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Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture: Solution or Mirage?


Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture: Solution or Mirage?

Rashmi Mistry

In Paris later this year, global leaders will meet at the Conference of Parties to thrash out a deal to reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and to find a solution to the pressing financial needs of billions of people, smallholder women farmers among them, on the frontline in the fight to adapt to climate change.

One of the solutions put forward to address these challenges is the concept of ‘climate smart agriculture’ – but what is it? And should we be worried?


Third point on the initiative:
Support the scaling up of agro-ecology, which will truly modernize agriculture by improving the sustainability of farming systems, while putting farmers in the driving seat of the innovation process.
What does truly modernize mean? Agriculture ideally works in harmony with the wider world. Once that is understood, sustainability is taken care of. And what is this innovation process? The innovation we need is in the mind - not on the land.


There's one glaring problem with getting the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture to promote agroecology as an alternative to industrial agriculture: agroecological farming makes farmers independent of the chemical fertilizers and the pesticides that corporations produce.

As GACSA is funded by corporations and western governments that promote corporate agendas, asking GACSA to adopt agroecology is like asking Monsanto to promote organic agriculture. Not gonna happen.


This article is absurd. Not a single word about cutting back on meat consumption. And climate scientists now say that the animal agriculture industry contributes more than half of all greenhouse gases, not a mere 25%. The never-ending refusal to discuss the problem with meat production and consumption is quite sickening.


The modern world runs as much on the ready flow of capital as it does on fossil fuels. That means those interests with access to tons of capital are positioned to purchase the best minds when it comes to P.R., psychological forms of propaganda, and media access.

The same types of minds that came up with things like "No child left behind," or "The Obama health care plan," or "Healthy Forest Initiative," drew up this idea of a Global Alliance for Smart Agriculture.

No Child Left Behind created an entrance for the big standardized testing corps. With the "evidence" then gathered, "failing schools" could be closed down. Enter a fiscal buffet for disaster capitalists.

The Obama health care plan is, as many recognize, a ridiculous payoff to insurance companies as if these sociopathic organizations have any right to stand between a patient and their access to genuine health CARE.

The Healthy Forest Initiative created a pretext for cutting down priceless hard wood under the guise of wisely managing forests.

With chemical and fertilizer and gen. tech companies running this alliance, it's just another consortium of special interests. Just as U.S. military forces wreck countries and seldom put the pieces back together, these corporations destroy the natural world under the guise of saving lives and feeding the hungry.

As Vandana Shiva and others teach: women peasant farmers know how to restore the earth's soils through wise farming practices. Their contribution can help to offset global warming.

The problem is that it's Big Money that's been running the agenda and it mostly uses its influence to push its own preferred policies dressed up by extensive, audience tested green-washing and other PR tactics.