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Glenn Greenwald: Why Did ABC Ignore Roseanne Barr’s Hateful Tweets Against Arabs & Palestinians?


Glenn Greenwald: Why Did ABC Ignore Roseanne Barr’s Hateful Tweets Against Arabs & Palestinians?

Democracy Now!

On Tuesday ABC canceled its hit show “Roseanne”, after its star, Roseanne Barr, fired off a series of racist comments on Twitter. In one tweet, Roseanne wrote, “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” It was a reference to Valerie Jarrett, longtime adviser to President Obama, who’s African-American. Roseanne also accused billionaire George Soros, who’s Jewish, of being a Nazi collaborator and attacked Chelsea Clinton. The decision to cancel Roseanne was made by Channing Dungey, the first African-American president of a major TV network.


ABC saw $ signs with the star studded lineup that was there.

What ABC refused to see was the Hate that lived within the star, Roseanne Barr, and the total similarity she had with Trump in that whenever her mouth was open and she wasn’t reading from a prepared script, anything could come out.

I am sure ABC had a clause in her contract that cleared them of firing her if she put her size 9 foot in her mouth.


Roseanne Barr’s attempt to mainstream the poor, denigrated Trump supporter with a national, syndicated seat at the dinner table goes down in flames because she is too stupid and vile to be allowed that seat at the table. Sweet! Doesn’t change our predicament but, still, sweet!


Funny how Joy Reid said similar things about gay men and yet hosted a show about how awful Roseanne is.

Roseanne? She’s fucked up in the head and a Hollywood celebrity. Who cares?

The ice caps are melting.


The should do a show about climate change and how more people are living on the streets and refugee camps because of it.


I just wonder what ABC’s reaction would have been if Barr’s latest targets weren’t figures firmly ensconced in the Democratic firmament.


You don’t have to wonder. Roseanne has been saying crazy racist nonsense for years.


I agree that ABC must surely have known what a ticking bomb Barr was, but the ratings and money were too much to resist. I also think that ABC and Barr, herself, thought they could cash in on all the attention that Trump’s toxic commentary could draw. If it worked for him, why not them? Given how rapidly ABC dumped her, it’s likely they had a contingency plan in place when Barr would inevitably step over the line. At any rate, good riddance to a disgusting human being. She will not be missed. Of course, in this screwed up country, she may decide to run for office, now, and win.


Bob Iger doesn’t suffer fools. He also doesn’t have any difficulty with making command decisions. Roseanne Barr went a bridge too far and had to pay the fiddler for her blatantly racist comment. There are many lessons to be learned here, but make no mistake, green will always win out as the most important color in the scheme of things.



Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. She is perfect as a distraction. I expect people will begin to present her as a real candidate soon and all the mainstream media will focus entirely on her like they did Trump.

Meanwhile the ice caps are melting.


The quickness of Roseanne’s cancellation indicated that Rosy was on a very short leash, so I am pretty sure the network was aware of her past statements. I think Roseanne was genuinely revived out of nostalgia and Sara Gilbert played a large part in making it happen since she’s one of the show’s producers. Roseanne was given an opportunity and she blew it sky high but my thoughts go to the cast and crew who really believed in the show.

Glen Greenwald only smells blood in the water and wants to play the hypocrisy card when in reality it was tolerance that brought the show back in the first place.


Not a Roseanne fan but how does anyone expect to wring tolerance out of TeeVee show when the star is a known bigot and now a known racist? And, this has been an open secret in TeeVee land for some time, apparently.
Carroll O’Connor was Archie Bunker but in his private affairs was clearly a progressive in his political opinions. Even people who loathed Archie’s politics knew that, pretty much.
But, he was also an accomplished actor. I never liked Roseanne because she couldn’t act. She was herself in the show and, to me, kind of hard to watch or listen to.
What did ABC think they were getting besides a racist and a bigot?


Was the original Roseanne fakery?

Or does any association with Trump immediately poison the personality?


I wrote in my junior high year book in 1964 under pet peeves that the polar ice caps were melting, everyone went…what ? they didn’t get it then and they don’t get it now, they just don’t give a shit.


Funny though how reality is catching up and they will have to give a shit. But that’s why I get so upset this about this. I too read about this back in the 70s. So far the science has been pretty accurate, and the timetable has been precise.

So here we are. The habitat is collapsing and people are talking about a television celebrity.


Celebrity must always look for the limits to keep the spotlight on them. Unfortunately this means saying and doing anything. This poisons not only Trump supporters, but people on the Left as well. Say the most outrageous thing and then joke about it.

Then people say they are being edgy, or against the status quo, or against professionalism and experts, or against science and academics. Whatever. It’s all the same gig.


discover/skiendhiu –

The ExxonMobil $50 billion campaign to lie to the public about Global Warming –
carried on over a 50 year period – has never really ended.

The Global Warming model was introduced to the American public in 1957 –
Our scientists knew by the 1880’s the damage being done to Nature/Environment
by the Industrial Revolution.

By 2006, the Royal Academy of Science stepped in –

Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial …


Keep in mind that the ExxonMobil campaign of lies about Global Warming was
aided by the NY Times – an “establishment” newspaper – which allowed ExxonMobil
to use their Op-Ed pages to run their lies. Since the articles were called “ad-editorials”
by the NY Times no one would reply to them by any means.

Also recall that at that time, Rachel Carson/Silent Spring had also thrown a shock into
corporations who were polluting our environment and harming wild life. Wasn’t too long
before she was dead of cancer.
JFK, of course, was also taken from us along with our “people’s” government. “Earth Day” …
very quickly taken over by corporations.

Had the government begun to respond by STOPPING the burning of fossil fuels at that time,
we might have been in a fairly decent position by now. But Our Founders actually privatized
our government – giving control over our natural resources to Elite wealthy. And there the
control has remained. Add in “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” – a gift
from Christianity which underpins Elite Patriarchy and here we are.

Roseanne, as far as I’m aware, was a feminist and a liberal – I’m interested in finding
out what happened to her – and her brainpower. Is it the result of mental illness and
medications? Or is this the magical influence that Trump has over followers?

I’m not familiar with all of Roseanne’s original programs – but essentially I thought she
was pro-labor and supportive of inclusion for all Americans.

This is in front of our faces today – therefore people discuss it.

Global Warming continues to be hidden from the public –
Evidently our weather reporters have been folded into some government agency and
all of them were forced to sign GAG agreements where they don’t mention Global Warming
and they don’t mention geo-engineering/chemtrails.

PS: Just asked Accuweather why they no longer give info re the HUMIDITY?
What’s happened there?

I’ll tell you also, it’s almost impossible to introduce this subject to someone with young
children – it’s just heartbreaking.