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'Glimmer of Hope' as Minsk Talks Result in New Ukraine Cease Fire


'Glimmer of Hope' as Minsk Talks Result in New Ukraine Cease Fire

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following marathon overnight talks in Minsk, Belarus that began Wednesday, world leaders emerged near dawn to announce that a cease-fire agreement has been reached to at least temporarily stop the fighting in eastern Ukraine with stated hopes that a long-term political solution will follow.


If the points “diineated” by the Guardian are correct I am baffled that Putin would agree to these terms. I doubt that the separatists will accept them.


Whoops! Didn’t see THAT coming. Heads are going to roll at the CIA.

One of the things that make this agreement unworkable is the fact that Poroshenko has no more control over the right-wing militias fighting in the east than Obama has over the CIA.



“That news will come as welcome relief to those in the eastern region of the country…” And here I would have thought a ceasefire would come as a relief to all sides in this conflict, silly me. Now, thanks to CD we know it’s only the east that cares about such things even though I read on another website that the current Kiev government forces were in danger of being overrun in the east but I guess that wasn’t true.
Oh, but what about this sentence that omits almost everything of importance in this conflict, once you overlook or correct the obvious typo, "outsized roll played by the U.S. in backing the Kiev government… " See I thought that the US government’s role was that they actually overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine, but guess that must have been an error as well.


The ‘bulleted’ points of the cease fire negotiations say nothing about the humanitarian crisis people in either the eastern region or elsewhere are experiencing. The narrative and presumably actual conditions reflects the callousness of dominant media inflection. That is to say it reflects a partial reality that also gives a pass to the pressures obviously behind the original $15 B so infamously celebrated by Victoria Nuland.
We have seen the phrase ‘banality of evil’ at various times in reference to capitalization mandates of globalization and the situations fomented in homes, lands and biomes, communities and regions, but rarely is the callousness of the banality laid out for what it is in a timely manner. The murky muddying of institutionalized secrecy that begets intensification of more of the same. Feeding off the imposed ignorance so necessary for the celebrated ‘trickle down’ dynamics of fatally flawed theories of capitalization economics with very real consequences poisoning the capacity for healthy functioning of human societies in equilibrium with this exquisite planet and the absolutely essential nature of diversity.
The imposed ignorance epitomized by our current situation arising from this late stage imposition of Homo dementia dementia (a dementia incapable of recognizing its dementia) as opposed to homo sapiens sapiens ( a consciousness of consciousness).


Though many people will be happy to hear that a ceasefire has been arranged, the U.S. will not. Peace is the only option that the U.S. cannot tolerate as this will seriously undermine corporate interests in the country. The influx of U.S. weaponry into the Ukraine, despite everyone elses desire to keep the Ukraine free of weapons, should be enough to sabotage any hope of a cease fire. It should come as no surprise to anyone as well that the U.S. did not participate in the peace negotiations in Minsk. Instead the CIA, NED and most of the hawkish politicians in the U.S. were too busy trying to figure out how to perpetuate the blood letting in the eastern part of the Ukraine. The optimism in Minsk is over-rated and I’m sure that Putin knows this. Time will tell.


Old Goat: This is an interesting “list” that the Russians have drawn up – a link to the PDF of this “white book” is here:



I can’t believe some of the comments here - does the CD readership want war to continue?

This peace agreement was achieved thanks to the USA being told to butt out - which gave Russia the space to prove they want no war, have no expansionist ambitions, and only want security of a critical border. It sends a very important message to the world about the need to marginalize the USA so this is a significant achievement. The agreement provided for decentralization of - i.e. autonomy in the manner of US states or Canadian provinces - which is all that the people of the southeast regions were asking for. The armed Donetsk rebels - contrary to their “people’s republic” and nostalgia for the Soviet days shtick, were neither men of the people nor socialists - they are gangsters and fascists. And the indiscriminate bombardment of Donnesk is a crime too. There are no good guys in this conflict - it simply need to end, and then some space will arise for good guys to organize. The threat of the hard right ruling in Kiev has largely subsided. It will now be up to the Ukrainian people to organize against the future impacts of neoliberal policies coming their way. Due to the degree of economic corruption and impoverishment under the past government, most Ukranians rather like the current government - for now.

For a good dispassionate summary of the situation - with pointed words to would be-supporters in the west - from a Ukrainian group that has unquestionable left-credentials - the Anarcho Sindicalist AWU go here - please read it:


Edit - this truce refers to the failed fall truce - not the current one.


Note: this article was written in October and refers to the failed fall truce…


It is still only a glimmer of hope. Not having the USA present at talks might have allowed a hopefull propasition, but gives the USA zero obligation to honour it. Will the USA actualy butt out? It seems so unlikely.

Are USA politicians actually going to sit down and eat humble pie while events in the Ukraine pass them by? Will a ceasefire without the USA be sufficiently flattering to the patriotism of the USA media and government? In what way does this make the USA as heroes, and how will they resist playing the heroes?

The USA has invested billions of dollars creating and driving the conflict so far, and could arguably be seen as the biggest player. Will they just say goodbye to dollars already spent? What makes you think that they wont seek to undermine any peace? Is any peace agreement that leaves current borders in place actually favorable to the goals that have driven USA actions so far?

What were the goals of the overthrow of the original elected government? What are the goals of the artificial lowering of global oil prices. If targetting Russia is the actual goal, what use is peace for the USA.

The USA has already voted to ship weaponry. What will become of this?


i bet this was helped along with the $40 billion international bailout package.


Just as Putin became an enemy for preventing the US invasion of Syria, so Merkel will be on the endangered list along with Hollande for stopping the US made war in Ukraine. They had both better watch their backs. If the US decides to go ahead and throw gasoline on the fire in ukraine, it will be doing it by itself. It will get no help either from NATO or the EU, although a couple of overly Russiaphobic nations such as Poland and Lithuania might break ranks to assist.


What 40 billion? Ukraine will be lucky to see 40 million of it, its not about bailing out Ukraine its about oil and gas and the opportunity to get Russia caged in from all sides


As long as Poroshenko remains a right- wing puppet of the U.S.; agreement is bogus; you can be sure of that!


The US was not only a cheerleader and party to the overthrow of the prior president, but the agent provocateur in urging Ukraine to join NATO. Western Ukrainians must understand that Russia will not allow Ukraine to join NATO without a fight. The absence of the US at the cease-fire talks was a good thing. Its policy towards Russia is wrong-headed. Best to let the Euros lead the way to a resolution of this matter. Ukraine could emphasize its commitment to the cease-fire by politely refusing the US offer of weapons.