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Global Cooperation and a National Lockdown: Our Best Hope for Fighting Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/23/global-cooperation-and-national-lockdown-our-best-hope-fighting-coronavirus

Frankly it hard to arrive at very meaningful numbers due to the nature of the disease. COVID is certainly more transmissible than are most viruses but how does one arrive at a meaningful fatality rate if we do not have any idea how many people carry it?

It has been reported that many that have the disease experience minor symptoms yet will spread it. Are these people counted when measuring Fatality rates? If you look at the numbers from Countries the World over they are all over the place and this due in part to the numbers of peoples tested for the disease.

They have to test. Everyone should be tested. The less testing the more meaningless the numbers and the more meaningless the numbers the poorer the solutions.


Just reported: "Dr. Anthony Fauci of the CDC reports a new more insidious disease than COVID-19."

Dr.Fauci continues to report that this new disease, though it affects only “one” person, it is being seen as more damaging and destructive to the people of America, than all others, at this time.

Dr. Fauci has labeled this crippling disease as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and warns everyone to isolate themselves from any connections to the infected one.


What we need to do is

  1. widespread testing of EVERYONE. I am talking census bureau types going to every damn household in the US and testing people and then do targeted quarantine. We cannot do 3-6 months ubiquitous quarantine of everyone. That will demolish the economy and end up costing more than whatever the virus kills.

  2. As an expert from the WHO, Bruce Aylward said, this lockdown is to only BUY TIME. It is not going to make the virus go away. “Because if you just shut down your societies, your economies and hope for the best… This is guerrilla warfare against a virus, the virus is just going to sit you out, it’ll just circulate quietly among households and then you’re going to let them all go again and boom there’s no reason it shouldn’t take off again, unless you’re ready for it.”

So we need concrete plans and mass testing and targeted quarantine.


The current death rate as of 3 pm March 23, 2020 is 4.38%

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Hospitals in New York City are gearing up to use the blood of people who have recovered from COVID-19 as a possible antidote for the disease. Researchers hope that the century-old approach of infusing patients with the antibody-laden blood of those who have survived an infection will help the metropolis — now the US epicentre of the outbreak — to avoid the fate of Italy, where intensive-care units (ICUs) are so crowded that doctors have turned away patients who need ventilators to breathe…..As early as next week, at least two hospitals in New York City — Mount Sinai and Albert Einstein College of Medicine — hope to start using coronavirus-survivor plasma to treat people with the disease…