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Global Condemnation After Journalist Who Blamed Trump for Duterte's Attacks on Free Press Arrested in Philippines


Global Condemnation After Journalist Who Blamed Trump for Duterte's Attacks on Free Press Arrested in Philippines

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Just a few months after directly blaming U.S. President Donald Trump for fueling crackdowns on the press in her country, award-winning Filipina journalist Maria Ressa—a long-time critic of the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte—was arrested Wednesday for what reporters and media advocates around the world denounced as "trumped-up and politically-motivated" libel charges designed to intimidate and silence Ressa and her colleagues.


The day that we all are witness to the indictment and arrest of Donald Trump for the numerous felonies and treason he has committed, will be a day to rejoice.

It must also be the day when Congress is put on notice of a crackdown on government corruption by elected officials, subjecting them to severe penalties and prison terms for the abuse of power that has become prevalent in this two-party monopoly form of mis- representation.


This is another offshoot of trumps admiration for rigid violence-prone dictators and/or right-wing neo-fascists…a group he seeks to emulate. Dutuerte is an admitted murderer of many in his rule of self-righteous violence.

The lauding of such state violence, press repression, oppression of minorities, the poor, and at-risk communities by trump & co are malignant, metastasizing to other nations that have leaders who want to emulate the worst traits of human beings. The sooner trump and his crime family and cabinet of billionaire thieves, parasites, and usurers are all indicted the better! If what they do to rob the people or destroy and pollute the environment for private profit, are not actually “crimes” (many being “rolled-back” and “legality” written into law by corrupt politicians, pushed by lobbyist scum), the laws must be expanded to assure their rotten ilk do not have such leeway in the future…


The USA kills and intimidates journalists. Ask Julian Assange how nice the USA is toward him. Then there are those brave souls that inform journalists.
Chelsea Manning and so many others who put their future and freedom on the line to get the story out.
The USA intimidates all who oppose it and ruthlessly hunts down leakers.
Seth Rich was killed and the stink of retaliation against him will not go away.
Michael Hasting was ‘eliminated’ for his story in Rolling Stone that outed McChrystal and the dirty war in Afghanistan.


rappler is just as much garbage as fox or cnn its right wing corporate fascism


Looks like truth-to-power is on shaky ground here.


Agree, Ponyboy. When trump was elected the only silver lining I could find was that perhaps his approach to everything would be so clumsy and arrogant that perhaps we as a nation would finally wake up and stop this downward slide we’ve been on since Reagan was in office that has cost the middle class and poor folks so much. Before, the slide was so incrementally small that people had a chance to adjust to it without realizing what was really going on. I said at the time that trump would be too stupid to continue with that “gradualness” and want to do things “his way,” which would essentially make it too obvious to ignore any more.


Right you were Chunique.