends.


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Superb writing, and superb framework: Grassroots planning to address the pollution, the polluters, and the enablers, and to build the movement power necessary to implement the plan.

This should have been the strategy since the 1970s, but the web of corporate media, consumerism and the need for money hypnotized far too many. Perhaps the unleashing of the early phases of the cataclysm is finally catalyzing the commitments, the principles and the movements that we need.

Thanks to the fighters who drafted this, and i look forward to joining you in confronting capital and the state with the people power necesary to implement the pollution reduction steps.