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Global Civil Society Urges WTO Members to Abandon Digital Trade Talks


Global Civil Society Urges WTO Members to Abandon Digital Trade Talks

Deborah James

On Monday of this week, 315 civil society organizations (CSOs)—including global union federations, development advocates, consumer organizations, and environmental groupsfrom more than 90 countries delivered a letter (available in English,



It is the same old story of the extractive legacy hegemon. It believes that the discoveries and innovations, coming from the sheer diversity of human genius and creativity, are some form of feudal property to which it is ‘laird’, simply by dint of its power.
The hegemon also knows that it must undertake the extraction by a third party concept so as to pump its now increasingly implausible deniability.
Damn, the knuckle dragging twittery of it all becomes so nauseating.



It never ceases to amaze me how wealth (and the power that comes from it) transforms the humans that hold it into something alien, cut off from compassion or empathy entirely - even up to their own families. There is no sense of caring for the planet or the people on it when these types of agreements are drawn up. The people who will be effected by these deals are never asked how they feel, or what they need, and instead we must rely upon the good graces and actions of collective efforts of organizations that will most likely be ignored anyway - after all, are they shareholders?

Sure hope this proposed agreement crashes & burns.

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