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Global Demand for Meat Amounts to 'Appetite for Destruction,' Says New Study


Global Demand for Meat Amounts to 'Appetite for Destruction,' Says New Study

Julia Conley, staff writer

Report points to massive need for land to grow feed crops as an overlooked cost of industrial farming


Barbarism or veganism; that’s our choice.


Believe they meant to say … “in a way that’s too often NOT considered.”

As with most of our problems, early teaching in our schools and by our parents
is stronger than the competing knowledge and awareness of the harm being
done to our planet, animals and humans by animal-eating –

reason and common sense don’t have a chance.

But, this could all be turned around in minutes IF our press were not complicit
in reporting and repeating “news” and commercials which benefit Elites/corporations…
It’s this repetition of food commercials which keep people eating – and eating the
wrong foods.

One or two days of our press telling people exactly what they are eating – and
picturing themselves as those chickens – would cure animal-eating.

AND, despite the huge and ever-growing demand of citizens for organic foods …
Monsanto is steadily polluting ALL of our foods with its RoundUp which is spreading
through the air to pollute all farming fields and which is seeping into the soil
everywhere to pollute ALL of our crops.
Monsanto’s Glyphosate is the herbicide involved and it is connected to Autism,
Cancer, Parkinson’s, Obesity, Depression, Infertility, Allergies …


Barbarism? I go to get a hair cut every now and then, and that is my one and only adventure in “barbarism.” But then I had a lady friend once named Barbara. Barbarism in bed? Wow! Otherwise, I am a lacto vegetarian, which means dairy products, fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, etc… I have no diet related problems in decades.


I stopped making my stomach a graveyard for animals and a chemical toxin waste site years ago.

You can do it, too. Start now. Seriously. You’ll reduce animal abuse and you’ll feel better and save some $'s too.


From chapter eight of my latest;

On the run on Amtrak:

…"I would like a vegetable omelet with an extra egg,” General Payleigh Surfrider said.

“Would you like a side order of bacon or sausage with your omelette?” the waiter asked.

“No, thank you,” Payleigh responded. “I avoid processed food and do not eat pork for social and environmental reasons.”

Justin laughed. “I’ll have the same. Two of those, please,” he said as he handed the menus to the waiter. “Don’t get her started,” he whispered loud enough so Payleigh could hear.

“Environmental socialism or something?” the waiter asked, stone faced.

“Pigs poop more than people,” She answered with a smile. “And pig farmers lobby politicians with a portion of the federal tax subsidies they receive. That way they don’t have to install sewage plants,” Payleigh responded.

“Oh, no; I’ll never be able to eat sausage or bacon again!” moaned Justin in mock anguish.

“There are more pigs in Iowa than there are people in New York City, for example.” She continued in detail as generals occasionally do. “The people of New York have seventeen sewage plants that cost over a billion dollars each. Meanwhile, hog farmers simply use giant open sewage lakes they call lagoons.”

“No bacon for me, either, please,” Justin said to the waiter.

“That’s not the worst of it,” the general said with a grimace and a visible shudder; “There’s fear and discomfort hormones in all factory grown flesh.”

“That’s enough to think about, for now,” the waiter said. “I’ll go tell the chef what you would like for breakfast.” The waiter walked to the kitchen pretending to hold a queasy stomach.

Justin laughed at the departing waiter, who smiled in return.

“I don’t suppose I’ll ask your opinion on beef,” Justin said, still grinning at the waiter’s sick stomach antics.

General Payleigh Surfrider volcano goddess winked and smiled with her eyes, very much like governor Robin Starbeam, “We can talk about sad-eyed mammals fed antibiotics so they don’t get sick living knee deep in shit some other time.”

Justin nodded his agreement and opened their maps on the table. He pointed to several location on the map…


Writing a short story or novel?


Too clever by half.


Living off the fetid fat of the land


There are so many great reasons to be vegetarian/vegan and also to buy local and organic from small family farms. We need to view ALL the Earth’s resources as precious and finite. We also need to address the human population growth issue. Adopt, folks! Don’t bring more consumers into this biosphere that is already heading towards mass species extinction due to human activities!!!
There are 20 million people dying of starvation TODAY in just four African countries in the horn of Africa. I have a deep sorrow for all the animals in CAFO’s, factory farms that are tortured and abused every day of their lives. This is flat out immoral.


So let’s be optimists and assume that 100% of the earth’s population could be convinced to follow this recom­mendation. Which means that by 2100, when human population is predicted to have grown from its present ~7 Billion to 10 Billion people, the land needed for agriculture will be (100% − 13%) × 10/7 => .87 × 1.42 => 1.24,
or ‘only’ a 24% increase instead of the 42% increase implied by population growth without this dietary change. Whoopee!   We’re SAVED!!

Meanwhile, over-use of mineral-laden water for irrigation, over-use of chemical fertilizers, erosion, and conver­sion of farms to housing tracts are actually causing a serious loss of agricultural land.  Sad.

Or, as Marie Antoinette Callender would undoubted have said, “Chickens are bad?  Let 'em eat burgers!!”


So, why do we typically* capitalize EVERY place name - streets, cities, countries, rivers, mountains, oceans, continents, even other planets & galaxies, EXCEPT the name of our own home world - Earth?

*in the above article, the proper noun “Earth” is uncapitalized 3 times, and is capitalized 1 time - in a quote from the referenced study.

(asking for my mother, Gaia)


Maybe 'cause Mother Earth, sired by Father Time and infected (perhaps fatally) with more than Seven Billion Two-Legged Cancer Cells (aka Humans), is but an infinitesimal and temporary speck in Mother Nature’s vast
14-billion-year-old Universe?