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Global Climate Movement Celebrates as Ireland Set to Become First Country to Fully Divest From Fossil Fuels


Global Climate Movement Celebrates as Ireland Set to Become First Country to Fully Divest From Fossil Fuels

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Climate activists across the globe celebrated Thursday after the lower house of the Irish legislature passed a divestment bill with support from all parties, effectively ensuring that Ireland will become the first nation in the world to fully divest public money from the fossil fuel industry.


From the article:

“…mandates that the €8.9 billion ($10.4 billion) Ireland Strategic Investment Fund divest all investments in coal, oil, peat, and gas “as soon as practicable” but within five years, and bars future investments in the industry.”

Coal, oil and gas I understand and agree with, but had no idea that peat was a problem. Fossil fuel companies are notorious bullies and buncombe artists, but I had always assumed that cutting turf was a cottage industry with minimal negative externalities and little to no potential return on investment. Does anybody care to further my education on this subject?


It’s great Ireland is divesting from fossil fuels. Ireland used to be far behind & now it’s far ahead.


The whole world celebrates Ireland.


Hail to the “Blarney Stone.”


Peat does not renew quickly, so use destroys or depletes the resource. It is therefore essentially an extractive process, like mining in general, and impoverishes the ecology whence it is extracted.

Transport, handling, and use beyond that would account for other problems, be they greater or lesser. If you’re using it in a garden, at least the carbon involved returns to soil. If you’re burning it, that’s carbon into the air.

Any mining extracts. Any process that creates usable energy by burning carbon sources returns carbon to the air. Nuclear energy involves extractive mining plus other enormous problems. But it is possible to grow, harvest, and thereby renew one’s energy–just not at the levels that humans have gotten used to this past century or so.


Thanks for your reply, but it doesn’t explain the economics of peat. The article is about Ireland divesting its sovereign wealth fund from fossil fuels including peat. Are there peat conglomerates and peat pipelines, for example?


Whacking the religious hegemony, rubbing it in with the abortion vote, now divesting from fossil fuels, If they will now adopt BDS as national policy, I will have to move there. Will have to move somewhere soon anywhere; I find fascism, accompanied by either via plutocracy or theocracy, not to my liking.


Well, i am stocking up on Guinness and Jamesons this weekend.
Perhaps if i can get enough people drunk we will be able to declare this St Patrick’s weekend. Worth a shot at any rate.


This is public divestment of funds. I do believe Scotland, Portugal and Costa Rica are now completely energized by sustainable energy. In Scotland’s case the offshore wind fields are producing more than can be utilized and they’re selling it. These are world models but the impetus is the banks, hence divestment. It seems our world won’t survive without the aid of global methane and carbon dioxide digesters which have been created. Perhaps intelligence can save us from ourselves. I wouldn’t bet on it but this is certainly great news when great news is scarce. Trump is a tumor. We need a Trumpectomy yesterday. peace.


Obviously the oil companies are untouchable while destroying the environment and responsible for fueling never ending wars, backing death and destruction across the Earth as the top scourge on mankind.


I was a kid in Ft.Lauderdale, East Coast Florida, about fifty years ago,when some brainy real estate enthusiasts decided to drain the Everglades swamps for land. There the rich black top layer of soil is called muck. It began to burn, and rained ashes all the way over on the East Coast.Carbon-rich soil floats carbon in the air, I guess!
In my own neighborhood there was a low area which I guess had been swampy for a long time. One day it started burning. It burned , just smoking for about a week. I think it can auto-combust. And yes, smoky.


I’m in a hot place this month. I am aghast at seeing the millions of folks who are glued in their homes with AC on full blast. Stores leave the doors open with the AC to attract people walking by.
Other movements?
We must cut demand, too, not just supply.
1)Must must must force new energy methods.
2)Consider depopulating areas rather than just installing AC. Migrate to cold.
3)Reduce excess packaging.
4) Reduce new building, and promote remodel and restore.
5)Must rethink cities to minimize transport.
6) Stop icebreaking, microwave from satellites, all high buzzing!
7) Promote working from home.


Your first sentence brings up an interesting point. I believe one of the biggest reasons that humanity seems to have its collective head up its ass when it comes to recognizing the threat of global warming is because record numbers of us now live more sedentary lives inside climate controlled buildings.


I applaud Ireland, but too many countries are still tied to big oil. Had this been done by most countries 20 years ago, we may have been able to stop the Climate Catastrphe we created. We have already reached the tipping point and nothing we can do to stop it. We are too late!


I do believe Scotland, Portugal and Costa Rica are now completely energized by sustainable energy. In Scotland’s case the offshore wind fields are producing more than can be utilized and they’re selling it.

Great news – WOW – !!

My sister in Ireland reports that they have had a drought – that they’ve had heat enough to buckle their pavement – and that right now Ireland seen from the air is BROWN.

My sister in California reports they once again have temps over 100 in her area - Atwater.


Perhaps, but I find that going from air conditioned (often over air conditioned) buildings to the outside actually emphasizes the heat. Maybe that’s just me.

When I lived in Atlanta in the 80’s I was kind of annoyed at the homes around me that had air conditioning.
People had put noisy boxes outside their homes that were pumping even more heat into the neighborhood. Over 1/2 of the neighborhood houses weren’t air conditioned and we survived. This was in town too, mostly single family but pretty high density, not out in the countryside. We lived in apartments as well that weren’t air conditioned.

It’s nice but you can live without it even the elderly and sick. We never heard of anyone dying from the heat at home when I was growing up.

You want real change? Want save energy? Work to outlaw residential air conditioning. Surely the Green party will make that part of their platform.


Ireland used to be far behind? According to who’s metrics? Surely, not mine.
Just some friendly food for thought.


I also believe that intelligence can save us and the world from ourselves. its for that reason I believe that we can use our intelligence to develop insects as a sustainable protein source for human diets. Not that it should or would be our sole protein source. We’ve got knowledge and technology developed to where I believe we can learn how to produce insects on a large scale for human consumption. I’ve begun buying and using dried insects myself - and they are delicious. I was attracted to it because I wanted to find a shelf-stable protein source that doesn’t need much cooking and insects fits the bill very well. I just throw a handful of insects into my corn grits or rice or whatever other grain I’m cooking and dinner is served! How much more convenient can you get?


Wherever it actually helps. Can’t just be feel good measures.

Really? Forced relocation of populations? Mao would be so proud.

Agree, agree and agree. I read an article today that said that packaging accounts for perhaps a 1/3 of solid waste in the U.S.

Removal of old buildings and rebuilding can be a lot better. I tore down a poorly built old house 13 years ago and built one at least twice as large for my family. My MN winter gas bill (heat, hot water, cooking) averaged a 1/3 to a 1/4 that of my neighbors who had homes built in the 80’s. Modern tech can be wildly energy efficient if used properly. Some houses are good candidates for energy efficient remodeling but many aren’t.

Good idea but I’d have to see the plans.


I agree completely that work-from-home should be used where possible but it only works for some information centric jobs. I’m a programmer and work from home. It serves no purpose at all for me to commute anywhere.

However, most any job that actually does things in meat space benefits from centralization of the work place. I used to work in manufacturing and you can’t put a steel fabrication plant in the back yard.