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Global Climate March 2015: Millions Take to Streets


Global Climate March 2015: Millions Take to Streets

- Common Dreams staff


Millions of of people are joining in one of the biggest global days of climate change activism ever on Sunday, at more than 2,500 events all around the globe, using people power to put pressure on world leaders to unite in fighting global warming at the COP21 summit opening in Paris on Monday.

Over 20,000 pairs of shoes were laid out in the Place de la Republique in Paris to symbolize absent marchers after France banned Sunday's march that was meant to be at the heart of the global action.


With thousands of climate change events around the globe why does the author not mention any marches in the USA, or do they not exist?


Will be out on the streets in North Carolina.

Does anyone know of good websites for current up-to-the-moment news on what is happening in Paris?


I'll bet there are many, maybe just have not started yet.


Shoes, what a great idea!


Live update of events from The Guardian

short video from Avaaz on the pairs of shoes

Have you signed up to march today? Can find event or set one up -- go to 350.org


There are hundreds in the USA.

Go here, put in your zip code to find the one nearest to you:

I'm headed out to mine now.

Hopefully, we'll see you there.


Actually, the site works better if you put in your city name.


Recent post by James Hansen on ways to combat carbon by way of carbon tax on sources.

Points out that leaders had egg on face from 2008 climate conference so they will put out a good face this time that they have done something, but expect it to be propaganda relative to what is needed

Obama may have done more than any other US president, but Hansen says

A prelude of Paris deceit is shown by Chart 3, a press conference with John Podesta, once czar of Obama’s climate policy, and Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz. They express optimism on the Paris summit, citing an agreement of the U.S. and China to work together to develop carbon capture and storage (CCS). That spin is so gross, it is best described as unadulterated 100% pure bullshit.

Isolation of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Part 1

I recommend the 8 page post


How convenient for the 1%, the Boards of Directors and C-level employees of the war corporations, the surveillance corporations and the fossil fuel corporations.

Right after the Paris attacks, their share prices skyrocketed and they also got rid of the pesky non-violent dissent.

Meanwhile those most responsible for the disaster get to put on a little show meeting behind closed doors where nothing will be accomplished to actually solve this problem, while the people most affected get no voice at all.

We're past the point where our government has lost all relevance and all validity. It only serves the very rich and the rest of us are cast aside to die.

Hopefully I will see all of the armchair, point-and-click activists who comment here regularly actually go out onto the street today.


Vichy France with a Corporate-owned government has no democracy anymore, probably due to a False-Flag terrorism event timed right before the climate conference there.

The empty shoes are classic!

Even right-wing Australia allows protests in their streets. It's a virtual police state too, but the Auzzies are to be commended for marching anyway. In the USSA, peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protesters have been classified by the FBI as "domestic terrorists".

Are we even free anymore in the USA at all? Apparently only to shop or slave at two terrible jobs to keep from becoming homeless.

What a world! One thing's for sure: Suicidal Wall Street will sell itself the rope that will eventually hang it.


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I went to a local protest yesterday. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy but quite a few people showed up. I think the Paris conference will be successful if that means essentially all nations will agree to work together on this issue but I don't expect a legally binding agreement to reduce emissions nor voluntary pledges to add to staying under 2C. Overall, the situation is very disappointing but clearly hopes for much more 20 years ago were unrealistic. We have found that the reality is that countries cannot cannot agree on a solution even in the face who almost certain disaster.


The Pope Says that Climate Change is a Moral Issue.....Moral: Defined as....concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.
NOT FAR ENOUGH Pope. Climate Change is an Issue of Human Survival; an issue of the survivability of Human Civilization...A matter of life and death, not a moral issue , but a Survival Issue for humanity.
By positioning this as a moral issue leads one to Inaction and Complacency. Climate Change threatens our Ecological Support Systems which support humanity and human civilization...


I joined in the local march but there were very few people, maybe a few hundred at best. It was not well publicized and lots of opportunities to do outreach were lost. So disappointing but I did meet several committed activists and one person I already knew so that was good. I put a small report on my blog to show a bit of it. All we can do is our best and show up when we are needed. And no, I didn't take a selfie in the march. If you want to visit the blog it is: hksounds.wordpress.com


I think unfortunately what protesters can achieve is quite limited at this point. Ideally, we need a global cap on emissions to stay under 2C (and preferably much lower) and for the countries to fairly divide up the amount of total emissions including historical emissions and future emissions. Unfortunately it is too late for that now. The quotas for many developed countries would be too small or perhaps zero in the case of the US because of their historical emissions. Therefore, rather than endlessly arguing about achieving justice under a global caps of emissions it has been decided to ask countries to do what they can. There will be no cap to stay under 2C and there will be no justice except for some transfer of money. But at least it is better than continuing to argue and getting nowhere while heading down the the business-as-usual path. But still, some sort of widespread extremely serious disaster now seems all but unavoidable to me.


We must do both. The more success we have at reducing emissions the less adaptation would be needed.


I participated in a local gathering yesterday in Norfolk, VA -- with about 60 other people. Sadly, a small turnout given our local vulnerability.


James Hansen has a pretty good approach.

Establish a fossil fuel fee, which will rise on a year to year basis. Take that money and give it directly back to the people on a per-capita basis. That way people who find ways to cut back on their use of fossil fuels will profit.

Here are a couple of good discussions by him: