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Glenn Greenwald: Trump's DOJ Prosecuting WikiLeaksand Julian Assange Threatens Press Freedoms for All


Glenn Greenwald: Trump's DOJ Prosecuting WikiLeaksand Julian Assange Threatens Press Freedoms for All

Democracy Now!

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald responds to reports that the Trump administration has prepared an arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed the report at a news conference Thursday.



Should be telling, to all American Citizens, that the CIA considers an Organization that reveals the Truth, a "...Hostile intelligence Service."


Before the (s)election, I thought Trump was defending himself by quoting some info from Wikileaks. Didn't he do that? I'm remembering a quote where he did that. Seems no one in his 'friend' for long.




Every time I hear the name Pompe[i]o, I will now see a belching volcano spewing poisonous rhetoric that intends to suffocate civilization. It is becoming increasingly clear that the dissociative disorders of the institutions intended for governance are overwhelmingly poisoned by their own incestuous 'privileges' - totally removed from social responsibility. Why? because the system of PREDATORY CAPITALISM is DEAD IN THE WATER!

  • Strike down Citizens United
  • Break up banks
  • Separate community banks from investment banks
  • Reinstate Glass-Steagle
  • Ban Derivatives


Pompeo says Julian Assange not protected under the first amendment? What a pompous, fascist! This sounds to me like: first they came for Chelsea Manning; then Julian Assange; then, well you fill in the blank-------.


I suggest donating to Assange's legal defense...
I think it is on FundRazor..


I wonder if they will go after Chelsea Manning next/ maybe not double jeopardy...
but somehow manage to harass him, nonstop, on his release...
he also can use a few bucks for living expenses: on GoFundMe


It was obvious Pompeo was going to be a disaster, when one of his first acts in office was to present a medal to Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed bin Nayef for "counter-terrorism" work. The U.S. government is truly an out of control, pompous, terrorist regime.


i meant on HER release (Chelsea Manning)...sorry...& SHE can use a few bucks...


The CIA is a hostile criminal organization that operates with no accountability; one that always lies, destroys leaders of nation stares and their regimes, runs the drug trade, and countless other criminal acts. They will pressure the current weak administration to get their way by any means available including assassinations if necessary. They don't fool around. As much as one is inclined, or not, to agree with Assange he has a right to publish information, good or bad. You then can make your own conclusions. The independent media will continue to be attacked as 'fake news' or worse just to keep folks from being informed of real facts instead of corporate/government propaganda as in the old Soviet days of total censorship in that nation. The easiest way to attack free speech is the censor the internet; the tools are already in place and an attack or Congressional ruling is all that's needed to stifle information. These are tough times indeed, keep vigilant and scream at your representatives to stop attacks on our Constitution.


Capitalism is now in the death throes of it's demise. The trouble is they won't go easily and a great many lives will be lost in the not too distance collapse of the system. It's the direct reason Earth has been assaulted relentlessly and has reached her limits. Once exceeded, puny humans won't be able to halt the reset button and humans will join the ranks of the 95% of all species that have gone down the memory holes of geo-history.


Excellent reply!


Thanks, blue.....glad I decided to read through before I posted a correction to you; I was going to remind /request you to use feminine pronouns for Chelsea.