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Global Climate Funds Targeted by Trump Team's Latest Questionnaire


Global Climate Funds Targeted by Trump Team's Latest Questionnaire

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Portending doom for U.S. involvement in critical international climate programs, President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is reportedly probing how much the U.S. State Department spends on efforts to fight global warming.


The trump regime is set-up to destroy any environmental protections, whether they be to attempt to slow run-away MMGW, future/current or past corporate pollution and "clean-up" efforts, limit oil/gas extraction in sensitive areas, end animal welfare/slaughters, habitat loss/destruction, "development" and/or pollution in critical aquifer recharge areas, and on and on.

The trump regime is gearing-up for the dismantling of far-over half a century of common sense, bi-partisan, environmental protections/conservation/regulation to serve greed and profits above all else; exploiting public resources, people, clean air and water, protecting animals in danger of extinction or depraved slaughter for private profits and/or ego and much more - anything and everything their depraved minds can think up - hey, its party-time for "conservatives"!.

What the frell is "conservative" about despoiling, polluting, killing, extolling/promoting scientific ignorance, and all the other actual evil and disregard for almost everything except greed and profits, this hideous creature and his crony's/minions represent??

The trump regime and its extremist vision of life on Earth is a clear and present danger to all life on Earth!


But, but, but I thought the US Military has said that Climate Change is a major threat to US National Interests and Security. How can this most militarized of cabinets ignore that?

What's that you say? The military has been ignoring this all along and you say the US Military is the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions?

Oh well, never mind.


It's all over folks!

Non-violent protest will either be ignored or met with violence. Amed resistance will be suicide applied using the trillions citizens have given our Government to murder us.