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Global Climate Movement: Darkest Before the Dawn

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/26/global-climate-movement-darkest-dawn

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Roy’s absolutely correct - it’s up to all of us!!

I hope the author’s enthusiasm is right. To me I feel the only light at the end of this dark tunnel is the light from nuclear bombs being dropped.

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I remain agnostic on the reality of MANKIND-CAUSED Climate Change. I read both sides which accuse each other of lying and manipulating the facts. This court case
https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-08-26-climate-change-hoax-collapses-as-michael-mann-bogus-hockey-stick-graph.html is a blow to the man-caused CC side of the equation. Is CC a “Hitler Big Lie” to usher in totalitarian government dominating every aspect of our lives? I don’t really know but there are tons of money involved in this question going in a lot of different directions so “following the money” is pretty difficult. CC is primarily a scientific question that has to do with “facts” and not things like “consensus”. If CC is a fact, why should there be such a political party division on a “fact?” America is a corporatocracy, a “moneyocracy,” and not a democracy and most of the “news” comes from corporate shills so I am even skeptical of my own opinion. Question Authority – Always! Gopherit

From ProPublica:

The sudden appearance of millions of people in the streets of Hong Kong in defense of democracy is a glimpse of the billions that will fill the streets in the coming years to demand and achieve effective and swift climate change action and climate justice for all.

On that issue, at least, you are utterly misinformed: The protests in Hong Kong are all about perpetuating climate-destroying capitalism, not democracy (which Hong Kong has never known): https://popularresistance.org/hong-kong-in-the-crosshairs-of-global-power-and-ideological-struggles/

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In retrospect, we will say it was darkest before the dawn of a climate movement with unprecedented numbers and Gandhian persistence in demanding and accomplishing healing change.

It has to be said from now on: some things cannot be, will never be healed. The most important one of those things is the Arctic icecap, which is mortally wounded in 2019. It’s a cap that holds Earth climate system together. After it’s removed, there’s no telling… nobody can authoritatively assure you of any climate security after the icecap is gone.

So can it be saved? No. Can it be restored, healed, simulated, hacked, or forced not to go away? No. There’s just too damn much heat in the water, dissolving the icecap from below as we speak. Some observers say they’ve never seen the ice looking this bad. This picture of the icecap today is getting scary: an enormous wedge of very thin slush is open from the Laptev bite across the Pole to the Nares straight, splitting the whole icecap in two. I mean, this is a climate “Oh, shit!” moment, people, even if virtually nobody is awake to it yet.

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M$M is for the Hong Kong protests and frankly that is all I need to know for which side not to trust.

If only there were global unity for the consumer to vote with their “pocketbook” ie stop buy products which are known to be some of the worst degraders of our planets such as palm oils which uses “slash and burn” practice to clear land to plant palm trees. Second news regarding CAFOs has resulted in a decrease in meat consumers. Neither examples have made much difference but it is a start. Voting with “pocketbooks” can be more effective that mass rallies not that they don’t have their place in the equation. Besides, “The relentless pressure from below” will only be as non-violent as the Police State of every country allows.