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Global Cheetah Population 'Crashing,' Raising Risk of Species Extinction


Global Cheetah Population 'Crashing,' Raising Risk of Species Extinction

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The cheetah "could soon be lost forever," with a new study showing their numbers "crashing globally" as a result of habitat loss and fragmentation, illegal poaching, and other human-caused threats.


Maybe, just maybe, Trump's team will be able, like kids in kindergarten, to 'connect the dots' to human extinction within one generation with so many animal and plant species that have or are in the process of going extinct. Not likely as far too few even educated people are really aware of the dire straits the human race is in - right now! With rapid climate change now upon us, I believe that in 5 years everyone will realize, too late, our predicament and an all out effort will begin to try and save humans - 50 years too late....
LIve like there's no tomorrow...


Excellent post. So few seem able to comprehend what is actually happening on Earth, or why. We need to live in harmony with Earth's living systems. We need ecology, not economics, or finance, or "employment," or "profit."

What does it profit us, to "earn a living," only to die with the murdered Earth?

We need to live by the three ethics of Permaculture:
-- Care for the Earth;
-- Care for the People;
-- Fair Share for All.


Another tragic story about species depletion.

Ah but family planning and resource distribution be damned. Why should leadership bother doing anything decent this late in the game.


Nowhere to run, no matter how fast you are


Unless we change the mind
set from Homo Narcissus
to Sapiens, nothing will be done
until there's only us

We'll know then we were
all connected and be



He may not have actually said this, but there's a quote that's been attributed to Chief Seattle, that once the Europeans have killed all the animals, man too will then die "from great loneliness of spirit."

He may not have said it, but it's true.


Even if climate change did not exist, an environment unfit for sustaining other species will eventually be unfit for sustaining homo sapiens...its not if, but when. Can any of you CD readers tell me if there are any negatives to the extinction of homo sapiens ?


A paper a few years ago claimed that five thousand (5,000) was the magic number for species survival. Below that - the risk of extinction rose dramatically.

The cheetahs are close to that number, if the reports are accurate.

At the international level, a committee similar to the UN one on climate change is being set up - this new one on biodiversity - science jargon for the Sixth Extinction Event now underway.

In Cambridge, UK, the Center for Existential Risk is already up and running.

If we make it - it is going to be a close thing.


It's good to be worried about cheetahs, but aren't you also worried about our own species? After all, it IS headed for extinction!


Why save humans? There are too many of us already.


Most humans promote war, do not care about species and just keep on populating


I imagine the Trumps will be sad to know that they are not responsible for eliminating all animals.


Hey all those unborn human bebahs will keep them company.


I can't.


Ah but all those rights of the unborn from the religious zealots who also hate animals and the environment will save them