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Global Economic Realities Confirm, the 'Future is Not in Fossil Fuels'


Global Economic Realities Confirm, the 'Future is Not in Fossil Fuels'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Underscoring the need for a global shift to a low-carbon economy, a new report finds a record number of U.K. fossil fuel companies went bust in 2016 due to falling oil and gas prices.


Your very imagined ('...') headline demonstrates the obvious. "Fossils" take geological ages to form. They are necessarily limited and can never fuel a future.


" Unfortunately, Trump may not have the intelligence to recognize that he should act."

Mr. Bucheit: Trump may not have the intelligence to recognize that he should act; but I would argue that it has nothing to do with Trump's intelligence and everything to with his greed; otherwise why would Trump appoint the CEO of Exxon to his cabinet!


Given the size of Trump's ego, he may very well decide to 'lead' on this issue - just for the bragging rights. But I won't hold my breath...


Anyone else find these numbers rather alarming (to say the least)?

January 2, 2017: 407.05 ppm
January 2, 2016: 401.83 ppm



The big question, I believe, is not will President elect Trump strongly promote Solar, Wind, and Electric vehicles beginning within six months of taking office? It's an opportunity of many lifetimes, of course he will. It's how much will growth in these sectors be slowed by a return to unfettered capitalism. Capitalism, without direction, will not be able to solve the carbon problem quickly enough. An all of the above energy strategy as pursued by Presidents Obama, Bush 41 and 43, Clinton, Ford, Nixon and others is no longer good enough either. It's just one of those things; we have run out of time for that model of energy generation. It's imperative each of us began immediately to send daily thought messages to President elect Trump concerning the important role he is going to play in making America Great Again by promoting American Solar, Wind and Electric Vehicles, and energy infrastructure to make it work.


While great strides are being made in replacing fossil fuels for electricity I don't see much evidence of fossil fuels being replaced for transportation and heating.


Much as I believe in the power of such collective consciousness/prayer/call-it-what-you-will, it's even more imperative that we demonstrate our commitment by reducing or transforming our own energy usage. @Lrx, it's difficult for each of us to turn around and replace our heating plants and vehicles, and more difficult for some of us than others, but we won't have options unless we demand them.


It doesn't matter what Trump or Congress wants to do once the banks see the handwriting on the wall and refuse to loan money on fossil fuel projects or to companies. Politicians might be climate deniers as long as they are getting money from fossil fuel interests but the banks aren't, and they aren't going to bet their future on a losing horse. The first signal will be coal. My guess is that even with Trump's government subsidies for the coal industry (if indeed that ever happens) the lack of banks willing to participate will doom the industry.


Just imagine how clean a world we could have had if J P Morgan not pulled the plug on Tesla long island free energy project because his words no profit in it for him. FBI took upon Tesla death his papers and what did they do with them, likely destroyed them to protect the central banking cartel European and the Rockefeller family what a disgrace the FBI is worthless and aving J Edgar Hoover on any of their buitlding a disgrace to his very day.FBI is the cover up agency covered up coup assassination of JFK, Oklahoma bombing first world trade center bombing the bomb maker wanted as he on payroll as an informant to them.He \wanted make a fake bomb but they demanded a real bomb. Second event far worse as two planes incapable demolishing three separated high rises beyond absurd impossible. Jet fuel number one does not burn hot enough to have damaged the steel which was all wrapped with fireproof /product asbestos. Fires longest burned one hour forty five scant minutes shortest forty five minutes. Planes alone could never demolished them alone and fires office fires no chance in hell capable damaging 47 story high rise. This was done by controlled demolition.


. . . for the simple reason that there will BE no future!


You missed the one about the fake moon landings... :smiley:


The future wasn't really in fracking, either . . . experts said from the beginning that the technique was a wasteful and dangerous method that would yield modest profits only in the short term.

That didn't stop the robber barons from taking advantage of it. They bought up land everywhere they could get away with it, and bought out landowners whose properties were damaged by it, with the disclaimer that they were forbidden from public discussion.

They knew early on that it was a "get in quick and get out even quicker" escapade. But money was made, and that's all that counts.


I agree. It's not a level playing field; still here in north Texas my home is all electric, and I have been able to buy 100% wind energy generated electricity for a whole decade now. Combined with energy conservation, efficiency & heat pumps, we are on the way toward a lessor carbon footprint. In a couple of years I hope to be able to afford an electric vehicle, and recharge it at home as well as other places. Perhaps it will include solar incorporated into the car roof. Plus we have public transportation. My point is there is nothing extraordinary about it. The same opportunities are already available to millions of others just in this one area, and have been for a long while now.


Fantastic article. Betcha won't read news like that on MSM. If Trump and his policies attempt to shove oil and gas down our throats, extreme conservation could be a new form of resistance causing a glut in the market driving prices down and making fossil fuels more expensive than renewable forms.


Good for you. Not so easy in other locations. I can't even get my town to put us into the nearby "rural electric cooperative" instead of the multistate behemoth that left us without water (private wells) even to flush toilets for 2x6 days within one year. And when I called the real solar supplier, they Google mapped my address and said "I can't even see your house for the trees. Solar is not going to work for you." I'm hoping for workable residential wind generation and mostly live in my kitchen, which is surrounded on 3 sides by earth. The 3 rooms upstairs are kept closer to 60 during heating season and simply abandoned when it's hot and Jersey humid up there. I do what I can, but it's a mile's drive just to get out of my Lake, another 4 minimum to a grocery. We can't change everything over night.


Already happening to some extent — none of the crude traveling through the Keystone and that was to travel the KXL is refined for US consumption, but for export — but as @joejo and I have been discussing, you can't just turn away from the fossil infrastructure on your own or over night. The problem is that it will take a long process of resistance/demand for change. And as we've just seen, Ford says they're not building a small-car plant in Mexico because the US market is going big again. We have serious work to do, and it's not just with djt.


Game over. Coal RIP.

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