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'Global Gag Rule' Lifted

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2009/01/26/global-gag-rule-lifted

How sad it is that some men and even some women seem not to see how quality of life is affected for both the parents and the children when people are not allowed to make personal decisions about their own bodies and parenthood.
Sadly so many politicians seem to relish this power over other’s lives-----but we know that should these same politicians have daughters who find themselves in a way that could compromise their lives or their parents’ hypocrisy—that these daughters don’t have to worry about not having options available. Remember too, that in this nation with this president, FOOD stamps are set to be cut---- birth them to starve them? A peculiar view of parenthood so many seem to have, especially those in positions of power.

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Looks like there are still some effects of the “gag rule”, I wonder if they can make over-population and maternal mortality disappear too.