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Global Covid-19 Cases Top 10 Million As HHS Secretary Warns 'Window is Closing' to Get Disease Back Under Control in US

Odd, and only getting more so.
I predict that when all is said and done years from now, the CFR for Covid19 will be under 0.4%.
Bad, but much closer to seasonal flu than was first suggested.

SARS-COV-2 increases physical insecurity. When your only security is children you have more of them, sociologists have found.

Just a guess, we’re going to see a vast number of Christmas babies this year, nine months after the lockdowns.

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106 deaths in my county. One was someone under 50.

Here’s C19 California as of yesterday, sample size of over 216,000 cases:
People under 50 represent 64% of all cases, 6% of all deaths.
People 80+ represent 5% of cases, and more than 45% of all deaths.
Under 17, 8% of all cases, ZERO deaths.

Sorry, but you’re in serious denial. Facts are facts.


My 84-year-old mother loves her adult grandchildren, ages 21 to 31.
But they’re not allowed to visit.

This is only the seventh identified corona virus, no telling how many more we will see or where this goes.

This is going to go where it’s already going: Learning to live with it.

A comment from a 19-year-old Florida college student referring to young people testing positive:
“My generation says: ‘Let’s get this over with. Let’s suck it up for two weeks, sit in our rooms, play video games, play with our phones, finish online classes, and it’s over.”

Wait’ll he finds out that immunity is temporary – like with other corona viruses. Hey, time will tell.

Good point. Ugh, I feel sorry for young people trying to deal with this.

Conversely, I feel sorry for the elderly.

And a note on corona virus post-infection immunity. In other corona viruses, immunity lasts for roughly 2-3 years with wide variations. After that time frame, you are still less likely to contract a corona virus strain, and likely, if you do, to have milder symptoms. But there are no guarantees, especially with this novel strain.

Wow if we had only known
Zed has the only REAL perspective

Nice little bow tied box you got there

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I would prefer the far more accurate word of “privilege” over “entitlement.” They have come to believe their privilege is something they are entitled to, but it is a false idea. There are some things we are all entitled to, such as clean air, water, a livable planet and, although, it has yet to catch on in America, I will add health care, food, housing and justice.

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Exactly. That’s why you are entirely unserious to write “But only lots of us over 80 are going to die. Period.”

Feel free to rage on as if your hyperbole serves some purpose.

FYI – as if you give a shit, as you enact your bizarre tantrum for unknown reasons – my partner is 37 and seriously immune-compromised. i’m going to ignore you completely, and try not to kill her.


Not necessarily.

But since youre trolling me, I think I am going to bow out. Take care.

We need to restore the kind of thinking that brings such rights into being. Over the last few decades, corporations have actually been given rights to sell those things. Ending legal provisions of dozens of once public services. Those that still remain wont remain for long. The whole planet is literally being stolen, formally, “legally” (although it shouldnt be legal)

The key to reversing this is first, in getting out of this bad international deal, or perhaps by changing something called the governmental authority exclusion, its a bad definition thats being used for public services, one thats so narrow almost no services are allowed to be public anymore which means they must be sold by corporations, not supplied by governments at all ever. The US is leading this theft of the public domain for transnational corporations. Its tied to a campaign to alienate our nation’s exclusive rights to work, converting a relatively small potential workforce of 350 million - increasing it to a potential 7 billion, which will lower wages to a fraction of what they are now. So the people whose only posession is being American and being able to work here - while others cant, is likely to vanish into thin air soon. Both parties seem tobe trying to hide all this and tell people what they think they want to hear but both are being very dishonest. Also most deregulation now locks in but most people dont know this.

Hi Zed,

I’ve been watching and following the WTO, PPP, the Doha Round and all the rest for many years. It’s good you are bringing it up and encouraging folks to keep their eye on that ball that seems to be able to get by under all the distractions. I predicted many years ago that the slide to the bottom would include medical, legal and educational services. The other side won’t be giving that push up anytime soon without more coming from our side. What ever happened to all the organizing that helped bring about those amazing protests against the Doha Round, from Seattle, to Bangkok to here in Hong Kong, etc.? All seems mighty quiet these days but the danger remains.

What is PPP?

Here’s something i want you to get:

The whole planet was already stolen. Literally.

Do you not understand that? The entire structure of “property rights” – which was imposed a lot, lot, lot longer ago than GATS – is entirely illegitimate.

Of course we need to dump GATS. We need to do a lot more than that. We need global land reform; global wealth reform; reparations for the Grand Theft Continental, genocide and enslavement that were the foundations of colonization. We need to roll back the Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny. We need to abolish the limited-liability, investor-owned corporation. We need to impose social accounting and ecological accounting superior to financial accounting. We need to democratize wealth, and we need ecology and humanity to trump economy.

And these are – literally – existential needs. The looting class, and the systems they have constructed to impose and ratify their rule, and the economy they have built to funnel more and more wealth into their tiny hands, are killing the ecology. Time is way, way beyond short, and we need to set our sights way, way beyond dismantling the global “trade” rules they are constructing.

GATS is just a recent tool of the looting class, as they try to complete their centuries-old project of colonization, privatization, and Grand Theft Planetary. The whole project – and the looting class that carries it out – need to be seen, and understood, and faced down, and dismantled, by an organized global movement of peoples who put ecology and humanity above greed and ego.


Oops, Typo. Meant TPP. and then there was the one that was in Europe, with Ps and Ts too. Sorry.

Yes, it infects the brain though the nose and not infrequently that infection eventually reaches the respiratory nucleus in the brain stem and stops peoples breathing. I’m not kidding.

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Have you read this? This is really worth reading. Its also hosted at IATP, ~http://members.iinet.net.au/~jenks/GATS_BC2001.html

I think this is a key part of it.

You really just never can acknowledge anything anyone writes, can you? You just repeat yourself, and repeat and repeat and repeat, your arrogant presumption that you, and only you, have something to teach, and nothing to learn.

Thanks for being a stone wall, and re-emphasizing the impossibility of anyone here having an actual interaction with you.