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Global Alarm as Trump CDC Plans to 'Dramatically' Slash Epidemic Prevention


Global Alarm as Trump CDC Plans to 'Dramatically' Slash Epidemic Prevention

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Global health experts and Democratic lawmakers are raising alarm about a plan by the nation's top public health agency to "dramatically" scale back its efforts to combat outbreaks of infectious diseases abroad due to uncertainty over future funding from the Republican-controlled Congress and the Trump administration.


what should we call trump as he goes about destroying our safety nets? how many programs cut for the wealthy? as americans is it time to take to the streets or have we not had enough yet? are there so many that are blind? we can be called sheep now for the wolves have us at the edge.


From the article:

“…countries where the CDC is planning to scale back include some of the world’s hot spots for emerging infectious disease, such as China, Pakistan, Haiti, Rwanda, and Congo.”

The last four on that list seem to qualify for assistance, but I had no idea that US taxpayers were funding balance-of-trade world champion China—WTF?


Ever heard of bird flu - which is the source of deadly flu pandemics that can kill tens of millions? The US is not “funding China”, it is providing scientific assistance and expertise. Nations and borders are imaginary human boundaries that viruses do not recognize.


Could our retarded dotard please be the first one to catch one of these diseases??? :hugs::hugs::hugs::yum::yum::yum::thinking:


Considering the number of containers, full of all kinds of stuff from China, it is in our best interest to cooperate with China on the prevention, detection and control of epidemics.

Otherwise, a shopper at Wal-Mart might come home with something that was not on their shopping list.


Some day, as if when millions are dropping like the proverbial flies, these lawmakers will see that tax cuts for their rich buddies wasn’t such a good idea after all. Especially poignant would be if their own families were affected by some pathogenic outbreak killing their children. They will cut vital programs to pay for the tax scam as now, with less money being collected every month, they will feel the pinch as soon as the end of February. This will be just the start of the long slide down the dark path of no return. Sad.


The foxes guarding the big henhouses are feasting on the already scrawny hens. A few foxes will be so fat as to be immobile. The other 90% of the hens go by way of the dinosaur.


No need to be condescending, I’ve heard of bird flu and I know the nature of borders. What I don’t understand is why we hard-pressed taxpayers, saddled with a national debt of $20 trillion, are providing “scientific assistance and expertise” to a nation awash in consumer trade surplus. Are the Chinese so busy making plastic crap for Wal-Mart that they can’t train their own MDs and researchers?


In the words borrowed from a Kris Kristofferson song…“It’s over…Nobody wins.”