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Global Covid-19 Cases Top 10 Million As HHS Secretary Warns 'Window is Closing' to Get Disease Back Under Control in US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/28/global-covid-19-cases-top-10-million-hhs-secretary-warns-window-closing-get-disease


Healthcare Is A Right the Democratic Party leaders do not believe in,as they only believe in corporate donations and profits.


It never was under control so you cannot get back to when it never was.


The earth is doing a splendid job healing itself. It is very foolish to bet against nature.


Do nothing Nancy knows it’s safe to attack trump when his poll numbers are down, but that’s about all she’s doing. What is it going to take for her to embrace Medicare for All?


Too much, too little, or in the wrong place pretty much give us a clue. The correction is how we make this possible in a humane way and still learn from our mistakes.

It is ok to offend the president but there are consequences. Just take care of yourself and encourage others to do the same.

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A decent plan and an educated population is my guess.

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But… but… won’t someone please think of the businesses? Time for them to get another hand out!


The bane of the GOP…


"we are number 1 we are number 1 !! "

I see all manner of US Citizens claiming that being forced to wear a mask shows a people are not “free” and that refusal to do so is just showing a person believes in “freedom”. You can see videos of these dweebs trying to enter places like COSTCO and going on a rant about suing Costco and being born in a “free country” when a Costco employee indicates they must wear a mask to do shopping.

I mean really? Virtually every business I am aware of has signs up saying “No shirt no shoes no service” and this includes those in the USA. Where is the whining that this an attack on personal liberty and freedom?

As to the Government asking people wear a mask…

You can not drive 90 miles an hour in a school zone.
You can not pull down your pants and defecate in the middle of a sidewalk.
You can not take your guns and walk up and down the streets shooting at cans on the side of the road.

These idiots will never grow up.


**Thanks to “the Coldstone Kid,” our very own Governor Doug Douchey…AZ is one of the leading states in new infections. Glad I stayed home!!!



It’s a “right” if you can afford it which is why Pelosi and Biden want to “make it affordable”.
How they think people with no jobs or minimum wage jobs can ‘afford it’ is a mystery however


Yes, the two corporate parties depend on their corporate patrons, many of whom actually write the laws Congress passes. The anti-democracy 2010 Citizens United decision by the corporate Supreme Court only increased corporations’ rule over us.

As many environmental writers, especially Naomi Klein in her book This Changes Everything, have shown, corporate capitalism is the main cause of the Climate Crisis and the Sixth Extinction, which will doom most life on earth in a few decades.

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Nature bats last. Human arrogance goes before human self-extinction.


As always, follow the money. As long as money pollutes politics, very little will change for the better.


This totally incompetent criminal in the White House has to not only be removed but immediately put under guard in either a prison or secure mental institution for the criminally insane. Some place where he can’t do any more harm. What are the “so called” people in control, the authorities, waiting for?


I wonder how much of those cases belong to the U.S. alone. In any case you won’t see this disease going back under control anytime soon no matter who wins the election in November. Hope me and others in America are prepared to go for a long while without going in public. Or have plenty of masks and gloves if you need to because I feel this will be our foreseeable future.

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Getting her butt kicked by Shahid Buttar hopefully.


In Florida, more people over 90-years-old have died from C19 than under 65.
In my county, out of 106 deaths, only one was someone under 50.

I hate to remind everyone, but this is truly about the elderly.
If you are elderly and want to live, shelter in place as much as possible.
If you are young and care about your grandparents, don’t visit them in person.
If you are elderly and don’t care about living, go hang out at a bar in Pheonix.


Calf. is having problems also. Is it because (D) Gov. Newsome gave fracking rights to companys a couple weeks ago ? Does he support Pelosi or Buttar. Please all understand I go after D’s here because so, so many here only put down R’s like this is a sport. The D good R bad syndrome of denial corporate sheeple and profiteers is failing thank Spaghetti God. The 2 parties are controlled by corporate MIC Zionist etc. loser$. Change is not money or power in your pocket. Power to the People.