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Global Coalition Issues Liability 'Roadmap' to Make Big Corporate Polluters Pay for Planetary Harm

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/global-coalition-issues-liability-roadmap-make-big-corporate-polluters-pay-planetary


And, as I have proposed before, after all the best of intentions and court sanctions against these mega multinational corporations, what if they say no?
They have most of the worlds major politicians and their law enforcement apparatus in their pockets. What happens when they say no, we’re not paying any fines.
Are we willing to do what needs to be done?


We may have to storm the mansions behind the locked gates to get our money.

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since the big polluters have exhibited such destructive behavior in their pursuit of profit at any cost as long as their bottom line is fed–they used their institutions and massive wealth to lie repeatedly to the people of the world promoting a business scheme they KNEW(for at least 50 years–I know this because I was aware of the damage the were causing since helping organize the first Earth Day in 1970) would result in the damage that is now easy to see in every part of our planet-bribed politicians to do their bidding(think huge subsidies going to some of the wealthiest corporations in the world)-the degradation of our ecosystems that put the lives if every living thing in jeopardy of the extinction-is causing the deaths of people AT THIS VERY MOMENT in our country( how many dead from the wild fires in CA-WA-and OR just in the last few days) and around the world-putting even the production of our food supply at risk----I submit that these corporations , their political supporters, and the media that provides the propaganda they use to lie to the people are all culpable in these acts of criminal insanity(doing something you know will result in the degradation of our planets ecosystems is an act of supreme insanity as it puts even their own existence at risk) and should be held liable for the damage they have and are now causing

therefor I propose we take away the assets of the corporations doing the harm-dismantling the polluting infrastructures–confiscate their capital to use for the mitigation of the damage-indict ,put on trial , and then jail the people who oversaw the destruction of our environment (the corporate leadership-the politicians who have/are supporting their activities and the media that has done so much damage with their propaganda and failure to do their journalistic jobs of reporting the truth)-

-it is time to hold the criminals who think it is okay to destroy the world for their profits liable for their crimes and make no mistake–all those entities listed are doing what they do FOR THE MONEY- knowing of the consequences of their actions-but went ahead and did it anyway

It seems like we have trouble realizing how much trouble polluting causes until the deed is done.
Tobacco, Roundup, Agent Orange, smog, etc., etc., etc.

Biden will fight against making corporations liable for planetary harm.

I wish a movement by the left to force Biden to be tested for dementia would take hold. Just showing video tape of his debate performances would be proof. I couldn’t understand what he was saying…he’d jump from idea to idea without finishing. Plus, he needs to be drug tested because in his last debates he seemed more normal.

Bernie (or another true progressive) needs to be the candidate. The world is on fire.

Brilliant, brilliant article by Mr. Chris Hedges. The kind that stays with you forever.


How are taxpayers both currently and historically paying for climate change in ways that fossil fuel companies aren’t?