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Glenn Greenwald Assaulted by Pro-Bolsonaro Journalist During Live Broadcast

Hey Chris Hayes, this kerfuffle is far from “horrifying.” What is truly horrifying is the US and UK governments slowly murdering Julian Assange and torturing Chelsea Manning while your network, MSNBC, says and does nothing in response. This old guy’s slap isn’t any where near as hurtful as your network’s assault on journalism through omission.



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Thank you for your reply and link.

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Pro-Bolsonaro Journalist? Glenn said that he appeared on a “far right wing” radio news tip show, but many journalists from Jovem Pan criticize Bolsonaro. Augusto Nunes lost the reason when he started the agression, but this news is very weird.

Some media are using headlines framing this assault as neutral, as if either could have been responsible. Sort of like when Israel massacres Palestinian civilians, and headlines say “a battle happened.”


Here Matt Taibbi calls out another misleading headline:


Agreed. I’ve written to him a couple of times to beg him to move his family and dogs outa there. He can fight fascism from anywhere, and he’s very little use to the good fight if he’s dead. (No, he never responded, but that’s ok. I’m glad this RWNJ didn’t injure him.)

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Nah, in this case, Greenwald is better for our planet and values if he’s fully alive and functional…not to mention his value to his and David’s kids.

Now, in the case of the Bielski brothers, I agree with your position.

Exactly my thoughts, but Glenn probably sees it differently.

Shanti, my guess is that the same hormones that made him try to hit the jerk again after the guys pulled them apart are part of what drives him to stay. Dunno about y’all, but I’m gonna keep writing to him; there are a couple of non-my-relative men whose demise would make part of my world utterly collapse, and Glenn is one of them.

Thanks for your reply.

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Hell! I could have written THAT statement! (-:

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Somehow I wiped out my own post. Aack! Being certifiably nuts has it’s downside. Sigh…


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